Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sarah Brown on Days

Watching yesterday's episode of Days of our Lives. First thing I see is Ms. Sarah Brown!! I was kinda wishing to see a brunette SB. Oh well. Any SB is better than no SB! Bringing her on to work with the Kiriakis family against Kate is brilliant. Sarah Brown and Lauren Koslow going at it will be nothing less than entertaining! Even Victor and Brady smiled at the thought. Sarah's Madison is the head of Mad World Cosmetics. Can't help but think of Franco from GH. Mad World will forever make me laugh ;-) I see a chem test between Madison and Brady Black. 

John and Marlena have hit the ground running. Love having these two front and center. Poor John got beat up in jail. The public is calling him the new Bernie Madoff. He is looking pretty guilty. Do I smell a set up?

EJ is running for Mayor but aims for a National office. Maybe he will end up in Congress with OLTL's Dorian Lord...LOL. That would be a show in itself! Added bonus....Nicole in charge of PR. David Vickers going head-to-head with Nic. YES please =)

The previews for today's episode look great! Kate talking about the Kiriakis men mistaking Madison's cleavage for a business plan. Madison threatening to kick Kate's butt. If you are missing AMC, you need to watch DAYS! The future looks bright!


Ocean Park Girl said...

I am thoroughly enjoying Madison and Kate!! And Sami is hired by Madison's company?? Brilliant!!

mindymoe said...

Isn't it great? I love them at each other's throats!