Monday, October 17, 2011


Kimmie is going to jail. But not without a fight. Rama rips out Kim's hair extensions...LOL! Cutter is such a jerk. Kim begs him to take care of Stacy.

Dani gives Nate, the porn star, another chance. Young dumb love...

Roxy FLIPS when she finds out about Brody and Natalie's engagement. Roxy is awesome! She wants her "Natty" with "Johnny McBain!" She even spells it out for Rex...L-U-V! Rox calls Natty a moron and a dimwit....ROFL!.
Did I hear John correctly? Did he tell Shaun "I hate that kid" about Jack? LOL! Jack was always a butt-head towards John. He decides he wants to have every police officer's gun tested. But our smart cop really wants to nail Brody. Brody was too quick to give John his gun. Something is up with that. I'm more convinced now that he is the killer. The test was probably fixed by Natalie.

Tea wants to hear Victor's voice on the evidence tape. No Tea! I wouldn't want to hear my husband getting killed. I felt like falling to the floor with Tea when she played it. I want TSJ back!!

Ok, the whole Irene ghost thing...I'm OVER it! Roger Howarth rocks, but I want to see him with other characters I care about. I don't believe for a second that he killed his brother. I will be seriously PISSED if they make this "memory" accurate! UNLESS they put him on death row, then bring back TSJ at the 11th hour. Saving him the way TSJ's Todd was saved from death row years ago. I will accept just about anything to have RH and TSJ on the show together ;-)

Marlena barges into the Dimera mansion. Feels like the old Days watching these two trade insults. It was only a matter of time before someone confronted Stefano and accused him of setting up John. She plays to Stefano's softer side and asks him to drop this for her.

Jack overhears Jen say that she still loves him. But she loves Daniel too. Be patient Jack, she will come back. Daniel offers to step aside so Jen can be with Jack. She begs him not to leave her. I love Jack! He sarcastically suggest they just move to Utah and live together. ROFL!!
We finally get an Austin/Carrie love scene =) They decide to stop being lawyers for a while and just be plain ol' Austin and Carrie.

Maggie and Victor are super cute. They are like teenagers in love =)

Bo and Hope rush over to the Kiriakis mansion to give Maggie the letter they found from Alice. Ooohhh....Maggie has another child! She had her eggs frozen back when she and Mickey were first trying to have a child. PLEASE don't make Melanie be that child. Also, PLEASE don't make it be Carly (making Maggie Mel's grandma). Since Crystal Chappell is off the show hopefully that isn't an option.

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My2Cents2 said...

Who can't love Roxi??
Her & Echo together are CLASSIC.

I was BLOWN away watching late last night. I didn't think it was Brody..but I certainly didn't think it was Todd!!! BRILLIANT & CLEVER twist. I LOVE Todd, but it doesn't get any better with that writing and him turning out to be the killer.

YES I believe he is the killer.
How else they going to write off a Todd??