Monday, October 3, 2011

A Public Service

Bo to the rescue!!! The Mannings escaped death thanks to our Buchanan hero. Where is Jack? Did I miss that on Friday? Last I recall Jack and Doggie Vickers were outside of Victor's house. I've been a little absent-minded lately so I totally could've missed it...LOL. I found it hilarious that Bo asked about the dog, but not Jack.

Natalie and Vicki having a mother/daughter chat today. Listen to your momma, Nat!! Heck, listen to yourself. That dream should be triggering something in you. I must say, it is hard to take her seriously with neck brace Good job Jess!

Jess has Liam's paternity test! I so wanted her to blurt out those results when Brody told her to "grow up." He is totally becoming a jerk! "Natalie! Natalie! Natalie!" That's all you hear out of his mouth. Although, he did sound sweet talking about Ryder today. Nat mentioned Ryder too. Could it be possible that he IS Ryder's dad after all? If that happened, would he be redeemable?

Starr is arrested and Tomas is sent to save Todd. Tomas is growing on me. A Todd/Blair/Tomas triangle would be great!

This new mayor is not cutting it! Her meddling in police business is annoying. We need Dorian!!! Her meddling was entertaining, not annoying. New mayor obviously doesn't know much saying stuff like "At least one member of that family is law-abiding" about Jack. Umm......

Loved this exchange--Blair: This wouldn't be happening if Dorian were here. Tea: Maybe we can get Vicki to run again. Blair: Or maybe one of her alters.

The Todd/Irene exchange on the docks was great. What more can I say except ROGER HOWARTH is AWESOME!!! Killing Irene and calling it a "public service" was amazing! And then we have Tomas coming to his rescue at the end!

I love you OLTL!!

BTW...Must ABC shove The Chew ads down our throats during our show?? Couldn't ignore the ads on the bottom of my screen today. I hate that show!!


My2Cents2 said...

Good article!!

I like this Mayor!! I see one of 2 scenerio's happening. Either she doesn't 'cut it' and Dorian is called back, or this Mayor breaks up Bo & Bora.
I know Bora was recently quoted as saying her & Bo leave together....however, I am not ready to give up Bo!!
I want him to continue on PP!!

Speaking of PP, how can it survive without a Todd present?? No word on if we are getting a Todd for this next chapter of the soap.

David Vickers is at Dorian's or Vicki's mansion running around. I don't think Tina knows that yet. He isn't at Victors.

The WICKED WITCH is dead!!
Of course Tomas is playing nice now, he is going to PP as well!!

mindymoe said...

I want Dorian back so I think I will hate any mayor they put in her place.

I agree about Bo and Nora. I want as many Buchanans and Lords as possible when they make the switch to PP. Bo can make it work with a number of other women. I am checking all the soap sites everyday in hopes of seeing that he or one of the Todds have reached a deal with PP.

Good point about Tomas =)