Thursday, October 20, 2011

Take Your Document and Shove It!

Today's show was interrupted for a while with the news break. I hope I didn't miss much

Viki and Clint! Their opening conversation was hilarious =) Sexual Cutter offers him a deal now that he is holding the forged document with Rex handing over the Buchanan fortune. Love my Clint! He said even if it is a forgery, he thinks it will hold up in court. To please Viki he talks to Rex and surprisingly, Rex gives it all back. Clint turns into a softy and acknowledges his son and grandson. Tears from Viki (and a little mist from me). Clint and Viki!! Clint and Viki!! Clint and Viki!!
Cutter's plan to deal with Clint is a fail! On to plan B!

Nora is gunning for Todd. She wants his butt in jail in order to drop the charges on Starr. I love when Tea goes head-to-head with Nora. Probably because Tea usually wipes the floor with her. Father and Daughter get released and will be "picking up trash together." What a way to bond...hehehe.
Non-Dorian Mayor fires Bo. Bo snaps back and reminds her that his approval ratings are higher than hers. You tell it Bo!! She backs off and lets him keep his job. Is that flirting I hear between them? I want Dorian! They need her back for PP.

Tomas loves Blair. Of course he does =) They gotta get this pairing going since they are both coming to PP.

Ugh Oh! Looks like Sami doubts John's innocence. So Rafe and Carrie have no doubt that he is innocent. Austin and Sami doubt him. Hmmm....are we gonna see things mixed up between the four? Austin is already furious that Rafe and Carrie are working together and talking a lot. He goes straight to Sami, Mrs. Insecure, and lets her know about R and C. The two find common ground in the way they see the John situation.
Roman lays down the law with Rafe. Play by the book and stop giving info on John's case to Carrie! Rafe is fired and blames Austin. Punches are thrown!! I bet Mrs. Sami defends her old flame over her hubby. We shall see...

Jack and Jen have their 1st date. Abby is not happy. Jen basically tells Abby to get over it and deal with her issues. Jen has a life she needs to focus on. Again....where the heck is JJ? Ok, Abby is becoming a little too bratty for my taste. She said she wishes her dad was still locked up in Afghanistan? Ungrateful girl!

Abby better focus more on her man than on her parents. Looks like Melanie might steal your man! Chad shopping for costumes with Melanie and her dad....yup, we are headed towards a love triangle with Abby. Right on cue....Abigail shows up and can see what we all see.


My2Cents2 said...

I LOVED LOVED (marrying kind of love) Thursday's show.
We not only got Vicki, we got Clint as well!!
Landfair is Clint's new home...when is he going to let Vicki know he wants to reconsile with her, and her alone??
LOVE this couple.

Tears in my eyes when Clint gave the mansion to Rex. Even more touched when Rex accepted!!!!
YES I am LOVING this show!!!

My2Cents2 said...

One more thingy....Todd will confess soon.
Off to jail he goes......
Until he remembers while sitting that he did NOT kill Todd anyone, he was brainwashed!!

Then on to PP? Puhleeeze!!!!!

mindymoe said...

Clint and Viki! My new favorite couple!

My2Cents2 said...

No they are MY favorite couple!!
Always have been. Always will be.

mindymoe said...

HAHA! I'll fight you for it ;-) ROFL!

My2Cents2 said...

They are legends!!!!