Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Guess Potty Training Didn't Take


Vimal and Shawn are talking about Victor's murder. I am ready for Vimal to rat out Brody! I really hate Brody and Natalie together. This pairing makes me dislike the individuals. 

Aubrey is spilling what she knows about Kimmie to Rama. Rama is determined to punish Kim for stealing her money. Funny that Aubrey decides to be on the straight and narrow all of the sudden. Now she is spilling everything.

Jessica gets a visit from John but still doesn't tell him about Liam. frustrating! I was waiting for Ryder to get a "Look who's talking voice"...LOL!

Cutter is asking the right questions. How do you know that Stacy didn't already take Gigi's place? Looks like Stacy showed up in Llanview the day Gigi died. She went to the place Gigi died at. Both were passed out from the Carbon Monoxide. Kim saved the one she believes is Stacy and left the other to die. There ya go folks! I'll bet the farm it was Stacy that died and not Gigi. Luckily I don't have a farm so if I'm wrong, I'm wrong ;-)

Bwahahahah!!! Jack pissed his pants!! OMG! I am dying right now! OLTL, you kill me! Shane calls him “Wizzie.”

JPL is bringing it! Daddy's pain is showing. He knows he dropped the ball with his son since Gigi died. It looks like Shane isn't the killer. Maybe it's Broday after all?

Jack and Jennifer are so good together, even when they aren't "together." He is determined to wait for Jen as long as it takes her to forgive him. These were some nice, emotional scenes between the two of them. I only have one problem. Where is JJ? Did I miss something? It's quite possible I did because I was fast-forwarding this show a few months ago like it was General Hospital. Hehehe!

Madison set up Kate. Stealing that deal was exactly what M wanted her to do. It set up Mad World with an even better business deal. Looks like Miss Madison is ahead now ;-)
Brady clearly has the hots for Madison. It is written all over his face. Looks like the feeling is mutual. She practically drooled when he took of his shirt.

Abe and EJ aren't holding back on their televised interview/debate. Abe to EJ: If you want to lower the crime rate, leave town and take your dad with you. Good one =) EJ points out that Abe's wife is a Dimera. He vows to get justice for all the people who were scammed by John. Abe is put on blast for posting bail. But he does a hell of a job defending himself. Looks like Abe won this round until everyone checks the twitter world. Apparently the citizens are tweeting their fury over Abe standing up for John.


My2Cents2 said...

Sorry, but this story about Stacey being Gigi is as REAL as the Todd's mother Irene storyline.
Still...the show, as silly as it is, keeps my attention.

Looks like we are back to square one. Brody killed Vic?? Or the father of the kid in jail did him in? I am going to guess Brody, since his time is coming to an end on this show.
I just SHIVER at the though of Gnat with Jawn living happily ever after. BELCH!!!!

Jack went pee pee in his pants.
Nice touch if I may say so by the writers!!! lol

My2Cents2 said...

So Monday the killer is disclosed per Soap Opera Network.

Ocean Park Girl said...

Hahaha My2cents....GNAT. LOL!! She is getting on my nerves. So is Jess - just give it up already - tell John.
I liked the Jack and Shane stuff today.
Where has Destiny been lately btw? And where is Nora - just wondering.
DOOL - I am loving Madison and Sami and Kate. Awesome pairings. Brady was jealous of Nate!! As much as we're supposed to hate the Dimera's, I thought EJ held his own today with Abe.

My2Cents2 said...

Sorry, but the site of Gnat...seriously, I usually close my eyes in her scenes. (Unless Jess is smacking her) I detest her. I can't even watch her. For me it has always been Gnat on OLTL & Liz on GH. However, I can take Liz periodically, Gnat-NEVER!!!!
Though since I have been watching 'dirty soap', not a fan either of Farah's. So I am not looking forward to this little 'reunion' here.

I would imagine by the time we see Destiny, she is very pregnant!! Like 6-7 months along.
Since Eddie is filming again, I am 'assuming' that they end this storyline where he wakes up and they move on?? NOT sure if I see them at PP.

Not giving up on Uncle Bo quite yet. OLTL isn't OLTL without him & Victoria!!! He has to go to PP!!!!

mindymoe said...

That's what I love about OLTL. They keep us glued to the screen even with silly story lines..LOL. As long as the vets are on, we will keep watching.

I'm thinking the killer is Brody. Especially since they showed Vimal yesterday.

I am finding myself LOVING the Dimera's on Days lately ;-)

My2Cents2 said...

It has to be Brody. Remember, they are finishing up the writing in November...they have to get rid of him somehow.

I agree 100% about the vets. As long as OLTL uses them, they have me as a viewer! That is the one thing, they get right!!

Anyone hear anything yet about what website we are going to in January?? Or a web site for PP??