Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Visions of Irene

Jessica can't you just say the words? "Brody is not Liam's Dad!!" See, it only takes 2 seconds. Jeez! Of course Natalie gets called away for the Irene murder. Jess is left with Liam. Asking the little cutie why his mother couldn't just leave Brody alone. Uh, maybe because she's a hootchie..lol!

I can't get enough Blair and Tea. These frenemies have come a long way. FL and KD have chemistry! Daytime needs more strong women like these two.

Tomas is confessing to murdering Irene. What does he get out of covering for Todd? Is it just out of the goodness of his heart? He's a special agent. I'm sure he knows the cops will figure out someone else was shot on the docks. OLTL is probably trying to make everyone like him since he will be making the move to Prospect Park.

Todd is in Viki's cabin dying. He still manages to humor us in that serious situation. "If you can survive 8 minutes in a room with Dorian Lord, you can do this." ROFL!! Also enjoyed this one "If I don't die in here Viki is gonna kill me for bleeding all over her country kitchen." I love it when soaps make me laugh!

Mommy Dearest returns to haunt a dying Todd. She tries to get him to give up. He resists her "charms." In comes Blair to the rescue!

DAYS OF OUR LIVES--I'm a little behind on my DVR. Saw yesterday's show while I was feeding my son his lunch. I like the changes. It's always good to see a screen full of vets instead of newbie teens learning to act. Jack is back. I was starting to like Jen and Daniel, but the Jack/Jen dynamic is undeniable! The second he said he was kept away from her against his will I thought "Bye Bye Daniel!" Carrie and Sami are both mad at their husbands about John's arrest. Happy to see the sisters getting along. I will be even happier to see the claws come out...hehehe!

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On a side note: Does ABC think anyone will respond to their annoying ads and tune in to see "Mario's Pantry Raid?" GIVE IT UP!!!


CareyN said...

Thanks for the site, MindyMoe! I follow Wubs.net for GH and saw your link over there. Karen over there got me back in to OLTL earlier this year, for which I continually thank her! I'm on the West coast, so I like to check the updates on my lunch break. I usually watch GH before bed (helps put me to sleep it's so boring and repetitive these days) but I watch OLTL in the morning at the gym while I do cardio. Odd fact: I burn more cals watching OLTL than GH--it's THAT good!

Where are you on RH vs TSJ? I wish they could have kept both....but I'm really an RH fan, since I didn't watch for about 6 years while TSJ was on.

Ocean Park Girl said...

Ditto - thank you for this site. I love OLTL and so wish it were not being cancelled. I love the way the writers use the history on this show, as well as the veteran actors.
I think that BOTH actors that play/played Todd brought their own style to the character - and are both superb.
This soap is by far the best on TV, and it's a shame that it is going away. I really think that TPTB should re-think their decision, but I don't see that happening. I only hope when it ends, it goes out better than AMC did - I was disappointed with that ending.

mindymoe said...

Thanks for visiting Carey and Ocean Park! I've been wanting to do this for the longest time and finally got around to it. I am so glad Karen at Wubs.net got so many people liking OLTL. I love GH too but it is so boring. Hopefully that will change (soon). OLTL is so full of history and vets. I love that!

As far as RH vs TSJ goes...I'm on the fence. RH is Todd! He is brilliant! But TSJ made the role his own too. I was sad to see him go. I think there would be ENDLESS story possibilities if TSJ stayed on as Victor Jr. RH and TSJ on our screen every week! Can you imagine?

I hope TPTB re-think their decision to cancel OLTL. I don't think they will. I have high hopes for PP. And with Ron Carlivati on board (without Frons tying his hands), I think OLTL will be in great shape!