Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Spew wants a visit from Erica Kane?

"It's as if I had chopped off Erica Kane's head"


Oh poor poor Mario Batali!  He talks to New York Magazine about The Chew and the wrath of soap fans. He is personally "attacked" by fans calling his show The Spew...LOL! He hints at getting Susan Lucci to pay a visit in order to ease our pain. Mrs. Lucci has more class than that! The show is sinking FAST and I'm sure, all kidding aside, they would LOVE a visit from La Lucci. Daytime fans would lose their minds!
In the end Batali claims to be just a "pawn" in the ABC game. He may not have actually "chopped off Erica Kane's head." But the ratings will chop The Spew right off of ABC daytime!

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