Saturday, December 31, 2011

Soap Couple Saturday

OLTL's Starr and Cole

Friday, December 30, 2011


HA! Roxy doesn't believe Gigi is really Gigi. I love her =) She is pulling at her face checking for scars. It isn't until Gigi becomes upset over the cancelation of Fraternity Row that Roxy finally believes it is her..LOL.

Matthew ran away to David and Dorain's? That would be fun to watch!

Beautiful and sweet wedding! I admit I needed a tissue. Delphina did a good job. Vintage Rex flashback. Wow, his hair! Shane looked so teeny. The wedding went off without interruption and we now have newlyweds! Immediately after, the lights start to flicker.

The Todd/Blair kiss gave me some goosebumps! The same can't be said for Natalie and John. Of course their kiss got interrupted...AGAIN!

Delphina warns John about evil coming to Llanview tonight. At the stroke of midnight the whole town goes dark. There's been a JAILBREAK!! Starr, Nora, and Natalie all seem to get visits from an escapee. Who do you think is showing up?

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Have a Heart

That was funny how Clint thinks he and Todd are so different. Viki points out that Clint would do anything to protect his kids from jail. "My kids are not killers!" Viki: "Just their Alters?" Good one! You will not convince Viki to give up on her brother or her nephew.

Todd doesn't get how Blair and Tea are now friends. Funny that he hasn't mentioned that since he's been back. The two were at each other's throats before TSJ took over. He can't figure out why Tea is so angry towards him. Todd finally puts it all together and realizes that she knows he killed Victor.
Natalie and John see Gigi. She quickly tells her about John being Liam's father. She is surprised to find out that the secret is out and the couple is still not together. Natalie is just being a total idiot at this point. Life is short, tell  your man that you love him!

Jack finally apologizes to Shane and Gigi. "Tell that to my sister!" Really Gigi? Yes, Jack is a jerk, but don't play the sister card. She was going to KILL you! Jack was being a mean, obnoxious, stupid, reckless bully. Stacy was trying to kill you and take over your life. Hmmm....seems like you should be more mad about one than the other. Maybe it's just me...

Shane seemed more pissed off at Stacy than Gigi. When Clint realized he had Stacy's heart, the smarter Morasco said "it's not like she was using it!" ROFL! Rex gets to Llanfair and proposes in front of Clint, Viki, and Shane =)

Aubrey and Kimmie are getting their hearts broken now that Gigi is alive. I wish mommy Alex was there to comfort (or annoy) her daughter. Understatement of the year from Cutter: "I realize I haven't been a very good brother." LOL...ya think? The scamming-siblings's next score......Mommy Alex!

OMG ABC! I hate you so much for taking away the opportunity to play out that story!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Amateur Spy

One of the first things Gigi says to Shane, "Look at your hair! Can you see?" ROFL....weren't we just talking about that mop on his head?

Rex explains the Aubrey situation to Gigi. He tells her that any feelings he had for Aubrey disappeared the minute he know she was alive. Gigi sends him to go break Aubrey's heart in person. Poor girl =(
Jack finds out about Neela's betrayal. He is not too happy. What did she expect? Of course he hates you now.

Tea and Todd are having their Lawyer/Client meeting when in walks Shane and Gigi!

Tea lets Todd and Blair know that it was Neela who got Jack arrested. I am just waiting for Todd to go after her. We all know it is coming. And just like that....Todd and Blair run into "Llanview PD's newest little helper" in Angel's Square.

Porno Rick is trying to convince Starr that she has the "it" factor to sell albums. "You have evil twin daddies! Who are the Kardashians?" That Jailbait video was hilarious!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Am I Dreaming?

Ok OLTL, you had me there for a second. I thought Rex was dreaming the whole Gigi reunion thing. Just about pulled all my hair out before I realized it WASN'T a dream. 

Rex fills Gigi in on the things she missed. Good for the show for not leaving anything out. Rex tells her about the Jack/Victor cover-up. "Who's Victor Lord JR?" Oh yeah Gigi, you missed the whole tale of 2 Todd Mannings....LOL.
Clint looks really proud of Shane for acting like a Buchanan in the way he got evidence against Jack. Aww...he called Clint "Grandpa!" Nice bonding with he aunt Natalie. 

The tears were flowing for me when Shane realized his "mommy" was right in front of him.

Jack goes off on Blair. "Face it mom, I was always one kid too many for you." OUCH! Blair gives it right back. Great scene!

Glad to see Tea fighting for Jack. That is what Victor would've wanted. She and Blair are my favorite They remind me of a newer version of Viki/Dorian. Not quite as fabulous, but it will do.

Neela better be ready to face the wrath of Todd. Could you imagine if Victor was still alive? Both of Jack's dads fighting to protect (or cover up for) him? THAT would be awesome!


Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas in Llanview

I FINALLY got around to watching Friday's episode. I was dying to watch but it was next to impossible with all the Christmas festivities we had going on. I kept hearing about how good it was. here is what I thought:

OLTL did a great job having Shane listen to Jack's taped confession while Rex and Gigi watch the events. Stacy sure is a twisted psycho. Ahhh.....they know! She's really Gigi =) "My Gigi, My Gigi!" That made me cry and I'm not even a huge Rex/Gigi fan.

Finally John leaves Tea's house to go talk to Natalie. Of course the "talk" didn't happen. Shane called and interrupted with his Jack news.

The Manning toast to Victor! I loved it! We miss him too =( It doesn't get much cuter than little Sam. Aww...Victor left Christmas presents for Tea and Dani. Here come more tears.

Poor Jack. I can't help but feel bad for him. I think it's because I know the show is ending and there is really no time to redeem him. Todd was redeemed (along with dozens of other characters) so I just wish the same would happen for his son.
Viki and Clint are too cute =) They are like Clint: "Kim didn't write that letter." Viki: "Obviously not, it wasn't in crayon!" HA! A kiss! I agree will be a very Merry Christmas in Llanview.

Friday, December 23, 2011

I'm Still Here =)

I'm still here. Just haven't been able to get to the new episode of OLTL yet. I was about 20 minutes in to it before our family arrived from out of town. Not sure when I will get to it. Hopefully soon because it was getting good =)

I look forward to talking with you all soon about our favorite show.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Back in Time

Tea almost lets her hatred for Todd show when Dani gets him a gift. John talks her down. Then a beautiful bouquet of flowers shows up from Mr. Manning himself.

I'm feeling sorry for Jack. Not so much that he is about to get busted. I feel real bad that he actually likes Neela and she is going to turn him in.
Cutter comes clean about Gigi really being Gigi. Too bad no one believes him. To top it off, he gets dragged off in handcuffs for murder and for framing Kim. His one phone call when he gets to jail.....Miss Aubrey.

Delbert Fina runs into Rex and Gigi at the cafe. He convinces them to look back in time to find out what happened the day Gigi died. It works! They are able to view the events of that day on an old tv I know a lot of people don't like this stuff. As a Back to the Future fanatic, I love this stuff!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

You Look Familiar

Is it me or does Tea wear that black and white outfit A LOT? Reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where he is dating the girl who always wears the same black and white

Anyway...on to the show.

Todd seems a bit proud of Jack for his Todd-like traits. Now that I see some remorse for Jack, I'm starting to not hate him....a little. Neela sure was easy to convince to get the goods on Jack.

I say it almost everyday and I'll say it again. I'm loving this Tea/John friendship. If the dumb-asses hadn't canceled the show, we could have a triangle with Natalie.
Darn it, Kimmie! Why did you have to go and kiss Clint? That is Viki's man! What do you know....Viki walks in right as they are smooching.

Professor Delbert Fina Jr! Remember his daddy? He was in the time travel storyline and helped get Gigi to Rex. He is the pie contest judge. And of course Noelle's "Gigi Morasco Special" wins. After, Rex finally sees Gigi.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Mullets, Alters, DNA, and Mazdas...Oh My!!

Roxy wakes up in Fraternity Row! OMG! It's 2 minutes in and I am laughing so hard. Viki and Clint are the butler and maid. Todd's mullet! Tea in the sexy police uniform, fixing her boobs!

John is Brandon, Roxy and David's fratboy son. He and Nat are in a possible incestuous relationship. John "look on the bright side, we are as close as 2 people can be." Nat in her whisper voice "lovers and siblings."

Porn guy Rick is the dean...LMBO!

The Ford brothers and now the "Mazda" brothers. Jessica, Dani and Starr are cracking me up as snotty sorority sisters. Kristen Alderson is bringing it!! Starr is now called "Moon." Jessica even has an alter, Roxanne. Rox is possible sleeping with all the Mazda brothers. "Could Mazda be cheating on me, with me?"
Bwahhhhh....Nigel is Roxy's (Lorraine's) sister/bff. The mother of Natalie (Brianna). Lorraine says, "you don't look so good close up." I am dying over here!!

Viki has an alter as Clint "Not again!"

Vimal is the DNA lab guy. He's testing Todd's (Dash's) DNA in the most hilarious way. Now John and Natty need a test. In come the sorority sisters and Dani asks for a Duh-Nah test. I see disaster about to

WHAT!!?? Sean is locked up (much like the real Todd was locked up). And he has a scar! His captor.....Destiny, the evil genius!

Roxy (Lorriane) is sleeping with all 3 of the Mazda brothers. "Christmas is coming early!" OMG! OLTL is too much! I am crying.

I think this episode was so enjoyable. I know the actors must have had TONS of fun with this. The giggles were definitely needed.

The last scene did make me tear up for a different reason. Watching Roxy and David walk off the FR/OLTL set broke my heart. I love this show!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Writing Is So Easy

Blanca Morales is back! OLTL does show-within-a-show so well.

David is bringing all the giggles during his interview. Roxy and her Fraternity Row posse (minus one overworked butler) jump in the middle of the live show to spread the word about their soap. David claims he can't do the show because of nepotism. "Who's asking you to do it with a dead person?" OMG! Roxy doesn't quit! They decide to call Bo and talk to him live on the air about Fraternity Row. Destiny is more than happy to give his phone number out. 

I love bratty Matthew! He is obnoxious, selfish, and annoying. Surprisingly, he makes some good points. What high school boy is ready and eager to be a dad? Destiny calling him out on tv had me in tears from laughing so hard. Bo tries to convince him it isn't so bad. Then Blanca asks for the name of the deadbeat brother of David's. Dest looks directly into the camera and says "Matthew Buchanan!" HAHA!

Buchanan girls are doing a little Christmas decorating without fighting. Good for Jess! She tells Natalie how ridiculous she sounds about John.

Tea and John are at the hospital after her collapse. Luckily her baby is safe. If the show wasn't ending, Tea could give Natalie some stiff competition for Johnny Boy. 

Todd forcing Jack to spend time with him...HA! LOVE it! Sam is way too cute =) Todd and Blair were likable today. Even Jack. Family tension. Old ugly secrets. Christmas decorating. Father/son blackmail. Old flashbacks. And NO murdering, framing, or arson. Sam wishing for his dad to be happy in heaven! YES! These are the Mannings I want to see!

That scene of Roxy and David visiting the abandoned set of Fraternity Row (aka Llanfair) brought tears. That hits too close to home. UGH....Please someone save OLTL! =(

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Only You Can Save Our Soap

I could fill this whole entry with funny lines delivered by David Vickers. Throw him in a room with Roxy and I am rolling over laughing! Roxy wants him to join the cast of Fraternity Row. She mentions movie star "Franco James" who stars on Southwest General. UGH....makes me sick to even hear that comparison. Especially since I think James Franco (among several other things) ruined General Hospital. But....enough about that.

Back to Vickers. He is bitter about Fraternity Row not hiring him. They said he was too old to play Brandon, the fraternity

Florencia Lozano is bringing it! When doesn't she? It's just on overdrive today. She puts on a show for Baker and it works. He spills everything to John and Tea. Now they know Todd is the killer. John and Tea...I see a little chemistry there. Anyone else?
Ok, Blair and Starr are getting on my last nerve. Their blind faith in Todd is so stupid. Yes they love him, but they also know him. They should know what he is capable of. I wish they would shut up!

Todd blackmails Jack...LMBO! He blackmails himself into a father/son relationship. THAT is the Todd I want to see. The Todd that will scheme and blackmail to get his way. The Todd that will act like a 7th grader around his sister. NOT the brother-murdering clown that I've been seeing lately.

Matthew and Destiny are finally having a talk about the baby. Matt is kinda being a jerk about it, but I guess that is realistic for a teenage boy. He does bring up a valid point. Allowing their parents to raise the child is the exact same thing Greg did to Destiny.

The Evans family have different plans for Destiny's baby than Bo and Nora. They each believe the baby will live with them. They head to the Buchanan home to talk to Matt and interrupt a heated argument between their teens.

UGH....I'm so sad. This Evans/Buchanan baby could cause conflict for years and years and years. If only they could =( STUPID STUPID STUPID ABC!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Shut Up Blair!

More fun with the Fraternity Row fanatics: Roxy, Nigel, Shaun, and Destiny! I enjoy their tv watching and their gossip sessions about the goings-on in Llanview.

DAVID!!! He is in full welcome-home-little-bro party mode. Fun! The brotherly bond between him and Matthew is so funny and sweet. David quickly jumped in to help Matthew get rid of "Step-Nora" for a little while. Apparently David got a girl pregnant in high school. That was the secret he told Matt over the phone on Thanksgiving. Ugh oh....will we ever find out who his long lost child is? Any guesses?

Destiny shows up at Casa Buchanan. David's reaction..."Good God woman! You're enormous!" LMBO! He volunteers Dorian and himself as Godparents. THAT would be entertaining. Damn you ABC for not letting my stories continue!!
Blair is going on and on and on....about Todd. Poor Todd this and poor Todd that. I love Tea's response. "Shut up, Blair! You don't know what the hell you're talking about." THANK YOU! She took the words out of my mouth.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

You Could Never Make Up Your Mind

Charlie and Viki are playing nice. Why did he have to mess it all up by having an affair with Echo? Viki confides in Charlie about the Clint situation. Surprisingly, he urges her to give Clint a chance.
Clint confides in Kim about his feelings for Viki. She thinks Viki is a consolation prize. Clint snaps back "Viki is no one's consolation prize!" YES! He admits to having feelings for both ex-wives and Kim leaves him to figure out who he wants.

Wish Gigi would hurry up and get her memory back. There's not much time left and all this is doing is making me love Rex/Aubrey more. Heck, Cutter and Gigi are even starting to look a little cute together. Inevitably Rex and Gigi will end up together so I wish they would keep teasing me with potential new couples.

Shaun and Ford are fighting over a Christmas tree...LOL! Viv says that Shaun has been cranky since they cancelled Fraternity Row. Ugh oh....Looks like Shaun is going to pop the question to anti-marriage Vivian. Not sure how that will turn out.

Kim runs in to Aubrey and Rama. Earrings, hats, and rings quickly come off and we have a cat fight!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Save Our Stories!

Save Our Stories! YES Roxy! I love this Fraternity Row stuff. It is so fun. A little sad that it hits close to home. The SOS campaign has gathered in John's "Oh, Johnny won't mind." Rox gives Destiny, Nigel, and Shaun the 411 on Natalie and John's relationship. Love Destiny's protest sign. "Reality Shows Are Cheap And Boring!" HAHA!!
It is obvious that Tea wants to rip Todd's head off. Flo is spectacular. The look on her face when she saw Todd grab Blair's hand and when she looked into Todd's eyes...WOW!

Viki is back in the waitress uniform. Her first customer....CHARLIE!!

Kim and Clint figure out the letters they received were forged. Nat comes in sticking her nose in daddy's business. Worry about your own life, Natalie! Clint puts her in her place when she tries to kick Kim out of Llanfair.

I like Kim and Clint together. However, I LOVE Viki and Clint. If there were time, this could be an interesting love triangle. For once the older, classy, beautiful woman would come out on top over the young, slutty, stripper. Wouldn't that be nice? Too bad ABC SUCKS!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Consider Yourself Crossed

Natalie is being an idiot. I wish I could slap her. Roxy should slap her. Instead she throws what looks like a Caboodle (remember at Nat and runs to find John.
Bo and John. Easily figuring out Todd's stupid plan to frame Tomas for murder. They are hilariously interrupted by Roxy. "It's a matter if Love and Death." Stupid Nat threatens to keep Liam away from Roxy if she tells John that she loves him. Rox gives in but later lays into Nat. Roxy has never made such perfect sense. "Grow up Natalie!"

Some of this Todd and Blair stuff is great. I love them throwing each other's mistakes as weapons. Eli.....kidnapping baby Jack. Todd and Blair are great when they fight.

Oh my goodness! Cutter actually told the truth on his own. He tells her that she is really Gigi. AHHH!!! I was fooled! He really didn't tell her. It was only a daydream. Dang it! You had me for a minute OLTL.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's Not Just A Show, It's Family

Poor Roxy. Fraternity Row is "family" to her. I feel ya Rox! Those damn "Empty Suits!" She talks about how watching the soap has been passed down from generation to generation. Those words couldn't be any more accurate.

Nigel's heart is broken when he finds out about the cancellation. Clint thinks it is a PR move. Roxy begs Clint to save FR. 43 years of FR =( The show and it's fans have been through "Thin and Thinner." LOL!

Clint and Viki! Like teenagers, they are talking about their kiss with their friends. OLTL is one of the few soaps (well, DAYS does it too) that can get us so excited about an older veteran couple. They are grandparents....the kind of grandparents that act like grandparents (not like Erica Kane, Luke Spencer, Brooke Logan). And I am more interested in their love story than ALL of the "younger" love on the other soaps. 
The BonJour waitress recognizes Gigi from a reality show. HA! Dirty Soap maybe? Predictably, Gigi and Cutter get jobs at the Cafe. Now Noelle and Viki are headed that way for the pie contest. Wonder who will see Gigi first?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fraternity Row Cancelled!

I can't get enough of this show. Fraternity Row is on and Llanview residents are glued to the television set. My favorite fan? Closeted fan, Clint! I am literally LOL! He tells Viki that it was criminal that FR didn't win an award last year. Ya think? Art imitating life...LOVE it!

Clint and Viki kiss! Yes!! Then he has to go and mess things up by bringing up Kim's name.

Noelle is back on. Everyone in the Buenos Dias is watching FR too. She talks to Shane about heading to Paris, Tx soon to enter the pie contest. Her pie is named after Gigi. I guess she will be running in to Gigi and Cutter, because they just walked in to the BonJour cafe.

Cutter covers his ears when the Bon Jour waitress speaks about Fraternity Row. "Shhh Shhh! Don't tell me. I'm going to watch it tonight on SoapNet." HAHA! 

Rex and Aubrey find their way to the prison to talk to Kim. FR is even on in the visiting Kimmie still looks good in her inmate jumpsuit. They must allow hair products and make up in her cell. She agrees to tell him everything about Stacy and Gigi if he helps to prove her innocence.

Starr is enamored with Fraternity Row. Jack says it was better when Ruby Bright was on, because their cousin Megan played her. You know how I love history ;-)
Roxy, Shaun, Destiny, and Rama are freaking out over the lovers on FR possibly being related. Roxy defends the plot and points out how the story of Eternity, the underground city, was hated. But it is now considered a great story. Ahhh! Did I mention that I'm loving this?

I remember rushing home and being glued to the screen to watch my soaps. I am getting a kick out of Llanview residents being as eager to watch their favorite.

To Roxy's horror, she gets her issue of Soap Opera Weekly with the headline "Fraternity Row Canceled!" Did anyone else catch the smaller headline? New Prospects In the Park for Soaps. Ahhh....that one stings a bit =(

Christmas prep on the show today! I love tradition =)

Victor Kiriakis gets an ornament on the Horton Christmas tree! Julie said she never thought she would see the day. Neither did I, but I'm glad it's here.

Tom/Alice flashback! Jack/Jen flashback! Alice giving him his own ornament. I remember that ;-)

Please stop forcing Daniel and Melanie on me! They should not be part of the Horton Christmas traditions! They are surprised to see Jack there? Jack deserves to be there more than the Jonas two. 

Even EJ managed to Christmas-tize the Dimera mansion. Much to Nicole's delight.

Ok, I am glued to the television with this "new" Will! Witnessing his mom getting it on with EJ has transformed him in to the old Sami. Only more likable. His outburst in Maggie's kitchen last week shocked me. I also gasped when he poured liquor in his drink today. Hold on to your seats, because this is going to be good!
Will is NOT holding back his anger towards Sami. The smirk on his face when Carrie surprised her with Marlena was great! The tree trimming party at Sami's place is getting a little dramatic. Will is in her face when she yells at Marlena. He calls her out on her hypocrisy and everyone is in shock to hear him speak that way. He toasts to Rafe and Marlena for being "Saints." "You have to be a Saint to put up with all of her crap." He calls her a bitch and says that make him a son-of-a-bitch. OMG! I am giddy! I love this drama!

ARRGGGGHHHH!!!! DAMNIT! Daniel and Melanie get an ornament on the Horton tree?? That sucks! I can't stand this. Melanie is too holier than thou and I can't stand her clinging to Maggie. UGH....what an ugly part of a great episode.

Monday, December 5, 2011

You've Been Served

Cutter finds out that Gigi-face is actually Gigi. For a second I thought he was going to tell her. But that's not They decide to flee Llanview and start a new life. After spinning the globe to find out where to start, her finger lands on Paris, Texas. Coincidence?? Someone's memory is about to return.
Again....I really like Rex and Aubrey. I know I keep saying it, but they are great together! The two of them are trying to figure out the whole Stacy/Gigi mystery. Kim's name comes up. Aubrey fills in a shocked Rex about Kim and Cutter's family ties. Looks like we are going to see Kimmie soon =)

Porno Rick is suing Starr, Dani, James, and Nate for the injuries (caused by himself) that happened at Dorian's.

Todd's plan to frame Tomas is starting to fall into place. I'm sure Tea and John won't buy it.

Poor Shaun =( He just wants to marry Vivian. He's such a sweet guy.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Gigi the Original

Todd is sticking to John like glue. Trying to make sure John doesn't find out about Jack starting the fire. I like these two. Not as much as I liked John and TSJ, but this will do.
Blair is defending Tomas left and right. So is Tea. Why is Jack the only one who realizes that Tomas wouldn't be stupid enough to keep the murder weapon or leave prints. He's a spy. I'm sure he can cover his tracks in his sleep.

Shaun is such a sweet guy. It's great how he is still looking over Victor's family.

Shane and Neela. He tells her the story about Gigi's death and how Jack was responsible. Could've been a future triangle with Jack. But stupid ABC axed any future.

I hate that I'm really starting to like Rex and Aubrey. There is obviously no future so not sure why I can't accept that =(

Well what do ya know? We were all right on the money. Gigi-face IS actually Gigi. I guess there will be no Rex and Aubrey anymore =(

**Brian Frons is OUT as the head of ABC!! WooHoo!! Karma baby...Karma!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Let the Cat Out Of The Barn

Matthew knows he's going to be a father! He's quickly back to his bratty self when he blames Nora for making him become a father. LOL! I can't help but laugh. A bratty Matt is better than no Matt =) Mom responds with "Maybe you should've thought of that before having unprotected sex!" YES! You tell them Nora!

Todd is so childish around Viki. It is hilarious! He covers his face and refuses to take a phone call from John. Too funny! I wish Tina was thrown in the mix.

Clint and Viki!! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss Darn it!
Big mouth Roxy spills the beans to Natalie about John still loving her. Can she ever keep a secret? LOL.

Stupid Natalie has to go to the station and be bitchy to John. Can't she just accept that he loves her? He was being respectful by not telling you that all these months. Idiot!

Roxy almost interrupts a loving moment between Clint and Viki, but stops herself. She refuses to go 2 for 2 in messing up couples today. Oh Roxy! I'm gonna miss you =)

**BTW, Days of Our Lives is still kicking butt! I'm just in a bit of a soap depression since last week so I haven't been in the mood to blog much.

Cady McClain Calls Out Prospect Park

All My Children's Cady McClain (Dixie) sounds off on the recent excuses from Prospect Park. In a recent  article on The Daily Beast website, blame was now being shifted to the unions.

That (and the fact that PP didn't respect Agnes Nixon enough to let her know what was going on) really set off Ms. McClain. She took to her Facebook page to defend the union, the soaps, the fans, and the actors. This is a very interesting post. Read it all by clicking HERE!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

You Did Not Just Call Me Fat!

Oh Nora! Let Matt know he is going to be a daddy. I was looking forward to seeing his reaction when he discovered Destiny's pregnancy. Guess I will have to wait a little longer. I take that back.....they get the "all clear" from the doctor and give him the news. Weird that Matthew didn't remember right away that he had sex with Destiny.
John McBain is too smart to believe Tomas kept the murder weapon AND left his prints on it.

Todd and Blair flashback!  Finally something worth watching with those 2. Lately I can't stomach the way Todd is being written. Then suddenly they throw him in a scene with Viki and I instantly LOVE him! Put him in scene after scene with Viki, Blair, Tea, Starr, Tina, or Jessica! That alone will make me buy any direction you want to write his character.

I'm watching this show so different now. I almost can't enjoy it. It is sad and I feel so bad for the actors =(

Monday, November 28, 2011

Food Fight

I usually wait till about 1/2 way through OLTL to start watching. That way I can fast forward through the commercials. I could not wait today! After last week's cliffhanger I've been dying to see what will happen.

The doctors were able to save Matthew!!! Not only that, but he wakes up! are awesome! I was crying last week and prepared to cry today. Instead I am jumping for joy!

Desitiny walks in and finds an awake Matt! She takes of her coat and Matthew quickly notices her baby belly. I can't wait to see how he will react =)
I'm really enjoying the Evans Family Thanksgiving. Mama Evans is having a believable reaction to Vivian not wanting to marry her boy. When her husband begins to stick up for Viv, she smashes a pie in his face. HA!! He tries to toss one back in her face, but hits Vivian instead.....followed by some dessert all over Shaun and his mom...LOL!

I love this show! I still can't believe it will be gone in a couple of months. ABC is disgusting. I hope they fail with all of their new stupid shows.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

OLTL--The End

Soap Opera Digest is reporting that Prospect Park has officially put their efforts to launch One Life to Live on hold. Click the link and read about it. I'm too upset to say anything else. This is so devastating =(

Matthew Buchanan

Love! Love! Love! Matthew narrating today's show brings tears to my eyes. It is starting to seem final =(
Nora begins to feel guilty about hitting the mayor. She worries that she could've put her in the same position that Matthew is in. David calls and talks to a still unconscious Matthew. Sounds like he told his little bro a big secret. I would love to know what that secret is.

Brody checks in to St Ann's.

Beautiful little Bree asks Ford if he is going to be her daddy. Matthew says he wishes he could stick around to see what happens with them. I do too, Matthew!

John and Natalie bring Liam home to Llanfair. The tortured duo have lots to talk about. Matthew said John talks about as much as he does in his coma...LOL. True!

Jessica gets her apology from Natalie. Long overdue! I love that Jessica is concerned about Brody. She goes to St. Ann's to visit her ex. Shane is Brody's next visitor =)

Today's show was SPECTACULAR!! I read spoilers, but I DID NOT see this one! Matthew!! He narrates the show on the last day of his life. OMG! I am shocked!

WOW! What a show! Tears all over the place! Especially after hearing THIS today. I am so sad. This show is what soaps are all about!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This is Child's Play

Bo gets fired by the Non-Dorian Mayor. This leads to a heated exchange between Mayor and Nora. Mayor throws the first slap and Nora doesn't hesitate to return the favor. I couldn't help but notice the proud smirk on Bo's face when Nora's hand landed on her face...HEHEHE!
Todd and Tomas....please give me something more. My finger is on the fast-forward button. I haven't pressed it yet, but I want to. I don't like how Todd is acting. He has not been likable in the past week or so. Working with Baker is not helping.

Blair and Tea are a breath of fresh air! I love these enemies-turned-frenemies-turned-friends.
Porno Austin, er..Rick, leaked a fake story about a Nate/Starr affair. This had me laughing out loud. He brings such sleazy funniness to the show. Rick suggest Starr dangle Hope outside a window to get more publicity...ROFL!

Alex helps Cutter pull one over on Rex. She does look a little like Gigi in that wheelchair. They make a great mother/son pair. They can do a lot of damage around Llanview and I LOVE it! Rex falls for it (at least he wants Cutter to think he has fallen for it). He mentions "this crazy woman who got Erica Kane's face and tried to take over her life." Oh OLTL! I love how you know who your viewers are =)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Do You Forgive Me?

Brody is owning up to wanting Victor dead, but says that he did not kill him. Damn! I didn't necessarily want it to be Brody, but I don't want the killer to be Todd. Brody is making me feel really bad for him. He even asks how Nigel is doing. Then he asks John to forgive him. Ok...when Brody started talking and crying about losing Shane, Ryder, and Liam, I teared up too =( Poor guy. But I like John better so I'm over it =)

This Todd and Tomas stuff is boring me. Blah Blah Blah...Todd claims Tomas shot Victor. I smell a set up....
Starr isn't too happy to hear about mommy choosing to be with Tomas over Todd.

Beautiful scenes between Tea and Dani. Tea lets her know that she will have another brother or sister.

After Gigi-face stops Cutter from killing his momma, Alex wants to make up for running out on him and Kim. She starts by helping them sneak by Aubrey and Rex.

More EJami greatness. Those were some intense scenes! More brilliance from Ali Sweeney and James Scott.

Will walks in on his mom and EJ! OMG! This is not going to lead anywhere good. I'm having flashbacks to a young Sami walking in on John & Marlena's affair. That created the scheming Sami that we know. Should we expect Will to go down that same path? I hope so ;-)
Sami FINALLY listens to her messages. She and EJ find out Johnny isn't dead. The look they give each other before rushing out the door gave me chills. They know that they made a HUGE mistake.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Emmy-Worthy Performances on DAYS Today!

Tea finally lets her brother know that she is pregnant. Tomas is overjoyed for her =)
Todd sets up Tomas. I must admit that I am not liking this story right now. I'm tired of focusing on those Federal Agents gone rogue.

Brody's sister, Nadine sneaks up on him and Liam. He decided to use his childhood home as his hideout for now. John is on to him. He sends the local police over to the home, but Brody and Liam hide. I was keeping my fingers crossed that little Liam would cry. I guess it can't end that easily. Brody decides to take off somewhere else with Liam. He opens the door and there is John and Natalie!

Cutter calls out Alex as his mother in the Brazilian office. With a guilty-as-sin face, Alex denies that she is that person at first. Then she owns up to it. Aubrey mention. Gigi face is confused since she doesn't know Kimmy is the real Aubrey.. Wasn't Aubrey your lover? Alex freaks because she thinks she left a trail of incest behind...LOL! OMG! Too funny! In typical Alex fashion, she puts the blame on Cutter for being a difficult child. She said he lived up to his name because he would get scissors and cut up her Cutter flips and begins to choke the life out of mommy dearest.

So if Kim is Alex's daughter, then she and Clint were once step-siblings...LOL. Only on soaps ;-)

I'm so sad that today is the last day of taping for OLTL. I really really really hate Frons and those jerks at ABC!

5 minutes in and I have goose bumps! Allison Sweeney, James Scott, and even Chandler Massey! They are kicking some major butt as Sami, EJ, and Will. Massey came out of left field for me. Only weeks ago I was bored to tears with him on my screen. Look what a good story can do!

Bo and Hope are so emotional about the possibility that Johnny is dead. They are taken back to when they lost Zack.

The news mistakenly reports that the body IS Johnny. Marlena, John, Carrie, and Austin are devastated. Luckily Bo and Hope show up and let them know the truth. John decides to call the Judge and enter a plea of guilty to keep his family safe. He and Austin make amends and Austin agrees to look after John's family while he is in jail.

Rafe and Will think Johnny went back to the pub. With a little help from Ali, they find him hiding inside. That kid needs to be grounded for life! LOL.
Mom and Dad still don't know the boy is safe and sound.

The reaction from EJ when he heard the false! JS really looked like he was going to pass out. His shock turns to rage. He is literally foaming at the mouth as he berates Sami. JS and AS are physically attacking one another! OMG! This is so intense. In the middle of all this rage Sami begins to think...more like hope...that EJ took his son. But EJ isn't guilty of kidnapping...this time. This leads to more anger, more hate spewing, and more slapping, and pushing. Which, if you know EJami, leads to hate sex! (well, I think the sex part will be on monday).

Give James Scott and Ali Sweeney an Emmy NOW!!!

Wasn't She Doing The Walk of Shame?

There is a super pregnant Destiny! Big Bro is taking Lamaze with her. He is disgusted by Destiny's breakfast choice of a chili cheeseburger and onion rings.

Good for OLTL for showing us Shane as he found out about Brody kidnapping Liam. He fills in Aubrey about his kidnapping and how Brody used to be his dad. History! Use it and you can't go wrong!

Clint and Viki are in the nursery with Ryder. They are discussing Liam and recent events. After Shane shows up, we see Mr. Buchanan bond with his grandson.
Roxy is taking care of injured Nigel, the family's first "transponder." LOVE it!! Rox complains about the amount of healthy food in Viki's kitchen. "So much tomato juice. Is there a ball coming up?" Ha! Shout out to the Go Red Ball! Talk about the old Nigel/Roxy pairing makes me smile =) =)

Ford and Jessica find out the news. Jessica is feeling sorry for Brody and blames herself. The head to Llanfair to be with the family. Leave it to Roxy to deliver this line "Wasn't she doing the walk of shame?" ROFL!!

Alex Olanov!! She is in the Brazilian doctor's office raising hell with everyone. What do ya know? Cutter recognizes her as his MOTHER!!! YES!

Ok, are becoming interesting. He goes to apologize to John and Marlena for Sami's tirade. This actor is really stepping up in this story. He looks truly distraught over Johnny's disappearance. I'm liking this A LOT!

Sami rips into Rafe. She does nothing to ease his guilt. She does the opposite and puts the blame on him, John, and Marlena.
EJ and Stefano! EJ accuses Stefano of not caring that Johnny is missing. Stefano reminds him that he lost a son, Tony. Stefano loves Johnny more than life itself...and this viewer can see that. I can also see the rage in the Phoenix's eyes when he vows to make someone pay if they harm a Dimera. 

Bo and Hope deliver devastating news to Sami before she hears about it from the media. A body was found that fits Johnny's description. 

OMG! I can't wait to see Friday's episode! The previews look amazing and heart wrenching at the same time. I have a feeling I will be raving about the performances of Mrs Sweeney and Mr Scott in my next post.

Why You Should Be Watching Days of Our Lives

So I totally HAD to post a blog about Days Of Our Lives on it's own. This show is KILLING it! Days was the first soap I ever watched. It was the soap that made me love all soaps. It used to be "can't miss" television. However, sometime after the 90's it became a chore to watch. In fact, I had removed the show off my DVR  in recent years.

After the devastating news about my new favorite soap, One Life to Live, I decided to give it a try. I added it back to my DVR list, but I still pressed fast-forward for a good chunk of the show. Not anymore! This new "revamp" of my once favorite show has been nothing less than SPECTACULAR!

John, Marlena, Bo, Hope, Austin, Carrie, Jack, Jennifer, Sami, Stefano, Roman, Kate, Brady, Maggie, Victor, Abe, Lexi, Justin, Adrian! Sound familiar? Sound like the DAYS of old? Well it's the DAYS of new! All these veterans (all original....or semi-original....actors) are involved in front-burner stories. Super Couples are still Super Couples. The "evil" families are still "evil," but you can't stop yourself from rooting for them (yes it is possible). Days got rid of most of the boring, non-acting teens. They kept the offspring of the Dimera, Brady, Kiriakis, Deveraux, Horton, and Carver families. YES! YES! YES!
They have put family vs family in the John storyline (ala Bernie Madoff)  as well as the Mayoral race. Abe Carver vs EJ Dimera? GENIUS!! EJ's plan to make a better name for the Dimera family puts him against his sister Lexi, Abe's wife.
There are not many new characters on canvas (which is a good thing). One new character, Madison James (played by the fabulous Sarah Brown) is promising. Probably because A) She is NOT being shoved down our throats and B) She is working with established characters like Sami, Brady, Victor, and Kate. I hear Madison will be getting a visit from someone in her life. And that someone will be played by another fabulous actor, Ian Buchanan.
I can go on...and on....and on.... I didn't even touch on Nicole, Will, Daniel, Sonny. I'm intrigued by a gay storyline that I am hearing about. Another story that will encompass multiple established families.

With the loss of so many soaps, we need to support the ones we have left. Some are harder to support, because! But I'm not naming any names...LOL!

Some soaps are a joy to watch. Some are MUST SEE TV! Right now I only see 2 soaps that fit that category. DAYS and OLTL.

I am holding out hope for OLTL to live on. Either way....whether it's to ease the pain of losing OLTL or to just add another show that is up to their standards...Give DAYS a shot! Try it! You will not be disappointed.


I see plenty of Happy DAYS ahead.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dang DVR!

I was out today. My daughter had a Thanksgiving program at school. I came home to watch OLTL and DAYS, but my dang DVR didn't record them for some reason =( I will have to set it again for SoapNet. Hope it records while I'm out. Hope to have a new post up tonight.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Who's the Mama?

Blair and Tomas are still in bed...days
Todd pays Agent Baker to stop Tomas....but not KILL him. We will see how that turns out.

The Fire investigator noticed that someone trapped Vimal and Rama in the office. Vimal gives the officer's name as a possible arson suspect. Brody is going to be in real trouble. Well I guess that's a given with the whole kidnapping.

Brody has Liam at the airport. He is pushed by an other officer to help with an irate Rex who is trying to get on the plane with Gigi face. Awkward....

After the plane takes off, Rex tries to get a ticket to the same destination. He can't leave until tomorrow. My question is....why isn't he asking daddy to use the B.E. Jet? You are a Buchanan Rex! Act like it!

Cutter opens up to Gigi face about his family life. He found his dad dead when he was young. Daddy Wentworth killed himself after Cutter's mom, Alexandra, took all his money and left. Could Alexandra actually be Alex Olanov? This should be good!

John gets the call about Rama and Vimal. He realizes Vimal knew about Liam's paternity and Brody was trying to shut him up. All airport personnel are alerted about the kidnapping. John and Nat get there in lightning speed only to discover Brody has already slipped away.

Troy, Nora, and Lindsay

Catherine Hickland posted this video on twitter. It is a sweet vid of Ty Treadway, Hillary Smith, and herself. AKA Troy, Nora, and Lindsay. Thought I would share. Click HERE to see it.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Anybody Still Up For A Wedding?

Jessica and Ford almost made it to the bedroom. Darn that baby! After a super sweet talk, she leads him in to the bed. They are really falling for each other =)

Clint is furious about Brody. Tina feels sorry for him because she knows all too well about messing up. Then she goes into old Tina mode by complaining about all the work she did for the reception that is no longer. It's interesting watching all the wedding guests react to the events. Bo put it best when he said "Will this family ever have a calm, normal wedding? At least no one has pulled a gun." ROFL!

Come on Natalie! You should be running out that door! Roxy really needs to convince you to go stop John before he leaves? After a mini-breakdown, she and Rex rush to the airport. Ugh oh Rex, Gigi face is at that airport! And of course he gets a glimpse of the face.

Did no one wonder where Brody disappeared to? Please leave poor Nigel alone.

Tears in my eyes for John. I love that character =) So happy he knows he is a daddy now! The happiness doesn't last too long. As soon as John gets to the nursery to hold his son, they discover an unconscious Nigel and a missing Liam =(
Cord!!! Tina!!! Cord drops down to one knee in the church and asks Tina to marry him....right then!! I LOVE Clint's face. Shaun and Nora are placing bets on whether or not the wedding will happen. A quick phone call to Dorian gets the Roberts' an instant marriage license. BRILLIANT!  Roxy is such a hoot hiding her flask in the church flowers..LOL!

Cord and Tina use Brody and Natalie's rings. She says he can get her a "nice BIG diamond" later. They are pronounced husband and wife!!

Kate asks EJ the obvious. Did the Dimeras put out a hit on John? The answer is no. The shooter is a disgruntled police officer. The same officer who beat up John in his cell.
I know I said it yesterday, but I will say it again. Allison Sweeney and James Scott are bringing it! They are on point in their outbursts, gestures, facial expressions, and anguish.

Madison is panicking about a super important business meeting. She can't get Brady or Sami to return her calls. When Brady tells her about his nephews disappearance, Madison cancels the meeting to be with him.

Kate extends an olive branch to Sami. She brings her food to keep up her strength. They talk about raising     boys. Kate even attempts to distract Sami with a "good 'ol cat fight." LOL! They both had a little chuckle over it before Kate encouraged her to not lose hope.

Roman, Rafe, and EJ start to believe that Johnny was kidnapped.

I love how DAYS is taking the disappearance of Johnny Dimera and making the story hit almost every character on the show. THAT is good writing!

Throw in a little bickering between Kate and Madison! Today's show is rocking the house!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

I Was Your Dad for About 5 Minutes

Talking Liam and Talking David Vickers the dog! I know a lot of people find it cheesy, but I LOVE it!

Jessica and Ford are coming up with a plan to get their own DNA test done on Liam. They end up in a lip lock. They are so good together. OLTL did the impossible. They made me start to really really like a Ford brother. I hate that they will not make the move to PP.

Roxy speaks up during the ceremony, but gets stern eyes from Rex. She chickens out and lets the ceremony continue. UGH! So frustrating.

Tina finds the dog and the baby....AND the DNA test!! She bursts in to the church seconds before Natalie says "I do!" AHHHH!! I am loving these scenes. Brody's face as it was all going down. He literally looked green in the face. Then he tries to get Nat to ignore the tests. FINALLY Nat gets a clue and realizes that this is what Victor was holding over Brody's head. She lays into Brody and his eyes go from scared/panic to BUSTED! He has no choice but to spill all. Starting with the Marty tape that was found when Gigi died. After Nat rejects him, I see crazy stirring around in that man. Watch out!

John and Liam!!! He loves that little boy =)
Crazy Brody shows up in the nursery. OMG!! I can't get enough of this show!

Little Johnny is missing. EJ and Sami are losing it! James Scott and Ali Sweeney are bringing it today! Nicole talks EJ down and convinces him to hold it together, work with the police, not against them. Aww...we get an Ejami embrace =)
John is feeling super guilty. I guess he should, because Sami is FURIOUS at John and blames him. She throws out the fact that technically he is not even related to them and expresses anger towards Marlena too. She claims to be able to count on EJ more than her own mother. I hate that her little boy is missing, but I LOVE the old "attack dog" that is Sami!

Roman and the police get a lead and track down a possible shooter.

I hit fast forward with all of the Jennifer/Daniel scenes. I didn't want to hear more of the same 'ol stuff. If I missed anything important feel free to fill me in.

I like how DAYS shot this episode in real time. They showed the digital clock sever times and it matched the exact time the show was airing.

Friday, November 11, 2011

What Jessica Said Is True, You Nitwits!

Nice family moment between Rex and Clint. Clint asks his son to walk Natalie down the aisle. Great gesture, but not needed. Dorian emails Viki with good news. Even though she hates Clint, she pulls strings to get him permission to attend the wedding.

Jessica and Ford are really really growing on me. I say that a lot, but every time I see them together I like them even more. Sucks that Bree Williamson is leaving =(

Brody is searching for doggie David Vickers. What the heck is he planning on doing? Killing the dog so he won't reveal the secret?

Roxy wants John to be her date to the Someone on Twitter said she would be an awesome drunk tweeter...LOL. Ain't that the truth!
Poor Princess David Vickers. She is trying to tell the "clueless humans" about the paternity test! ROFL! I swear this show has me literally laughing out loud daily =) After she goes missing Cord tells tina something we are all wondering. "Haven't you heard of a leash, Tina?"

The wedding begins. John starts to leave. Jessica decides to tell John about the paternity test. And DV the dog goes in search of the test. OLTL knows how to do cliffhanger Fridays!

Jen and Hope are still trying to find out who Alice was making payments to over the years. They find a clock that is engraved to Alice mentioning the bond she shares with whoever gave it to her. Underneath is the Dimera crest. This could get interesting.

Who is that lurking around spying on Marlena and John? If I didn't know any better, I would SWEAR that the eyes looked like James Franco. But we all know he is GH's pride and joy. However, DAYS would do a much better job with James Franco in my opinion!
Everyone is gathered at the Pub in support of John before the trial begins. Even Sami shows up. John is being a good grandpa, running around and goofing off with the kids. The mystery guy shoots up the pub. Multiple shots and lots of screaming. After all the chaos, suddenly little Johnny is missing.

Big reveal....EJ set up John. No surprise that it was a Dimera. But I'm surprised that it wasn't Stefano. Stefano didn't even know how he did it. I have a feeling that someone else is responsible for the shooting. At least I hope EJ wouldn't do that now.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Prospect Park pulls All My Children

ABC Soaps in Depth is reporting that Prospect Park has decided to not move forward with their plans to keep All My Children alive. They are going to put all their focus on One Life to Live.

Several actors were negotiating contracts, but that has come to a stop.

I hope this is temporary. Maybe to just see how OLTL does online. We need to make sure we watch and still keep begging for AMC.

You Kept Your Clothes On This Time

Natalie! You are taking time out from your wedding day to see John. Get! A! Clue! You are marrying the wrong guy. Ugh...John is breaking my heart. I haven't liked Natalie much lately, but this scene is taking me back to the early days of Jolie. The way he looks at her gives me goosebumps.

Brody is an such a jerk! He is being horrible to Jessica. Talking about her being crazy! Umm...Pot, Kettle anyone? It sounds like he wants her DID to come back. Be careful what you wish for Brody. Tess will kill your lying self!

Eww....ghostly Irene is back. I hate her. She taunts Todd in to telling Blair he loves her. Too late! She is upstairs getting busy with Tomas. Ghost mama does her best to convince Todd to eliminate Tomas.
Jack's fire is in full blaze. He finds out about Vimal and Rama being in the building and rushes over to save them. I have to admit that I'm feeling a little sorry for Jack. He's just a stupid idiot kid. I thought the writers would try to make him likable, but this arson thing isn't doing him any good.

There is Starr and Nate's music video. I must agree with porn guy....that video was lame. I love the song! Rick wants her next song to be "Jailbait"...ROFL! "I'm your Jailbait, and you are my Cellmate." This porn guy is hilarious! He delivered this "You put out a sexy steamy video or One Life to Live is CANCELLED!" OMG! OLTL kills me! "Then it is the end of One Life to Live. Which is not what I want. I love One Life to Live!" They do NOT lack in the humor department.

Nicole has divorce papers for EJ. I totally forgot that they were still married. She wants his signature but will hold off on filing until the election is over. We will see if that ever happens ;-)
Austin and Carrie finally find a place to stay. Rafe is more than excited to have the place back.

Madison convinces Brady to visit John. I'm happy to finally see the father/son bonding. Daddy gives son advice about Madison. He wants Brady to "go for it!"

BTW...isn't Brady an alcoholic? I sure hope that was non-alcoholic beer he was having with his dad.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Trevor St John Rumor!!!

Daytime Confidential is hinting at a possible Trevor St John return to One Life to Live before the end of it's ABC run.
Seems like it's just talk right now, but I will hang on to ANY hope I find. I'm sure the OLTL people know how much the fans want him back. I will take any little bit of TSJ they give us!

So now we should all be begging for TSJ and RH to sign with Prospect Park. Ok, maybe I'll wait till we find out if this news is true first. Baby Steps....

What's going on between you and your prisoner?

Arggg!!! I love you David, but why did you have to interrupt a possible Clint/Viki kiss? Didn't take too long for me to forgive him. He is full of endless entertainment. He makes sure Viki voted for Dorian and taunts Clint about not attending Nat's wedding because he is a felon. As much as I adore C&V, David does bring up some valid issues. HAHA! Dorian and David have Skype sex 10 times a day.

Does Viki's hair look a little Niki-ish? I think so. Did anyone else notice the grey hair patch on the back of David's head?

Classic Todd and Blair. In a love triangle with lots of yelling and accusations. YIPPY!! "Is he your hero? Is that why you like him? He's the exact opposite as me." Todd is bringing out the gun again. Oh geez....please don't shoot someone else.

Natalie sure looks miserable next to Brody. The longer he holds on to the truth, the more I dislike him.
David Vickers (the dog) has the paternity test again! I love that dog almost as much as his namesake =) Clint calls him a mutt and threatens to ship him off to Morocco like the other David Vickers. ROFL!

Oh Vimal! You want John's help finding Neela, but you are keeping him from his son. I wish he would just spill. His conscience gets the best of him and he decides to reveal all to McBain. As usual, he is interrupted by Rama. Then Brody overhears him tell her that he is spilling the beans to John once Neela is back home.

Jack shows up at the Sun and sends the whole staff home. Rama and Vimal meet there to talk about Neela. That jerk, Brody, locks them in Todd's office. Jack shows up to torch the place. Oh no! If they want us to accept Jack, they can't put another "accidental" murder on his hands! I guess Brody would be just as responsible....