Thursday, October 6, 2011

What did your Quack Aunt say?

Tea is sleeping and hears a noise. "Victor, is that you?" She knew Victor as Todd up until a few weeks before his murder. Wouldn't she say in her sleep "TODD, is that you?" Maybe I'm wrong....I've never been told that my husband's name wasn't his name. So what do I know?

Ford brothers, you are boring me.

Tomas and Starr chit-chatting in jail. Co-ed jail. Interesting. Tea comes in and gives Starr the 4-1-1 on her daddy.

Tina is looking everywhere for Little David Vickers. Heart-to-heart with Tea.

Todd admits to Blair that he off'd Irene. More classic lines from the wounded. "What did you use to take the bullet out of me? A pair of salad tongs?" He asks Blair if she's crying because he's going to die or because he's going to live.

Cord!! I've missed you! Catching up with Jessica. They talk about Tina, Brody, Natalie. In comes Tina looking for her dog. She said this is the WORST thing that has ever happened to her. Cord, understandably FLIPS HIS LID! What about when your daughter was missing and presumed dead?

YAY!! Vintage Tina going over the falls. I love flashbacks =) Ooohhh, Marcia Cross wedding to Cord! I am giddy with excitement!

John/Marlena, Bo/Hope, Austin/Carrie, Abe/Lexie, Ej/Nicole. Today was filled with vets and characters Days fans love. Original actors, no recasts. Finally TPTB listened to what the fans were aching for. Vets, super couples, good stories, less newbies, less characters we don't care about, and less teens. All soap heads should adhere to that. Maybe the soap genre wouldn't be in trouble if they all had. An unwatchable Days has finally become a can't miss soap. LISTEN UP GENERAL HOSPITAL!

Carrie and Austin talking about their careers, love, and having kids. Both vowing not to let the John situation get between them. Might be hard since it looks like Austin is not 100% sure of his step-father-in-law's innocence. He just reminded us that Carrie's in-laws are Kate and Stefano Dimera. Good luck with that one honey ;-)

John is getting attacked by the citizens of Salem. His legal team quits the case. Carrie to the rescue! Where is Brady? I sense a bigger problem between father and son.

Looks like we are getting an Alice Horton mystery for Bo and Hope. I hope whatever they find doesn't chip away at the legacy the Horton matriarch left behind.

I adore Abe Carver but I am all for Mayor EJ Dimera! A Dimera running a town full of Bradys and Hortons? The story possibilities are endless. Throwing Nicole in the mix as his publicist is icing on the cake. This will definitely mean a lot of drama between Lexi and her brother. Some of it already started today.


My2Cents2 said...

Tina was truly amazing yesterday.
Her kindness toward Tea.
One ALMOST could forget the REAL Tina!!
KUDOS to Cordello for reminding her of her daughter!!
YES Cord looks FINE.
LOVED LOVED the past scenes being shown.

One ?? What did I miss? How did
Blair move Todd to the cabin??
I understand her change of clothes could have belonged to Vicki...but really??

mindymoe said...

Yes! Cord and Tina scenes are great!

Hmmm....not sure what you are referring to. Todd was already at the cabin when Blair got there. Did I miss something?

My2Cents2 said...

Ohh I thought Todd was on the docks.
He went to the cabin to hide?
And Blair went there??
How would she know to go there??
Ohh well, at least you answered my questions.


mindymoe said...

When he left the docks he went straight to Viki's cabin. Blair went there looking for him. I guess that's the place everyone goes to hide so she knew where to find

My2Cents2 said...

Thanks Mindy!! I don't always pay that close attention....will be back later tonight after I watch today's!

Blanca said...

Enjoying reading the blog, Mindy...! I still have to finish this week's episodes...but loved the Cord / Tina flashbacks! Ford Brothers are boring...but dang them without their shirts off! LOL

Blanca said...

should've said love the Ford Brothers without their shirts ON...not off...LOL

My2Cents2 said...

GREAT episode on Friday!!!!

The flashbacks along with Vicki & Tina coming together, throw in the baby scene.....adorable.

mindymoe said...

Thanks for stopping by Blanca! I agree about the Ford brothers. They bore me but I love looking at them =)

Viki, Tina, Cord, Blair, Todd, Liam, Princess was a great week for OLTL!!