Friday, October 14, 2011

I Can't Hear, ABC!!!

Sorry everyone. My OLTL post will have to wait until sometime tomorrow. For some reason our local ABC channel decided we could watch our soaps without sound! I am not too happy about it. I wonder if the sound worked during the Chew? Excuse my suspicion but I look at everything they do to our soaps as a conspiracy now...LOL. I will set my DVR for OLTL on SoapNet. It's Friday night in South Texas so that means my soaps have to take a back seat to football ;-) Check back tomorrow!

There is actual photographic evidence of John's guilt! Please don't tell me it's another brainwashing story. I will reserve judgement for now.

Bo and Hope are letting Maggie and Jen in on the Alice mystery. H and B later find an e-mail tying Maggie into the mystery. There was something Alice needed to give Maggie that might upset her, but she never got it.
Daniel confiding in Victor about his love troubles. Vic calls Jack a Jack-ass and said that Jennifer loves him for it. So true. Vic is giving his Godson some advice about women. Then offers to have Jack sent to Siberia. HA!HA! I love Victor! John Aniston rocks! He tries to force Maggie to make Jen choose Daniel. “He's my Godson! He should win!” LOVE it!

Oooohhhh....Jen tells Daniel she still love Jack!

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My2Cents2 said...

That happened to us here on Wednesday morning. ABC.
Mmmm....I am going to leave a few comments...however...I await your post in the morning.....
Let me get this straight.
Dani has no problem staying alone in the house that her father (as she knows him) was killed in??
With the killer still out there??
Call me an idiot, but I am still not convinced the killer is Brody.

Gigi wakes up. NOT Stacey. So this silly silly story will what?? End?? Rex & Shane & Gigi live happily ever after??
How can't you not enjoy watching Echo?? She is pure talent and entertainment. Still, once Rex finds out that Gigi is alive, money & the mansion will mean nothing to him.

So as we know it right now, Rex, Echo, Roxie, Shane & Gigi are almost done with the show??
I have to tell you, I am not a fan of Farah at all.
However, can OLTL survive and thrive without Bo, Rex, Echo & Roxi?

Anyone know where OLTL (PP) is located?? In NY or CA??