Monday, October 24, 2011

Nobody Likes a Sore Loser, Nora!

Todd confesses to murdering his psycho mama. Now Blair's current squeeze is free! Nora is a little too giddy for my taste. She is practically salivating at the thought of locking up Todd for something. Once again, Tea mops the floor with Nora. Nora looks like a psycho in court and must eat crow. Does she ever win when she is up against Tea?

Clint and Viki are on today =) I love these two! He calls Viki a drill She doesn't take any of his crap. She calls him out on everything. OMG!! She tells Clint that he is back to being the man she fell in love with. SWOON!
Cutter immediately starts dangling Gigi over Rex's head. Rex doesn't respond well. They both beat the hell out of each other until Uncle Bo shows up.

Gigi/Stacy googles herself and finds that both Morasco sisters are supposed to be dead. I do believe Gigi was a brunette when she "died." This woman has bleach blonde hair. Either that proves that she is Stacy or Kimmie bleached Gigi's hair while she was in a coma (which is entirely possible if we know Kim).

Nora: "I miss Dorian Lord as mayor." LOVE IT!! Finally something Nora and I can agree on! We want Dorian! Hear that Prospect Park??

Sports betting talk between Sonny and Chad. I love these 2 characters. They are rich in family history. But I prefer not to see another teen gambling story. Didn't we already see that with Phillip?

Austin staying with Sami and Rafe....interesting. How long before someone is caught in a compromising position with another? That was quick! Before the episode is over, Sami walks in on a naked Austin. It is of course followed by stumbling on to the couch together..LOL. Rafe is NOT happy to walk in on that scene. Carrie won't be happy either. This could be good!
The siblings Dimera call a truce for a minute and have a nice talk. As much as I like the bonding and laughing between Lexi and EJ, I can't help but feel it is all calculated on EJ's part. Is he setting up a photo op? Working on his image? Maybe I'm being too suspicious. Either way, the "truce" doesn't last long. The brother and sister start throwing out accusations and arguing. Baby bro, Chad overhears and jumps in with his two-cents and accusations of his own. EJ has his hands all in Chad's sports website business. I just know it!

Abe is trying to recruit Jennifer to do his campaign PR. We clearly have good vs bad. Abe, Lexi, Jennifer, Marlena, and John on one side of the mayoral race. EJ, Nicole, Stefano, and Kate on the other side. Am I bad if I'm rooting against the "good" side? Oh well....Team Evil it is! LOL!

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