Monday, October 31, 2011

A Cookout with Carlo Hesser

"The day I'm too old for free candy is the day I'm dead." LOL! I love Todd =) He wants the family to Toilet Paper the Buchanan house together. Little shark Sam is super cute, even when he is calling Todd "scarface." The cutie remembers Marcie and Michael calling him Tommy. He and Todd agree that Victor was a good dad because he would make people give him candy.

Todd asks Jack-o-lantern Blair if she wants to make out. OLTL is too much! I can't stand how awesome it is =)

Clint is hating on Ford. Shouldn't he hate on Brody even more? Brody is the bigger villain in my opinion. Ford sticks to his guns and Clint agrees to a truce =) I am loving Clint more and more lately. His stubbornness is fun and endearing. OLTL is doing a great job making him the new Asa.

Clint's softer side is just as important as his stubbornness. Much like Asa, he sure knows how to win over a woman (even when he's not trying). Going down memory lane with Viki melts my heart. We were almost treated to a kiss. Maybe next time...
Jessica and Ford bring Bree to the party for a minute. Poor Bree. First she thought Brody was going to be her dad, now he is marrying her aunt.

Clint and Tina finally kiss! She tells him he is the world's worst liar. And she knows this because she is the world's best! Looks like she is right. He gives in and things are about to happen in the hay.

The Halloween party is hilarious! Roxy and Tina fighting is a RIOT!! Roxy accuses her of speaking "phony French" and calls out "where's Dorian when we need her!"

Victor, Bo, Hope, Maggie, Jennifer, John, Marlena! Days sure knows how to write for their vets =)

Maggie tells Vic about Daniel being her son. Vic finds it hard to believe since he knows the parents and has known Daniel all of his life. PLEASE don't let him be behind all this. I know he has a little something to do with it, but I hope it's nothing major. Nothing to ruin his relationship with Maggie.
Daniel isn't as thrilled to find out about his parentage as Melanie and Maggie are. Kudos to Days for making this real (well, as real as egg stealing can get..LOL). When someone finds out their parents are not their parents, they will probably be upset. There shouldn't be an instant embrace and acceptance of the "new" parent.

Abe recognizes John in his costume. He urges him to go home and agrees not to turn him in for skipping out on his house arrest (how he did that...I'm not sure). I have a feeling that decision will come back to haunt him in the campaign.

Nicole gets introduced to Madison. She's a little jealous about her closeness to Brady, but surprisingly Nic is mature about it. Brady, on the other hand, vows to "break the son-of-a-bitch" in half if EJ hurts Nicole. LOVE IT!


My2Cents2 said...

A KISS between Vicki & Clint.
I would be smiling so hard you would see every tooth in my mouth.
But Kimmies isn' going to come back, is she??

Like Jessie with Ford. Sorry, but I do.

Rex didn't recognize the lady with the 'lip gloss'?

mindymoe said...

I'm not sure if Kimmie is done or not. I wonder....

I like Jess and Ford too. I never thought I would say that, but I do. Funny how opinions

My2Cents2 said...

Isn't Ford going to PP?? I know Jessie isn't.
So what happens to them??
Break up??

All I do know, is the rest of this show is going to be fantastic. With all the RETURNS they have planned......I just wish they would get rid of Gigi and them lip glossed lips!

mindymoe said...

I believe Ford is going to PP. I'm not sure what they will do. Maybe recast Jessica? Wouldn't it be awesome if they could get Erin Torpey back?

My2Cents2 said...

Never say never. I believe Ford is going to PP. I could see the original Jessica returning.....
am I the only curious one wanting to know what is going on??
I mean, Nigel, Roxie, Todd...what is going on with these characters??