Monday, October 10, 2011

Dirty Soap--Wearing White

Nadia's birthday. Don't act like a spoiled brat! I would LOVE to get an iPad for my birthday. Appreciate what you get. It could've been nothing. Nadia redeemed herself (in my eyes) when she suggested the right outfit would make her a better golfer...LOL! You know me, I enjoy the funny =)

Galen and Jenna were boring again. But good for them for being boring and having a somewhat stable relationship. They bicker about being professional bickerers. HA!

Farrah and Kirsten are on my last nerve. They are both annoying. I call crap on them saying they don't know what happened. They know! I wish they would just tell us. One minute I am on Kirsten's side, the next I am on Farrah's. By the end of the episode, I don't care.

I love the on-set scenes. I could watch a whole series like this. Fun to see Steve Burton and Kelly acting goofy between scenes.

When I started watching this show I wasn't the biggest Kelly Monaco fan. Now, I am really enjoying watching her. She seems like a really genuine person. And damn that girl is flexible...hehehe!

Kelly (about the Sam wedding dress): I'm surprised they went with white, considering her past...LMAO!!


My2Cents2 said...

YIKES..I didn't realize you were going to blog on this show. Great!

I agree, the on set scenes between Steve & Kelly were fun to watch.
KUDOS to those shots.

My main focus on this show is how much I dislike Farah.
I don't like what comes out of her mouth. I don't like her attitude. Not just with KS, but her nagging about getting married, her 'bossyness', her entire being rubs me wrong.
I got the impression the argument started due to KS and JPL have a love scene together and Farah didn't approve of it, yet it was work and KS went along and did the scene. (Not sure what scene or movie it was)
How pitiful that Farah is so insecure about herself that she brings this storyline to the show for us to witness how childish she is.
I get it. KS speaks her mind, and she may be a hard person to get along with. However, Farah has no room to talk. I could never get along with her.
Hell, I would like to rip her eyes out right now.

mindymoe said...

You go, Cents!! Tell us how u really feel ;-)

I just can't stomach either one of the two. They both seem fake and bitchy (showing it in different ways). Sad because I watched them from the beginning on Days and loved them.

Overall I'm not impressed with the show. But I will keep watching to support our soap people.

My2Cents2 said...

I adore KS. However, what I feel about her is, she isn't the one going on national TV bad mouthing Farah like Farah is her.
So IMO Farah's behavior says it all about who she is.

I also am not in love with the show.
I watch it...WHY DO I WATCH IT??

Ocean Park Girl said...

I haven't watched this episode yet but have the other 2. I also don't really like it but will continue to watch. I used to like Farah until I started watching this. She is selfish - it's all about her! Maybe JPL won't move to LA after all? His mom sure doesn't like her.
I have always like KM and it's refreshing to see her as herself.
KS is amazing, always have liked her, even when she was Belle on DOOL. I was sad to see her leave, but she has grown as an actress on GH.

mindymoe said...

Hi Ocean! Isn't KM great!? I am really starting to like her more and more.