Monday, October 31, 2011

A Cookout with Carlo Hesser

"The day I'm too old for free candy is the day I'm dead." LOL! I love Todd =) He wants the family to Toilet Paper the Buchanan house together. Little shark Sam is super cute, even when he is calling Todd "scarface." The cutie remembers Marcie and Michael calling him Tommy. He and Todd agree that Victor was a good dad because he would make people give him candy.

Todd asks Jack-o-lantern Blair if she wants to make out. OLTL is too much! I can't stand how awesome it is =)

Clint is hating on Ford. Shouldn't he hate on Brody even more? Brody is the bigger villain in my opinion. Ford sticks to his guns and Clint agrees to a truce =) I am loving Clint more and more lately. His stubbornness is fun and endearing. OLTL is doing a great job making him the new Asa.

Clint's softer side is just as important as his stubbornness. Much like Asa, he sure knows how to win over a woman (even when he's not trying). Going down memory lane with Viki melts my heart. We were almost treated to a kiss. Maybe next time...
Jessica and Ford bring Bree to the party for a minute. Poor Bree. First she thought Brody was going to be her dad, now he is marrying her aunt.

Clint and Tina finally kiss! She tells him he is the world's worst liar. And she knows this because she is the world's best! Looks like she is right. He gives in and things are about to happen in the hay.

The Halloween party is hilarious! Roxy and Tina fighting is a RIOT!! Roxy accuses her of speaking "phony French" and calls out "where's Dorian when we need her!"

Victor, Bo, Hope, Maggie, Jennifer, John, Marlena! Days sure knows how to write for their vets =)

Maggie tells Vic about Daniel being her son. Vic finds it hard to believe since he knows the parents and has known Daniel all of his life. PLEASE don't let him be behind all this. I know he has a little something to do with it, but I hope it's nothing major. Nothing to ruin his relationship with Maggie.
Daniel isn't as thrilled to find out about his parentage as Melanie and Maggie are. Kudos to Days for making this real (well, as real as egg stealing can get..LOL). When someone finds out their parents are not their parents, they will probably be upset. There shouldn't be an instant embrace and acceptance of the "new" parent.

Abe recognizes John in his costume. He urges him to go home and agrees not to turn him in for skipping out on his house arrest (how he did that...I'm not sure). I have a feeling that decision will come back to haunt him in the campaign.

Nicole gets introduced to Madison. She's a little jealous about her closeness to Brady, but surprisingly Nic is mature about it. Brady, on the other hand, vows to "break the son-of-a-bitch" in half if EJ hurts Nicole. LOVE IT!

Friday, October 28, 2011

When Michael met Britney

Stacy/Gigi is sickened to think she was so obsessed with Rex. She is sounding more and more like Gigi. Cutter convinces her to go to the party. Did I sense a little guilt for a minute there Cutter?

Liam is a baby Seal! He is the cutest little television baby. Grandpa Clint and Grandma Viki stay home to babysit Liam and Princess David Vickers. Viki thinks Clint looks best with a baby in his arms. Awe...I love them! I think they both look at their best when they are together =)

I love the brotherly bonding between the McBains. Battleship, beer, and love advice. Michael is even making sound effects and gloating for sinking John's battleship. HA! So real! Of course John doesn't have candy for the trick-or-treaters. He hands out cash

The 3 Musketeers look good together. I don't mind replacing Gigi with Aubrey in this family. I'm sure I am in the minority on that one. Oh well.
Cowboy and Cowgirl (Cord and Tina)
Roxy is the best! I think she needs to be Retro Britney every Her date is Shawn, aka Michael Jackson! OH I love this show! "Cut the bait, or get off the fish." ROFL!

I love it when soaps acknowledge all the holidays. Not just Christmas. Halloween is so fun!

Loving these costumes. Caroline went all out with the Cheetah makeup. So fun!

The Hernandez family look like a bunch of kids from Grease. Little Johnny is the cutest as always. Sami disappoints Marlena and Rafe when she expresses her doubt about John's innocence. 

Clever of John to wear a mask so he can attend the festivities with Marlena. They are so cute. So in love. Classic soap =)

Melanie and Abby are both in the exact same French Maid costume. That's a recipe for disaster. I guess Chad will be "accidentally" kissing Melanie AND....just like that, it happens. Predictably, Abby witnesses the kiss.

Elvis Dimera and Nicole are dressed as Elvis Presley and Priscilla! GENIUS!  Mama Susan mention ;-) Nic wants to send a pic to Susan to show that he lives up to his name. The Presley's share a passionate kiss (photo-op).

Ok, I have not kept my dislike for Melanie a secret. But I will admit that the Daniel/Maggie/Melanie family reveal did bring tears to my eyes. I'm sure it had a lot to do with Maggie's reaction and her joy of finding her son.

Overall, this was a fund day for my soaps! I love days like this =)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Retro Britney

John's last MyFace status update says "Getting Married in the morning." I love the talk between the McBain family. Marcie reminds her brother-in-law the Brody once got violent with her.

ROFL!! Roxy is dressed as Britney Spears. Natalie to Rox, "Where's your costume?" LOVE IT!! "You have been biting your nails...might it be because you are making the biggest mistake of your life?" Tell it Roxy! "John-Mc-Bain! Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining." OMG! I can fill this blog up with lines from Roxy. She is about to spill to Natty about John still loving her when Brody walks in. DARN IT!! He kisses a little butt, calls her "mom" and Mrs. Balsom turns to jello.
Cutter is such a sleaze ball! Aubrey gives him a huge smack across the face.

Rex gets a visit from his old pal Marcie. A soap that does not forget it's history and past relationships...YES please! What a concept (hear that General Hospital??)! Rex introduces her as his long time enemy-turned-friend =) She is pissed to meet Aubrey. She heard about how she hurt Joey.

Hope is the cutest little Planters Peanut ever!

Austin Reed....AKA Porno Guy wants all 3 Ford brothers in Starr's music video. Talking about Fraternity Row and Vickers Reality show not being picked up, Rick says "show's you what the suits know." Subtle dig at Mr. Brian Frons maybe?? I think so! HEHEHE!

We get to see Mad World offices today. Brady gets forced into being a model for the new line. AND...there goes his shirt. Ms Madison likes it =) Sami looks a tad bit uncomfortable being in the same room while Madison rubs her hands all over Brady..LOL. WOW! What a sexy shave and lotion rub.
There is my favorite (ha) character, Melanie. She is doing her best to keep Maggie's mind off her long lost child. The elder is giving the younger some love and life advice. Lots of bonding between the two. Oh no! I don't like where I see this going.  Boo!

Bo and Hope break in to the lab to find out who Maggie's child is. They are at their best when they are working together on a mystery. They get the name of the woman who took the eggs and head straight for Maggie. Lillian Parker. That's the woman's name. Ringing any bells? NO! NO! NO! Lillian is Daniel's mom. Maggie is Melanie's grandma. UGH!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Case of the Stupids

OMG! Jack finds a not-dead Gigi/Stacy in the cemetery. He freaks out and runs off to Victor's grave. Ummm....If I saw a "ghost" at a cemetery, I would run away from the place. I would not run to another grave in the same cemetery. But....that's just

Cutter finds Stacy/Gigi and explains the twisted story to her. Why wouldn't he just let her believe she is Gigi? That would make it easier to trick Rex.

Blair is still pissed about Tomas almost getting himself sent to prison for a crime he didn't do. He compares her to Tea and she says "that's not a way to win any points with me." HA! Good to see a little dig at her former enemy.
Todd and Viki! I love them =) RH is awesome! He eats the halloween candy, then spits some back in the treat bags...LOL. It's the little things that I love about RH. Talking with his mouth full. I remember a scene w/TSJ where Todd was taking huge bites from a sandwich during their conversation. Eating messy, talking with his mouth full, and having zero manners. He's a riot! I will point out that TSJ did little things like that too. I want them BOTH on my screen damn it! =(

Tina walks in and now we have a fight between the brother and sister. Viki of course stays neutral. More funny...Todd slaps Tina's hand away from the candy bowl. He told Tina she has a "case of the stupids." ROFL!! Tina! Viki! Todd! I could go on and on. It does not get much better than this!! I can tell ES is enjoying these scenes. I am too!

Marlena is doing her grandma duties and getting in to the Halloween spirit with Will and his friends. Will seems too "goody-goody" for my liking. He needs more of an edge, or something interesting. He needs a non-Gabi story! I wonder if they are planning on going back to the story they had planned for him (don't want to be specific and risk spoiling it for someone). I hope they do. He and Gabi bore me to tears.

Shut up about Abby's boyfriend, Melanie!! She annoys me. Abby seems annoyed too.
EJ defends Nicole to his daddy. Stefano may not like it, but I do believe EJ is in love with her.

Poor Austin. He has been catching hell from Carrie, Rafe, and now Marlena snubs him. He still has mama Kate on his side. Austin makes the most sense out of everyone else concerning the John situation. What if his mind is still messed up after all he has been through? He could be guilty and not even know it.

Kate, predictably, is HORRIFIED when she finds out Austin is staying with Sami. She warns him, the same way she has warned him for years. And she doesn't shy away from throwing out some insults about her nemesis. Is it the 90's? It's starting to look that way (and that's a good thing)!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More McBains!!

Michael!!! Pregnant Marcie!!! I love these 2! Marcie talks to John about her hurt over losing Tommy/Sam. She wanted to jump on a plane and be with Sam after hearing of Victor's death. NICE! OLTL does NOT forget it's history. I love it!
Brody is sounding a little jealous over Jessica and Ford. I see glimpses of the Brody I grew to love. The Brody that loved Jessica.

Tina is in full-on wedding planning mode. She is not sure about sticking Nigel and Roxy at the same table. I want to be at that table! That would be a riot..LOL!

Rex and Aubrey continue to bond. She cleans up his bloody face and manages a little flirting at the same time. They are pretty cute together. I was never a huge fan of Rex/Gigi. I liked him with Jen and Adrianna. Aubrey seems likable with him. They are in party planning mode too. Tequila floats and naked twister....too funny!

Cutter is going crazy looking for Gigi. He figures out she went to Llanfair and heads her way.

Stacy/Gigi is lurking around Llanfair. Tina answers the door and come's face-to-face with her. She heads over to her grave before Jessica can come to the door.

Rama scares the bajeezus out of Vimal when she sneaks up and interrupts his conversation with Victor's headstone. Rama tracked him down because he "checked-in" to the cemetery on his MyFace page. BTW...Madame Delphina "Likes" that post. ROFL!! OLTL never disappoints on the funny =)

Marlena corners Brady and forces him to have a sit-down about his attitude towards John. The step-mama wants a father/son reunion. She wants answers from Brady. "My daddy tells me when I am doing something wrong." "My daddy tries to tell me how to live my life." "My daddy doesn't help me." Blah Blah Blah! Brady is sounding like a cry-baby right now. Either he's a spoiled brat or there is a bigger reason why he won't speak to his father.

Belle mention! Apparently she is in touch with her parents daily. She would drop everything to be there for John during this crisis, but daddy insists that she not come home. He doesn't want her to become a target.

Here come the mysterious phone calls. Madison gets a call and warns the person on the other end NOT to come to Salem. She doesn't want her plans ruined. Who might that be?
Maggie finds out what happened to her eggs. But the clinic won't release the name of the woman that had her baby. The mystery woman claimed that those were her own eggs.

Rafe is still furious about the Sami/Austin accidental naked fall he walked in on. As he is raking them over the coals, Carrie calls his phone. OOPS! Their spouses don't look happy. Carrie is not happy to hear about Austin's living arrangements. She is annoyed with her sister. Hang on!! Here we go!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Darnell Williams signs with All My Children

Daytime Confidential is reporting that Darnell Williams (Jesse) has signed with Prospect Park. This is great news for All My Children fans. Or is it? Jesse without Angie will take some getting used to. Maybe the writers can put Angie in a coma (recovering from a bullet wound??) and leave the door open for a possible Debbi Morgan return.

Nobody Likes a Sore Loser, Nora!

Todd confesses to murdering his psycho mama. Now Blair's current squeeze is free! Nora is a little too giddy for my taste. She is practically salivating at the thought of locking up Todd for something. Once again, Tea mops the floor with Nora. Nora looks like a psycho in court and must eat crow. Does she ever win when she is up against Tea?

Clint and Viki are on today =) I love these two! He calls Viki a drill She doesn't take any of his crap. She calls him out on everything. OMG!! She tells Clint that he is back to being the man she fell in love with. SWOON!
Cutter immediately starts dangling Gigi over Rex's head. Rex doesn't respond well. They both beat the hell out of each other until Uncle Bo shows up.

Gigi/Stacy googles herself and finds that both Morasco sisters are supposed to be dead. I do believe Gigi was a brunette when she "died." This woman has bleach blonde hair. Either that proves that she is Stacy or Kimmie bleached Gigi's hair while she was in a coma (which is entirely possible if we know Kim).

Nora: "I miss Dorian Lord as mayor." LOVE IT!! Finally something Nora and I can agree on! We want Dorian! Hear that Prospect Park??

Sports betting talk between Sonny and Chad. I love these 2 characters. They are rich in family history. But I prefer not to see another teen gambling story. Didn't we already see that with Phillip?

Austin staying with Sami and Rafe....interesting. How long before someone is caught in a compromising position with another? That was quick! Before the episode is over, Sami walks in on a naked Austin. It is of course followed by stumbling on to the couch together..LOL. Rafe is NOT happy to walk in on that scene. Carrie won't be happy either. This could be good!
The siblings Dimera call a truce for a minute and have a nice talk. As much as I like the bonding and laughing between Lexi and EJ, I can't help but feel it is all calculated on EJ's part. Is he setting up a photo op? Working on his image? Maybe I'm being too suspicious. Either way, the "truce" doesn't last long. The brother and sister start throwing out accusations and arguing. Baby bro, Chad overhears and jumps in with his two-cents and accusations of his own. EJ has his hands all in Chad's sports website business. I just know it!

Abe is trying to recruit Jennifer to do his campaign PR. We clearly have good vs bad. Abe, Lexi, Jennifer, Marlena, and John on one side of the mayoral race. EJ, Nicole, Stefano, and Kate on the other side. Am I bad if I'm rooting against the "good" side? Oh well....Team Evil it is! LOL!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Make Starr a Star

Austin, I mean Porn Guy shows up to chat with Starr. He is wearing a t-shirt with Jack's headline from the Sun. LOL! His advice to Starr: Get rid of the boyfriend and the kid. Austin Peck is awesome! He plays sleaze ball so well. He wants to create the image of "Bad Ass Starr."

Cutter sure is desperate for that Buchanan money. He is talking up a storm, to himself, about his plan to use Stacy/Gigi as a pawn. He takes about 2.5 seconds to fly to Llanview and go straight to Buchanan Enterprises.
Aubrey and Rex are kinda cute. I guess I shouldn't let myself like them, because I'm sure the story will end with a Gigi/Rex reunion. Aubrey and Rex are having a Halloween engagement party for Nat and Brody. I'm sure it will have lots of drama!

Blair tries to convince Todd to confess to killing Irene. She is fighting for her man, Tomas. Too bad her man wants to take the fall to punish himself for his past crimes. 20 years?? Tomas is sentenced to 20 years in Statesville.

NO!!! Not fake Irene again! She needs to just be gone already. Quit messing with our Todd!

Todd decides to ignore his ghostly mama. He bursts through the courtroom doors and confesses to killing Irene.

I DO NOT CARE ABOUT MELANIE! ahh...ok I got that out. Maggie is tearing up and insists on telling Melanie about her lost child. She feels like she is lying by not telling her. Puhhleeze! Who cares if Melanie knows or not. Why doesn't Maggie worry about her really family first. I just feel like Mel is being shoved down our throats.

Jack rents out the Brady Pub so he and Jennifer can decorate cookies alone on their first date. Sounds kinda lame but it was cute =) They are for kids in the hospital who can't trick-or-treat.

Are we headed back to this? I hope so!
Rafe and Austin are not friends! R is accusing A of getting him fired. Austin and Sami don't like the fact that Rafe is a little too concerned about Carrie's feelings. Sami does not make her hubby happy when she sides with Austin. Rafe, "he put his job over everything else.." Sami, "At least he still has one!" I like Sami and Rafe, but this is a soap. They need something to shake things up. Sami's history with Austin and Carrie is just the thing to do that.

John and Marlena love scene! Deidre and Drake sure know how to make those love scenes sound real. Jeeze!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lucci to Army Wives

Looks like Susan Lucci found a primetime gig. is reporting that she has signed on for several episodes of Army Wives. She will be working with ex-AMC cast mate Kim Delaney.

What this means for the future of Erica Kane on AMC....I'm not sure. Several daytime stars have juggled more than one gig.

We shall see...

Take Your Document and Shove It!

Today's show was interrupted for a while with the news break. I hope I didn't miss much

Viki and Clint! Their opening conversation was hilarious =) Sexual Cutter offers him a deal now that he is holding the forged document with Rex handing over the Buchanan fortune. Love my Clint! He said even if it is a forgery, he thinks it will hold up in court. To please Viki he talks to Rex and surprisingly, Rex gives it all back. Clint turns into a softy and acknowledges his son and grandson. Tears from Viki (and a little mist from me). Clint and Viki!! Clint and Viki!! Clint and Viki!!
Cutter's plan to deal with Clint is a fail! On to plan B!

Nora is gunning for Todd. She wants his butt in jail in order to drop the charges on Starr. I love when Tea goes head-to-head with Nora. Probably because Tea usually wipes the floor with her. Father and Daughter get released and will be "picking up trash together." What a way to bond...hehehe.
Non-Dorian Mayor fires Bo. Bo snaps back and reminds her that his approval ratings are higher than hers. You tell it Bo!! She backs off and lets him keep his job. Is that flirting I hear between them? I want Dorian! They need her back for PP.

Tomas loves Blair. Of course he does =) They gotta get this pairing going since they are both coming to PP.

Ugh Oh! Looks like Sami doubts John's innocence. So Rafe and Carrie have no doubt that he is innocent. Austin and Sami doubt him. Hmmm....are we gonna see things mixed up between the four? Austin is already furious that Rafe and Carrie are working together and talking a lot. He goes straight to Sami, Mrs. Insecure, and lets her know about R and C. The two find common ground in the way they see the John situation.
Roman lays down the law with Rafe. Play by the book and stop giving info on John's case to Carrie! Rafe is fired and blames Austin. Punches are thrown!! I bet Mrs. Sami defends her old flame over her hubby. We shall see...

Jack and Jen have their 1st date. Abby is not happy. Jen basically tells Abby to get over it and deal with her issues. Jen has a life she needs to focus on. Again....where the heck is JJ? Ok, Abby is becoming a little too bratty for my taste. She said she wishes her dad was still locked up in Afghanistan? Ungrateful girl!

Abby better focus more on her man than on her parents. Looks like Melanie might steal your man! Chad shopping for costumes with Melanie and her dad....yup, we are headed towards a love triangle with Abby. Right on cue....Abigail shows up and can see what we all see.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bo!! Your old loves keep coming back!

There is a new return coming soon. Check out the newest addition on my Comings and Goings page.

Go Fish

Damn you Natalie! You interrupted what was almost a Cord/Tina kiss! Jared mention =) I miss him. Nat rips Tina for leaving her and Jared locked in the room Tess put them in. Tina extends an olive branch and offers to be Nat's maid of honor...HAHA! Natalie agrees. This should be entertaining ;-)

Come on Jessica. You are smarter than Ford! YOU should be the one figuring out that Brody already knows about Liam.

Brody threatens Vimal and reminds him of the lives he took during the war. I am really starting to hate Brody. He used to be one of my favorite guys. I'm more and more convinced that he is the killer.

Jack thinks he can run the Sun? How Blair looks like she wants to strangle the kid. OK...Jack kinda looked like a decent actor in that scene where Blair is holding him. Kinda. I will point out that the 2 times I found AT actually doing a great job, he was in a scene with Kassie DePaiva. Maybe she is making him look good. Hopefully his acting coach is telling him to watch her!
I must admit that I love seeing the old headlines from the Sun. I am known to rewind now and then to read all the funny lines =)

Since when do they let someone in jail play cards with a visitor?

Nora brings up the Marty Saybrook trial to Todd. Love this scene! She says she started to feel sorry for "Todd Manning." But that was really Victor. Todd is still the same guy who terrorized Nora and raped Marty. History! History! A show can never go wrong with good use of history!

Todd and Starr are finally cellmates.

ABC--Are you seriously still wasting money on tons of ads for the Spew? Give it up!

Jennifer decides to date both Jack and Daniel. Jack doesn't seem to like the idea, but he is going along with it. She makes it clear that sex is out of the question with both men for now!

EJ does a live broadcast vowing to get justice for the citizens against John. He and Nicole are practically drooling over polling numbers. How long before they are drooling over each other? The Millionaire Matchmaker leaves a message with Nic that she found a match for EJ. Of course she fails to pass along the message.

After a brick is thrown, John does a live broadcast of his own.
Maggie is hitting road blocks in trying to find her missing child. Victor makes a call after she leaves. He is connected to the company that was supposed to have her eggs. He is trying to make sure his name never gets connected with them. NO NO!! I hope he didn't do anything back in his "bad" days that caused this. I want Vic to be the hero and find Maggie's child.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm Ford, I'm Cord

Aubrey is chatting with Rex. She apologizes for turning him in to Bo. Is this a chem test? Possibly trying for a Cutter/Aubrey/Rex/Stacy(or Gigi) love story? Knowing about Gigi will be good leverage for Cutter against Rex.
Stacy/Gigi woke up and she doesn't know who she is. Welcome to the club honey! None of us know who you are..LOL. My money is on Gigi.

Todd is hesitant to turn himself in, because he thinks Nora would set him up for murder. The bad blood between them has lasted forever! Todd looks remorseful for killing Victor, because Tea believes in his innocence. She finally convinces him to turn himself in.

Johnny Boy is really going after Brody. He asks for his other guns to get tested. Brody goes after John claiming he is jealous because he isn't Liam's father and he isn't marrying Natalie. Oh No! Your are really ticking me off Brody! He just made a HUGE mistake. Now John will not stop until he finds out what he is hiding.  I really think Brody is the killer. At least I hope he is. I want him to suffer for keeping John from Liam. I wanted John to punch the CRAP out of Brody today!

Oh....and SHUT THE HECK UP, Natalie! She goes up to John and tells him Brody was right about all of it. Please! You are so dumb and naive.

Who are you? I'm Ford. I'm Cord. LOL! It's the little things that make me laugh =) Big bro is warning Ford not to hurt Jess again. Tina and Cord see some love sparks between Ford and Jess. I must admit, they look kinda cute together with Ryder. Maybe I wouldn't totally hate a Ford/Jess pairing. I'm sure they will get together whether I like them or not.

Tina volunteers to babysit Ryder. She tells Cord that she is better when he is around. They look cute with a baby. Reminds me of the old Cord and Tina.

Sonny is being bashed on his website for being gay. I love this character. He has lots of family ties, therefore great story potential. He's a Kiriakis & Johnson. That ties him to the Black, Deveraux, and Horton families. History History History! I love that!
Will and Chad are growing on my, but I still can't stand Gabi. She is boring.

Madison is being too nice to Sami. I'm beginning to think she didn't hire her by accident. She wants Sami to head an entire project launch. Ok, Sami?? She has zero experience. I'm suspicious.

John is looking more and more guilty. The photographic evidence is NOT a fake. Austin is convinced of his guilt. Rafe thinks it is too easy. Must be a set up.

Mr Black is furious that Marlena went to see Stefano. Carrie shows up with good news. They found one person that might confirm his alibi.

Monday, October 17, 2011

OLTL-Look who is coming home!

Check out my Comings and Goings tab at the top of my blog. One of my favorite Llanview ladies is coming home!! I didn't want to post it on here because I know some of you prefer to not know any spoilers or returns. The full story is on Soap Central.

I'm so excited! Any of you love her as much as I do???


Kimmie is going to jail. But not without a fight. Rama rips out Kim's hair extensions...LOL! Cutter is such a jerk. Kim begs him to take care of Stacy.

Dani gives Nate, the porn star, another chance. Young dumb love...

Roxy FLIPS when she finds out about Brody and Natalie's engagement. Roxy is awesome! She wants her "Natty" with "Johnny McBain!" She even spells it out for Rex...L-U-V! Rox calls Natty a moron and a dimwit....ROFL!.
Did I hear John correctly? Did he tell Shaun "I hate that kid" about Jack? LOL! Jack was always a butt-head towards John. He decides he wants to have every police officer's gun tested. But our smart cop really wants to nail Brody. Brody was too quick to give John his gun. Something is up with that. I'm more convinced now that he is the killer. The test was probably fixed by Natalie.

Tea wants to hear Victor's voice on the evidence tape. No Tea! I wouldn't want to hear my husband getting killed. I felt like falling to the floor with Tea when she played it. I want TSJ back!!

Ok, the whole Irene ghost thing...I'm OVER it! Roger Howarth rocks, but I want to see him with other characters I care about. I don't believe for a second that he killed his brother. I will be seriously PISSED if they make this "memory" accurate! UNLESS they put him on death row, then bring back TSJ at the 11th hour. Saving him the way TSJ's Todd was saved from death row years ago. I will accept just about anything to have RH and TSJ on the show together ;-)

Marlena barges into the Dimera mansion. Feels like the old Days watching these two trade insults. It was only a matter of time before someone confronted Stefano and accused him of setting up John. She plays to Stefano's softer side and asks him to drop this for her.

Jack overhears Jen say that she still loves him. But she loves Daniel too. Be patient Jack, she will come back. Daniel offers to step aside so Jen can be with Jack. She begs him not to leave her. I love Jack! He sarcastically suggest they just move to Utah and live together. ROFL!!
We finally get an Austin/Carrie love scene =) They decide to stop being lawyers for a while and just be plain ol' Austin and Carrie.

Maggie and Victor are super cute. They are like teenagers in love =)

Bo and Hope rush over to the Kiriakis mansion to give Maggie the letter they found from Alice. Ooohhh....Maggie has another child! She had her eggs frozen back when she and Mickey were first trying to have a child. PLEASE don't make Melanie be that child. Also, PLEASE don't make it be Carly (making Maggie Mel's grandma). Since Crystal Chappell is off the show hopefully that isn't an option.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday's Soapy Suggestions

  • More Todd and Viki
  • Wake up Matthew!
  • Give John his baby!
  • Sign more actors to the PP deal! We need Bo, Clint, Todd, Dorian, David, Tina, Jess, Victor......

  • Show us Sami's jealous, bratty side
  • Give Kate some employees that will help her battle Madison/Brady/Sami
  • Make EJ mayor of Salem!

  • Quit firing actors and actresses we love
  • Quit bringing on new characters we don't care about
  • Use your history!!
  • Listen to your fans
  • STOP TRYING TO GET THIS SHOW CANCELLED!!! It is unwatchable right now!

What are some of your suggestion?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Your Ugly Duckling Sister

Little Miss Dani is softening up towards Nate.

Blair wants to know why Shane hasn't been charged with threatening Jack with a gun. Good question. Bo, you have to do your job! Good cop Bo convinces Blair that it is a bad idea to push the issue.

Rex is doing his daddy duties and having a much needed talk with Shane. Shane thought Rex killed Victor.  They have a father/son bonding moment.

Rama shows up at the Spotted Pony. Looks like Cutter and Kim accidentally murdered someone in the strip club years ago. Rama kept the photographic evidence all these years. She is here to settle the score! Cutter is so sleazy. I'm sure he will throw his sister under the bus soon. That would give Rama her revenge agains Kim and then Cutter will have the Buchanan fortune (so he THINKS). Poor Kimmie =(

Kim is painting Stacy's toes. Would she recognize if Stacy's toes were different? I'm sure Rex would recognize that if she ever would have taken over Gigi's life. When you get plastic surgery to look like your sister, you should probably make sure EVERY part of your body matches hers...LOL.

Stacy opens her eyes!! Although I am even more convinced that she is actually Gigi. Looks like she might get her happy ending with Rex and Shane after all.

Friday's episode was Blah. Not bad but great compared to some other soaps. OLTL just WOW'D me most of the week so I guess they had to have a "filler" episode.

Soap Couple Saturday

OLTL's Cord and Tina

Friday, October 14, 2011

I Can't Hear, ABC!!!

Sorry everyone. My OLTL post will have to wait until sometime tomorrow. For some reason our local ABC channel decided we could watch our soaps without sound! I am not too happy about it. I wonder if the sound worked during the Chew? Excuse my suspicion but I look at everything they do to our soaps as a conspiracy now...LOL. I will set my DVR for OLTL on SoapNet. It's Friday night in South Texas so that means my soaps have to take a back seat to football ;-) Check back tomorrow!

There is actual photographic evidence of John's guilt! Please don't tell me it's another brainwashing story. I will reserve judgement for now.

Bo and Hope are letting Maggie and Jen in on the Alice mystery. H and B later find an e-mail tying Maggie into the mystery. There was something Alice needed to give Maggie that might upset her, but she never got it.
Daniel confiding in Victor about his love troubles. Vic calls Jack a Jack-ass and said that Jennifer loves him for it. So true. Vic is giving his Godson some advice about women. Then offers to have Jack sent to Siberia. HA!HA! I love Victor! John Aniston rocks! He tries to force Maggie to make Jen choose Daniel. “He's my Godson! He should win!” LOVE it!

Oooohhhh....Jen tells Daniel she still love Jack!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Guess Potty Training Didn't Take


Vimal and Shawn are talking about Victor's murder. I am ready for Vimal to rat out Brody! I really hate Brody and Natalie together. This pairing makes me dislike the individuals. 

Aubrey is spilling what she knows about Kimmie to Rama. Rama is determined to punish Kim for stealing her money. Funny that Aubrey decides to be on the straight and narrow all of the sudden. Now she is spilling everything.

Jessica gets a visit from John but still doesn't tell him about Liam. frustrating! I was waiting for Ryder to get a "Look who's talking voice"...LOL!

Cutter is asking the right questions. How do you know that Stacy didn't already take Gigi's place? Looks like Stacy showed up in Llanview the day Gigi died. She went to the place Gigi died at. Both were passed out from the Carbon Monoxide. Kim saved the one she believes is Stacy and left the other to die. There ya go folks! I'll bet the farm it was Stacy that died and not Gigi. Luckily I don't have a farm so if I'm wrong, I'm wrong ;-)

Bwahahahah!!! Jack pissed his pants!! OMG! I am dying right now! OLTL, you kill me! Shane calls him “Wizzie.”

JPL is bringing it! Daddy's pain is showing. He knows he dropped the ball with his son since Gigi died. It looks like Shane isn't the killer. Maybe it's Broday after all?

Jack and Jennifer are so good together, even when they aren't "together." He is determined to wait for Jen as long as it takes her to forgive him. These were some nice, emotional scenes between the two of them. I only have one problem. Where is JJ? Did I miss something? It's quite possible I did because I was fast-forwarding this show a few months ago like it was General Hospital. Hehehe!

Madison set up Kate. Stealing that deal was exactly what M wanted her to do. It set up Mad World with an even better business deal. Looks like Miss Madison is ahead now ;-)
Brady clearly has the hots for Madison. It is written all over his face. Looks like the feeling is mutual. She practically drooled when he took of his shirt.

Abe and EJ aren't holding back on their televised interview/debate. Abe to EJ: If you want to lower the crime rate, leave town and take your dad with you. Good one =) EJ points out that Abe's wife is a Dimera. He vows to get justice for all the people who were scammed by John. Abe is put on blast for posting bail. But he does a hell of a job defending himself. Looks like Abe won this round until everyone checks the twitter world. Apparently the citizens are tweeting their fury over Abe standing up for John.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Get Back on the Horse

Aubrey spills all about the gun to Bo. She points to Rex as the gun owner.

Rex, Echo, and Roxy are freaking out over the gun. They realize that Shane could be Victor's killer. Bo stops by to question Rex and they ask for his help regarding Shane. I love Bo!

Shane looks a bit psycho. He confronts and threatens to shoot Jack at Victor's grave. Ok, so again I don't think Jack was horrible today. That's as nice as I'll get for now. Maybe AT is taking notes from co-stars like Kassie DePaiva.

Clint and Viki! I sense a little jealousy over Kimmie. He wants Viki to “get back on the horse” and start dating. He suggests she does online dating..haha! HELLO CLINT!! YOU should start dating Viki.

Kim and Cutter chat in Stacy's room. Cutter asks Kim the $1,000,000 question. How can you be sure this isn't Gigi Morasco? Ding Ding Ding! I think he hit the nail on the head ;-)

Jack is hurt over Abby kicking him out of her life. Jen is trying to make Jack feel better. Hands are held for a moment or two =) They have such great chemistry. Jen makes it clear that they are nothing more than friends and co-parents. If you say so, Jen ;-)

Terri Seymour is on to interview the Mayoral candidates. Before it even starts Abe and EJ are throwing jabs at each other with Lexi and Nicole by their sides. The jabs didn't stop when the interview began. I give this round to EJ. EJ-1 and Abe-0. This should be an entertaining political season in Salem.

Madison and Sami are having fun making fun of Kate's age. Kate has the last laugh when she steals a deal from under them. Looks like Kate-1 and Madison-0! It's only just the beginning =)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Erica Kane and Stacy Morasco?

Aubrey breaks up with Cutter after she finds out he never turned in the gun they found.

Todd speaking in spanish. Too funny! Tea calls Bo to get him to investigate Rex. She tells Todd that Victor was the love of her life. Vic loved her different than Todd did.

OK...I'll say it. The Jack/Blair scene wasn't that bad. In particular, the yelling scene that ended with Blair and Jack tearing up. I actually think AT did a decent job. Maybe they did get him that acting least I hope so.

Rex lets his mommas know that he didn't kill Victor. Shane snags the gun and creeps up behind Jack at Victor's grave.

So Stacy had the surgery before she found Kimmie. Kim wasn't sure if it was Stacy until she offered to strip for the sleazy guy in the club. HA! Stacy went to a plastic surgeon in South America and saw THE Erica Kane there...LMAO!! Love those soapy references. In walks Cutter into Stacy's hospital room. Bring on the blackmail!

 Jack thinks Daniel can't be trusted because he has a tan in October and that is not Justin and Adrian inadvertently spill that Abby is dating a Dimera. There goes Jack walking in on a sexy back rub between Abby and Chad. Daddy forbids his girl to see Chad. We will see how long that lasts ;-)

Victor and Maggie are super cute =) He helps with the wedding plans. However, Melanie is ruining the scenes for me.

Marlena is not having any of this divorce business. She vows to stand by her man!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Cute and Southern


Starr and Tomas are still in co-ed jail. Jack is so mean to Starr. He smiled when that guard called her a bitch. BTW-It was clever the 1st time Jack referred to Todd as Scarface. Maybe even funny the 2nd time. But now it's just annoying and dumb. The Jack monologues were not pretty.

Delphina is such a fun character.   

Tea interrupts an almost kiss between Todd and Blair. The women immediately teamed up and gave Todd hell. But that didn't stop him from bringing the funny. Todd to Tea: "You didn't look so good when she pushed you out of a window." Tea: "Neither did she." HA! OLTL knows their history and reminds us on a daily basis.  Todd makes fun of Blair, because her Southern accent comes out when she is mad at him...LOL.

OK, so now I'm back on the TnT bandwagon. Yes! I am totally inconsistent and a sucker for a few good scenes. I told you here that I would probably jump from side to side SEVERAL times..LOL. Oh well. That just means it's a good story. I love (and prefer) Tea with Victor. However, I fell in love with TnT years ago when they first got together. If she can't be with TSJ then I will settle for RH. That is until next week when I want Todd with Blair again...hehehe.

Roxy and Echo fool Kimmie into thinking Rex gave back all the Buchanan fortune to Clint. Kimmie goes back to the hospital to be with Stacy. AHHHHHH!!!! Stacy has a different face! She is a dead ringer for Gigi! 

"Gigi" on her death bed.
So what do you all think? Is it really Stacy with a facelift? Did Stacy get plastic surgery and jump in to Gigi's place at some point? Is the dead Gigi actually a dead Stacy and the real Gigi is with Kim?

Jack and Daniel fight over Jennifer. She kicks them both out. I love that she is such a strong woman!

Austin and Carrie get heated over the John situation. Sami, Rafe, Marlena, and John are witness to it. The sisters are still getting along, but I see Sami's jealousy towards Carrie peeking through. Maybe we will get some Old Sami soon! I hope =)

John tells Marlena he wants a Divorce. No! No! Sorry John Black. But Marlena (and soap fans) will NOT let that happen!

Dirty Soap--Wearing White

Nadia's birthday. Don't act like a spoiled brat! I would LOVE to get an iPad for my birthday. Appreciate what you get. It could've been nothing. Nadia redeemed herself (in my eyes) when she suggested the right outfit would make her a better golfer...LOL! You know me, I enjoy the funny =)

Galen and Jenna were boring again. But good for them for being boring and having a somewhat stable relationship. They bicker about being professional bickerers. HA!

Farrah and Kirsten are on my last nerve. They are both annoying. I call crap on them saying they don't know what happened. They know! I wish they would just tell us. One minute I am on Kirsten's side, the next I am on Farrah's. By the end of the episode, I don't care.

I love the on-set scenes. I could watch a whole series like this. Fun to see Steve Burton and Kelly acting goofy between scenes.

When I started watching this show I wasn't the biggest Kelly Monaco fan. Now, I am really enjoying watching her. She seems like a really genuine person. And damn that girl is flexible...hehehe!

Kelly (about the Sam wedding dress): I'm surprised they went with white, considering her past...LMAO!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday's Soapy Suggestions

  • Keep showing us the FUNNY! It's nice to have some laughs in the middle of so much drama.
  • Sign Princess David Vickers NOW! She is a big star in the making. Just look at her twitter following ;-)
  • Help Jack. Please help Jack.
  • Hurry up and give John his baby.
  • Stop writing Natalie as an annoying slut. Make us love her again like we did when she and John first got together.
  • Keep Viki in the middle of all the action. 
  • The more Buchanan's in the room, the better. (same can be said for the Manning/Cramer families)

  • Make this Alice Horton mystery a good one. Don't ruin her legacy.
  • Madison/Kate/Sami....more please!
  • Bring back Eric. Hire someone who can act and play him in scenes with Marlena, Sami, Carrie, Nicole.
  • Get rid of Gabi.
  • Give Will a good story.
  • Quit trying to make Melanie the next Maggie Horton. She is NOT! Focus on Abby. She actually IS a Horton.

  • Bring some Quartermaine's back from the dead. In this order: AJ, Jake, Emily, Alan, Justice
  • Give Sam a life of her own.
  • Make Michael shut the hell up!
  • Only have Michael/Sonny/Carly on our screens once a week, at most.
  • Have the mob actually pay for some of their crimes.
  • Let the police solve a few crimes and stop painting them as the bad guys.
  • Get back to the Hospital drama.
  • Admit your mistake and hire Lexi Ainsworth back.
  • Finish the story lines that you start.
  • STOP TRYING TO GET THIS SHOW CANCELLED!!! It is unwatchable right now!

What are some of your suggestion?

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Voice of Princess David Vickers

Jack prints a story about "Scarface" killing Irene. I won't even go there today. I will leave the kid alone.

Tina and Cord interrupted by Clint. Clint to Cord, "Just tell me you're not sleeping with her!" Cord compares the bond he has with Tina to the bond between Clint and Viki.

Finally someone told Viki about Todd being shot. Viki tells Tina she should try being a mother sometime. Points out that someone is ALWAYS blackmailing Tina. Good one Viki! Tina asks why her brothers get a free pass from Viki, but she doesn't. Good one Tina!

Todd wakes up. Todd and Blair flashbacks =) Some people hate them, but I LOVE flashbacks!

Ford hears about David Vickers the dog. "Is that a new breed?"

Princess David Vickers and Liam are talking, a la Look Who's Talking. OLTL has the greatest sense of humor!

"Good afternoon chubby cheeks." "Back at ya, flea bag." ROFL!!

Today's blog could be filled with this conversation. Too cute for words! PDV calls herself a bitch. "That's what my mom keeps calling my aunt!" OMG!! I can't get enough of this! He tells Liam that his dad is John. And the best part...we find out that PDV has a HUGE twitter following. Bwaahahahahaha!

Happy ending. PDV comes back to his mommy.

Brother-in-law bonding between Austin and Rafe.

Apparently, Sami and Madison were bf's in elementary school. Madison falls and Brady catches her. Eyes meet, flirting ensues....told you I sensed a chem test ;-)

John thinks Stefano is setting him up. Wouldn't surprise me. Aren't the Dimeras responsible for everything bad in Salem? Carrie gets John released on bail. Bail paid for by Abe and friends. EJ is going to have a field day with that info now that he is Abe's mayoral opponent. What do ya know? I spoke to soon. John is served with a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of the plaintiffs by EJ Dimera!

EJ and Nicole talking campaign strategy. She questions his "business" dinner. "With champagne?" "Of course with champagne. We are civilized, darling." LOVE IT!!

Vintage OLTL--Asa IM-ing?

I just saw last night's SoapNet OLTL.

I saw some characters that I miss. Nash, Antonio, and Baby Bree are on my screen. Looks like Nash had a drunken night (and a kiss with Miss Jessica).

David is running around in his underwear and a ruffle apron...LOL.

Natalie is mourning John. THIS was the time when I really liked "Jolie." Marcy and Michael ask Nat to be Tommy's (aka Sam's) godmother. They head over to Rex's to ask him to be godfather. Nathaniel Marston is Michael (there was also an Al mention).

ASA! ASA! ASA!!!! He is learning how to use his computer. Jess wants him to start IM-ing her...LOL. Asa tells Jess she is a sight for sore eyes. UMMM....No Mr. Buchanan!! YOU are a sight for sore eyes ;-) Multiple personality talk. Asa fires Nigel (again...LOL) for spilling that he has a secret. David comes to the mansion asking Asa if he is his father. That's your Gramps, David!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

What did your Quack Aunt say?

Tea is sleeping and hears a noise. "Victor, is that you?" She knew Victor as Todd up until a few weeks before his murder. Wouldn't she say in her sleep "TODD, is that you?" Maybe I'm wrong....I've never been told that my husband's name wasn't his name. So what do I know?

Ford brothers, you are boring me.

Tomas and Starr chit-chatting in jail. Co-ed jail. Interesting. Tea comes in and gives Starr the 4-1-1 on her daddy.

Tina is looking everywhere for Little David Vickers. Heart-to-heart with Tea.

Todd admits to Blair that he off'd Irene. More classic lines from the wounded. "What did you use to take the bullet out of me? A pair of salad tongs?" He asks Blair if she's crying because he's going to die or because he's going to live.

Cord!! I've missed you! Catching up with Jessica. They talk about Tina, Brody, Natalie. In comes Tina looking for her dog. She said this is the WORST thing that has ever happened to her. Cord, understandably FLIPS HIS LID! What about when your daughter was missing and presumed dead?

YAY!! Vintage Tina going over the falls. I love flashbacks =) Ooohhh, Marcia Cross wedding to Cord! I am giddy with excitement!

John/Marlena, Bo/Hope, Austin/Carrie, Abe/Lexie, Ej/Nicole. Today was filled with vets and characters Days fans love. Original actors, no recasts. Finally TPTB listened to what the fans were aching for. Vets, super couples, good stories, less newbies, less characters we don't care about, and less teens. All soap heads should adhere to that. Maybe the soap genre wouldn't be in trouble if they all had. An unwatchable Days has finally become a can't miss soap. LISTEN UP GENERAL HOSPITAL!

Carrie and Austin talking about their careers, love, and having kids. Both vowing not to let the John situation get between them. Might be hard since it looks like Austin is not 100% sure of his step-father-in-law's innocence. He just reminded us that Carrie's in-laws are Kate and Stefano Dimera. Good luck with that one honey ;-)

John is getting attacked by the citizens of Salem. His legal team quits the case. Carrie to the rescue! Where is Brady? I sense a bigger problem between father and son.

Looks like we are getting an Alice Horton mystery for Bo and Hope. I hope whatever they find doesn't chip away at the legacy the Horton matriarch left behind.

I adore Abe Carver but I am all for Mayor EJ Dimera! A Dimera running a town full of Bradys and Hortons? The story possibilities are endless. Throwing Nicole in the mix as his publicist is icing on the cake. This will definitely mean a lot of drama between Lexi and her brother. Some of it already started today.

Vintage OLTL--You Look Young and Full of Life

The Quote in the title of this entry is courtesy of Mr. Vickers to Miss Starr Manning.

Soapnet is airing old OLTL episodes at 3am. I finally remembered to set my DVR and I was excited to spend my morning with the One Life of Old (not too old).

David and Dorian going at it on the kitchen counter. They are covered in flour...hehehe. Kelly (Heather Tom) walks in and catches them in the middle of their passionate "baking." They claim to have been rehearsing a movie scene. David is playing Jack Nicholson and Dorian is the apple strudel...LMAO! David realizes Dorian is using him to get Clint and Adriana back. This was after the whole hiring a stalker to break up Adriana and Rex. Oh Dorian...I miss you so much.

Starr meets Cole! He is rescuing her from some mean girls spilling beer on her. Starr says her family prefers she be a slut than a drunk, just ask her mom. OUCH!! Cut to slutty Blair trying to get Todd back with her body.

Todd (eh...Victor Jr) admits he loves Blair. He is still angry at her over the Spencer Truman stuff. I will call him Todd for this post because that's who they all think he is (and much as I love RH, I miss TSJ).

EVANGELINE!! Oh how I've missed her =( She is with Cristian (who is a boxer at the moment). He is beating the crap out of some guy who knew about a fight set up by Vincent (Layla's bf). THIS is why I never could accept a Layla/Cris romance. I liked Vangie with Cris. However I totally loved her with Todd. In case you haven't noticed, I love all things Todd. RH or TSJ, it doesn't matter. Love them both.

As I'm typing my love for the Todds, he walks in to Roadies and sits with Evangeline =) YAY! I really think OLTL missed the boat with this couple. Actually, they missed the boat by killing off Vangie and TSJ's character. Who knows. Maybe they are alive somewhere in Soap heaven. The place where they can hang for a few years and be resurrected when the time is right.

Rex and Adriana going at it. Layla and Vincent walk in on them. Rex always seemed happier and more fun with Adriana. Kinda a snooze-fest with Gigi. In comes fighter Cristian. Looks like Todd knew about the Cris set up too (don't remember if anyone ever figured that out). Cris confronts Vincent in front of Layla. SLAP! Looks like the end of Layla/Vincent.

As I'm enjoying my trip down OLTL lane, the moment gets ruined by the Stupid Chew!! UGH!!! Can't they go away?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Don't Bury Me Yet!

Can little Sam be any cuter? I love his relationship with John. It makes me miss the John/Blair pairing. I liked him as step-dad to the Manning kids. John needs Sam's deputy help to find the "man with the line on his face." The adorableness was interrupted by Jack. Sam reluctantly leaves, telling Jack "I'm on duty!"

This kid is getting on my nerves. I'm talking about Jack, in case you didn't know. James and Starr were boring me to tears (poor Hope has 2 parents in jail). Then James gets on screen with Jack and suddenly James is the more entertaining one in the scene. Ahhh!  I'm starting to feel a little sorry for this guy. Surely he has heard the negative comments about his acting. Oh well, maybe he will get better by the time he gets to PP.

Jessica now feels sorry for Brody. Doesn't want him to flip out like he did when it was revealed that Shane wasn't his son. Don't feel sorry for him Jess! He hasn't cared about your feelings lately. She should feel sorry for John. He needs his son! I wish someone would spill the beans already!

Todd and Blair! This whole blog could be filled with Todd talk. He is hilarious even in the most serious situations. "Are you kidding? Viki's pillows? She's never gonna send you another Christmas card." Blair tells him to take off his shirt so she can tend to his wound and he tells her to take her's off first..LOL! When she rolls him over he asks if she is going to check his temperature.

DORIAN!! Ok, not really, but good enough. How awesome are you when a fake phone call from your character is exciting news =) LOVED the phone call to Dorian. The fighting with Todd via Blair was great! Dorian talks Blair through removing Todd's bullet. Todd asks Blair if she is going to use Viki's melon baller to remove it. Hahaha! He is too much!

So this TnT fan might be jumping ship to TnB. Who knows? I'll probably switch back and forth several times.

Did anyone else think the phone with pretend Dorian has better acting chops that some? Sad =(

No John and Marlena or Carrie and Austin today. Bummer!

Melanie gets on my nerves. I try not to FF her scenes but I can't help it. Same with Gabi. I have zero interest in that character. Will needs a better story.  He is a Brady/Roberts/Horton! This Gabi/Will stuff is not cutting it.

Abby, Jennifer, and Jack together. I need to get used to this Abby with Jack.

Victor/Brady/Kate/Madison YIPPY!!! Victor said "this will be fun!" Boy is he right! Loved Sarah Brown during the banter between the Kiriakis men and Kate. She said "I like it here." I am really liking her. The little smirks that were made while Victor and Kate were airing out some dirty laundry were hilarious. Kate vowed to take Madison down and Madison countered with "bring it on!"

Sami finally lands her job! Guess where?? Mad World Cosmetics of course =) Sarah Brown, Alli Sweeney, and Lauren Koslow clawing each other's eyes out? BRING IT ON!!!

Sarah Brown on Days

Watching yesterday's episode of Days of our Lives. First thing I see is Ms. Sarah Brown!! I was kinda wishing to see a brunette SB. Oh well. Any SB is better than no SB! Bringing her on to work with the Kiriakis family against Kate is brilliant. Sarah Brown and Lauren Koslow going at it will be nothing less than entertaining! Even Victor and Brady smiled at the thought. Sarah's Madison is the head of Mad World Cosmetics. Can't help but think of Franco from GH. Mad World will forever make me laugh ;-) I see a chem test between Madison and Brady Black. 

John and Marlena have hit the ground running. Love having these two front and center. Poor John got beat up in jail. The public is calling him the new Bernie Madoff. He is looking pretty guilty. Do I smell a set up?

EJ is running for Mayor but aims for a National office. Maybe he will end up in Congress with OLTL's Dorian Lord...LOL. That would be a show in itself! Added bonus....Nicole in charge of PR. David Vickers going head-to-head with Nic. YES please =)

The previews for today's episode look great! Kate talking about the Kiriakis men mistaking Madison's cleavage for a business plan. Madison threatening to kick Kate's butt. If you are missing AMC, you need to watch DAYS! The future looks bright!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Spew wants a visit from Erica Kane?

"It's as if I had chopped off Erica Kane's head"


Oh poor poor Mario Batali!  He talks to New York Magazine about The Chew and the wrath of soap fans. He is personally "attacked" by fans calling his show The Spew...LOL! He hints at getting Susan Lucci to pay a visit in order to ease our pain. Mrs. Lucci has more class than that! The show is sinking FAST and I'm sure, all kidding aside, they would LOVE a visit from La Lucci. Daytime fans would lose their minds!
In the end Batali claims to be just a "pawn" in the ABC game. He may not have actually "chopped off Erica Kane's head." But the ratings will chop The Spew right off of ABC daytime!