Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Erica Kane and Stacy Morasco?

Aubrey breaks up with Cutter after she finds out he never turned in the gun they found.

Todd speaking in spanish. Too funny! Tea calls Bo to get him to investigate Rex. She tells Todd that Victor was the love of her life. Vic loved her different than Todd did.

OK...I'll say it. The Jack/Blair scene wasn't that bad. In particular, the yelling scene that ended with Blair and Jack tearing up. I actually think AT did a decent job. Maybe they did get him that acting coach...at least I hope so.

Rex lets his mommas know that he didn't kill Victor. Shane snags the gun and creeps up behind Jack at Victor's grave.

So Stacy had the surgery before she found Kimmie. Kim wasn't sure if it was Stacy until she offered to strip for the sleazy guy in the club. HA! Stacy went to a plastic surgeon in South America and saw THE Erica Kane there...LMAO!! Love those soapy references. In walks Cutter into Stacy's hospital room. Bring on the blackmail!

 Jack thinks Daniel can't be trusted because he has a tan in October and that is not natural..lol. Justin and Adrian inadvertently spill that Abby is dating a Dimera. There goes Jack walking in on a sexy back rub between Abby and Chad. Daddy forbids his girl to see Chad. We will see how long that lasts ;-)

Victor and Maggie are super cute =) He helps with the wedding plans. However, Melanie is ruining the scenes for me.

Marlena is not having any of this divorce business. She vows to stand by her man!


My2Cents2 said...

How stupid is Bo?? He is looking for Todd? Vicki's brother? Why wouldn't he look at the cabin??

Shane da killer??!!!!
WOW I didn't see that coming.
Until today and he looked spookie!

I have never been a fan of Blairs.
However, this past week she is ROLLING!!!! Her scenes with Todd are priceless, and today with Jack, wow she gave a performance!!!

mindymoe said...

You would think Viki's cabin would be the 1st place the cops would look.

Blair has been rockin lately. It was probably her performance that made me think Jack did good today...LOL

My2Cents2 said...

Jack did good today because he hardly said anything!!!

Blair is ROCKING. I like it.
Now I expect it all the time from her!

Do you think Shane is going to shoot Jack?

mindymoe said...

It looks like he did it, but I'm not sure. I'm guessing he just hit Jack and maybe witnessed the real killer. I didn't think they would make another teen boy a killer, but maybe i'm wrong. We shall see soon (hopefully)!

My2Cents2 said...

I thought, it was perhaps the father of the kid who is sitting in jail.
Only because if it were Shane, he would be more 'troubled' than he was after the shooting.
However yesterday, he looked insane.