Friday, October 28, 2011

When Michael met Britney

Stacy/Gigi is sickened to think she was so obsessed with Rex. She is sounding more and more like Gigi. Cutter convinces her to go to the party. Did I sense a little guilt for a minute there Cutter?

Liam is a baby Seal! He is the cutest little television baby. Grandpa Clint and Grandma Viki stay home to babysit Liam and Princess David Vickers. Viki thinks Clint looks best with a baby in his arms. Awe...I love them! I think they both look at their best when they are together =)

I love the brotherly bonding between the McBains. Battleship, beer, and love advice. Michael is even making sound effects and gloating for sinking John's battleship. HA! So real! Of course John doesn't have candy for the trick-or-treaters. He hands out cash

The 3 Musketeers look good together. I don't mind replacing Gigi with Aubrey in this family. I'm sure I am in the minority on that one. Oh well.
Cowboy and Cowgirl (Cord and Tina)
Roxy is the best! I think she needs to be Retro Britney every Her date is Shawn, aka Michael Jackson! OH I love this show! "Cut the bait, or get off the fish." ROFL!

I love it when soaps acknowledge all the holidays. Not just Christmas. Halloween is so fun!

Loving these costumes. Caroline went all out with the Cheetah makeup. So fun!

The Hernandez family look like a bunch of kids from Grease. Little Johnny is the cutest as always. Sami disappoints Marlena and Rafe when she expresses her doubt about John's innocence. 

Clever of John to wear a mask so he can attend the festivities with Marlena. They are so cute. So in love. Classic soap =)

Melanie and Abby are both in the exact same French Maid costume. That's a recipe for disaster. I guess Chad will be "accidentally" kissing Melanie AND....just like that, it happens. Predictably, Abby witnesses the kiss.

Elvis Dimera and Nicole are dressed as Elvis Presley and Priscilla! GENIUS!  Mama Susan mention ;-) Nic wants to send a pic to Susan to show that he lives up to his name. The Presley's share a passionate kiss (photo-op).

Ok, I have not kept my dislike for Melanie a secret. But I will admit that the Daniel/Maggie/Melanie family reveal did bring tears to my eyes. I'm sure it had a lot to do with Maggie's reaction and her joy of finding her son.

Overall, this was a fund day for my soaps! I love days like this =)


My2Cents2 said...

Hot off the press at Soapnet..Judith Light is back!!!!

My2Cents2 said...

I am no fan of Gigi. So for me, Aubrey is a welcome subsitution.
Only it isn't happening. She isn't going to PP she stated in an interview.
So we have to live thru this dreadful storyline with Gigi back from the dead.

LOVE Michael & Jawn scenes. Love Love Love.

Grandma & Grandpa home babysitting!
As it should be!!!