Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Go Fish

Damn you Natalie! You interrupted what was almost a Cord/Tina kiss! Jared mention =) I miss him. Nat rips Tina for leaving her and Jared locked in the room Tess put them in. Tina extends an olive branch and offers to be Nat's maid of honor...HAHA! Natalie agrees. This should be entertaining ;-)

Come on Jessica. You are smarter than Ford! YOU should be the one figuring out that Brody already knows about Liam.

Brody threatens Vimal and reminds him of the lives he took during the war. I am really starting to hate Brody. He used to be one of my favorite guys. I'm more and more convinced that he is the killer.

Jack thinks he can run the Sun? How Blair looks like she wants to strangle the kid. OK...Jack kinda looked like a decent actor in that scene where Blair is holding him. Kinda. I will point out that the 2 times I found AT actually doing a great job, he was in a scene with Kassie DePaiva. Maybe she is making him look good. Hopefully his acting coach is telling him to watch her!
I must admit that I love seeing the old headlines from the Sun. I am known to rewind now and then to read all the funny lines =)

Since when do they let someone in jail play cards with a visitor?

Nora brings up the Marty Saybrook trial to Todd. Love this scene! She says she started to feel sorry for "Todd Manning." But that was really Victor. Todd is still the same guy who terrorized Nora and raped Marty. History! History! A show can never go wrong with good use of history!

Todd and Starr are finally cellmates.

ABC--Are you seriously still wasting money on tons of ads for the Spew? Give it up!

Jennifer decides to date both Jack and Daniel. Jack doesn't seem to like the idea, but he is going along with it. She makes it clear that sex is out of the question with both men for now!

EJ does a live broadcast vowing to get justice for the citizens against John. He and Nicole are practically drooling over polling numbers. How long before they are drooling over each other? The Millionaire Matchmaker leaves a message with Nic that she found a match for EJ. Of course she fails to pass along the message.

After a brick is thrown, John does a live broadcast of his own.
Maggie is hitting road blocks in trying to find her missing child. Victor makes a call after she leaves. He is connected to the company that was supposed to have her eggs. He is trying to make sure his name never gets connected with them. NO NO!! I hope he didn't do anything back in his "bad" days that caused this. I want Vic to be the hero and find Maggie's child.


Ocean Park Girl said...

Man was I ticked when Victor picked up that phone - darn it. Maggie will find out, or Bo or Hope will, and there goes the father/son relationship again.
The Daniel/Jack/Jen triangle is starting to annoy me. I like Jack, don't get me wrong, but Jen and Daniel are good together. You know she will end up with Jack anyway.
John Black, as much as I like him, looked like a thug on TV at the end of the show.
Natalie has Tina as her maid of honor - hahaha. This will be fun. But, I somehow don't know if the wedding will actually happen, and then Tina will be very disappointed.
I like Jess and Ford together, so this is my new thought. No wedding. Brody killed Victor. He's going to go nuts and take off with Liam. They will eventually get Liam back, but Brody will either be killed or end up in the looney bin. Jess and Ford and up together, as do John and Natalie.

My2Cents2 said...

Can I post a **SPOILER?**
I am going to....don't read it if you like to be surprised!!!!

Fiona Hutchison Posted
Brace yourselves, I have some wonderful news to share with all of you. I am returning to One Life to Live as Gabrielle. I have two shooting dates. Keep in mind, these are not air dates, but shooting dates. The first shoot date is Tuesday, October 25th; the second shoot date is Tuesday November 15th. If you happen to be in New York City {DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT PUT YOURSELF OUT AND FLY IN, I'M SERIOUS!} please, by all means, feel free to stop by the ABC Studios and chat. Obviously, for fire safety reasons as well as security reasons, I cannot bring any of you into the studio. But I do take breaks and I will be sure to slip away as much as I can to come out and 'hang' with my 'posse' {Bridget thinks it's hilarious and always dares me to say 'posse'}. I Have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what they have in store for Gabrielle. She is dead but with daytime, who knows? I swear I would tell ALL of you if I knew what was going to happen. I have no script as of yet.

Also, feel free to contact the people at Prospect Park as well as my dear friend Executive Producer Frank Valenti if you'd like to see me on the web version of OLTL. I'm not certain what the plans are or if the final deal has been sealed... but I WILL BE heading to Los Angeles to shoot a role on the web series, The BAY! Gregori Martin is "visionary" and I could not be surrounded by a more down to earth, brilliantly talented cast! I cannot wait to start!!!!!!

mindymoe said...

2 Cents! You read my I just posted about Gabrielle! They are bringing Lindsay and Gabrielle. Both old loves of Bo. I wonder if Gabrielle will be a ghost. Maybe they are setting it up in case Nora doesn't continue on to PP.

Ocean--I feel the same way about Victor. I hope he didn't do anything too bad. He and Bo have come a long way.

I have a feeling we are going to have a paternity reveal on the day of the wedding. Then Brody will flip out and kidnap Liam. Isn't that how it always

My2Cents2 said...

Me bad...I haven't watched OLTL yet..

I didn't know if I should reveal the Gabriel spoiler. I know Karen doesn't mind GH Spoilers, but she doesn't like OLTL Spoilers.
So let me know if its a problem.

I was more of a fan of Gabrielle than I was of Lindsay.
From the article, I take that she needs work!! She wants to come back to the show!! And the internet show too.....Can't wait to see her.....

Last I heard, Bo was leaving. Has something changed? Is he going to OLTL internet??

My2Cents2 said...

I will tell you who I would like to see come back next month..Fish and his partner and the baby.
STUPID to take that storyline off the program. JMO

mindymoe said...

I don't mind at all if u post spoilers. Just warn the others first (which you did) in case they don't want to know.

I hadn't heard Bo was leaving (or staying). I thought I read that Nora was probably not coming to PP. Not sure I remember when or where I read that.

They definitely need to bring Fish and Kyle back! I hated that their story was dropped.

My2Cents2 said...

Nora stated in an interview that I read on soapnet that her and Bo were leaving together.

But that was a month ago.
Things change.

My2Cents2 said...

Just watched yesterday's episode...lazy day

Jack doesn't do school anymore??
I like him. And feel for him.

What a joke Gnat being rude and unforgiving to Tina. Who is the kettle and who is the pot here??

LOVE Jessie with Ford.
Brody creeping me out.
Nora is boorrring......!!!

Really, playing cards in the co-ed jail??

Still excited over the Gabriella news!!

mindymoe said...

I so excited about Gabrielle too!