Friday, January 13, 2012

One Life To Live--We Will Miss You

I don't even know where to begin with this episode. The finally episode. The episode that just gave me chills, made me bawl my eyes out, and has my heart pounding!!

We begin with Alison Perkins narrating the story. She is in a room reading a script out loud titled "One Life to Live" that she has written. She is not alone in the room. My mind is going CRAZY trying to figure out who it is. She refers to herself as the "genius" Alison Perkins in the script! LMBO!!

Starr arrives in LA. Markko and Langston!! This immediately made me cry. Nice HUGE VickerMan poster! Glad she and Langston talked about Ford's death. RC doesn't miss a beat! She lets Markko and Lang in on the Cole secret. A man shows up at the door with a "bodyguard" for Starr, sent by Todd. It is COLE!! He saw Marty and Patrick, but wanted to return to his family. The fab 4 have a sweet reunion!

Destiny is about to push out that baby. No time for a hospital. Good thing her OB is there. Matthew shows up just in time. His face looked green as soon as they told him Destiny was in labor. There are so many one-liners from these scenes. So many! "You couldn't tell the baby to wait till we get to the hospital?" "I wanna go home and do this later!" Shaun's face when Destiny started pushing!! HILARIOUS!! Before you know it, we have a beautiful baby boy Buchanan. Bo calls David and thanks him for talking to Matthew. He tells him that was the best thing he ever did for the family. Of course David has to bring the funny and asks Bo to have Matthew name the baby David. ROFL! Matthew decides to name the boy after his other brother Drew. Oh! My! Word! The TEARS!!!! Bo, Matthew, Nora!! Matthew's tears are STREAMING as he looks at his son and says "Happy Birthday Drew!" OMG!

Bo goes to get the car. Before leaving he turns around, looks at Nora while fighting back tears, and says in a cracking voice "I love you, Red!" The OLTL theme song plays. OH HELL!! I am crying even more as I type this. Robert Woods is killing me!
Viki and Clint open the DNA test just as Jessica and Natalie walk in. I can see Erika Slezak fighting back tears ALL episode long. Clint tells Jess that he is her bio dad. Immediate tears for Jessica! Immediate tears for me! Especially when she says "Daddy!!" "My kids! They are your grandchildren!" She lovingly tells Natalie, "Finding you was the best thing that has ever happened to me." My heart =)

Brody shows up to say goodbye to Jessica and offer his condolences about Ford. He is moving with some Navy buddies. Says he will always be there for Jess if she needs anything. My guess.....Day 1 with Prospect Park was going to explain Jessica's absence by having her leave Llanview to be with Brody.

Clint drops to one knee and proposes to Viki! The OLTL theme song is appropriately playing. Chills!!!
Tea and John fill in Tomas on the Blair/Todd closeness. He is furious and wants Todd to pay. John quickly gets a warrant to arrest Todd.

Blair and Todd finally hit the sheets. "I Love You's" are exchanged. She is talking over and over about how much she can trust him. Poor Blair. Always a fool for love. As they are basking in the afterglow, John busts in the door and says "Todd Manning, you are under arrest for the murder of Victor Lord, Jr."

The final scene....we see Alison and the person she is speaking to. It is Victor Lord, Jr!!! TREVOR FREAKIN ST. JOHN!!!!!! He is being held captive by Alison!! OMG!!!! I am going INSANE!!!! I am FREAKING OUT!!! I have my Soap Digest right next to me with TSJ on the cover talking about why he didn't return to OLTL. I am so Giddy right now!!! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE tell me that 1 of the other 2 OLTL actors rumored to be moving to General Hospital is TSJ! I am twirling!!!
One Life to Live, Viki, TSJ were all trending on Twitter in the US! OLTL was also trending worldwide!!

I Pity The Fool Who Took This Soap Off The Air!

The View's OLTL was wonderful! Whoopi begins the show with this statement, "I pity the fool who took this soap off the air!" YES! YES! YES!

Robin Strasser comes out dressed like Dorian! Viki/Dorian flashbacks! Nathan Fillion makes a video appearance. Flashbacks with his Joey and Dorian. She says she will sleep with Nathan Fillion for free...HA! RS says working with Erika Slezak was like going in the ring with a black belt champion. They are already in tears and you can tell how much they love each other. Oh, my heart is breaking. RS will miss ES and the clothes the most.

Clint!! Robin is feeling up Jerry VerDorn...HA! He says God must love him for allowing him to work with RS and ES.

Laurence Fishburne talk OLTL! Flashback to his time on the soap as a boy =)

The 1992 meeting of Bo and Nora! Chemistry from the beginning! Sherri is having a heart attack sitting next to "Bo Buchanan!!" Too cute =) Erika Slezak pushed for the show to hire Robert Woods. Hillary B Smith talks about her "woodsies." Cups that covered her boobs when she worked w/Robert. I'm dying over the Bo/Nora Little Richard wedding flashbacks! RW gave HBS a rubber chicken as a gift on the last day of taping...LOL!

I've always loved Max & Blair! They drove Todd and Gabrielle NUTS!! The DePaiva's are so beautiful. Kassie was jealous over the loves scenes James had. She calls herself an "aging slut!" LMBO! Blair/Todd talk! Tina/Max wedding! She says Cord's name. Andrea Evans walks out! I LOVE this!

Judith Light courtroom scene! Classic! Classic! Judith talks about never wanting to do soaps and looking down on the genre before she saw how hard they worked. Who's the Boss talk =)

The hour was perfect...until the end when we were subjected to the voice over ad for the Revolution. Very Classy ABC, very classy!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fraternity Row--A Fond Farewell

John and Natalie "afterglow." John says they took so long to get together, because they are idiots...HA! Natalie gets up and gets Liam ready to go watch Fraternity Row at Llanfair. John asks her when she will be "home." YAY! They are finally really together =)

DAVID!!! He's broken-hearted over "Boy with Chipmunk Tattoo" failure. Judith Light snubbed him at the Fraternity Row wrap party! Someone also hacked his Wikipedia

Finally Bo and Nora are putting their foot down and demanding that Matthew step up and take care of his child! YES!! But the only one to get through to him is big brother David. "Buchanan or not, I don't want to be around you."

Rex, Gigi, and Shane are moving in to the Buchanan London compound. Gigi is already jealous that Kelly will be there. Can hair/makeup please cut Shane's hair? It is annoying the crap out of me! Clint and Rex have a father/son hug. :tears: Rex and Natalie's could see the sadness in both. Then the goodbye with Bo....ugh!

Starr is moving to Los Angeles. I'm so upset that they killed Robert Ford and not Cole now! Why keep Cole alive if there is no SOLE reunion? Anyway....enough of my Little Sam hears the news and asks Starr if she still loves them. Awwww...that kid is too cute for words! Typical Todd (who I love) won't let her go without a fight. He finally gives in and they all say their goodbyes.

The scene with Todd/Blair/Starr hugging....OMG! Everyone leaves and Todd stays behind with Blair. RH is crying. I mean REALLY crying. Blair said that is what she has been waiting for. "You've been waiting for me to have boogers?" LOL!
Destiny and Shaun join Roxy and Nigel for the final episode of Fraternity Row. The rest of the Evans family shows up. We find out that Schuyler Joplin and Greg Evans were heroes in the Statesville prison break. Roxy is glad to hear about her son. Shaun and Vivian make up and kiss =)

Agnes "Dixon" is on The Blanca Morales show at the Fraternity Row creator. I am in tears =( OMG! That woman is a genius. My heart breaks for her.

Blanca does a Viki interview about Megan. She is summing up FR and in turn summing up OLTL! They show our beloved characters as she discusses the soap world. "The audience may be upset when a favorite actors leaves, but they are always willing to welcome a new one (even when that new cast member is quite different from the one being replaced)" shows Blair. ROFL. Viki talks about the love for soaps being passed down my grandparents. "Tune in Tomorrow!" OMG....I'm hysterical right now (like Roxy).

Clint says the idiot Fraternity Row writers will probably end the show with a stupid DNA he waits for Jessica's test. HA! OLTL music paling over Clint's loving speech to Jess and Nat. Both girls are obviously fighting back tears. Me...not so much. I'm a basket case.

The shocking ending on Fraternity Row....Lorraine is a man! HAHA! Little Sam "What's a sex change?" =)

Agent Baker is taking a break from hold in Tomas hostage to watch FR. He is so distracted that Tomas gets his chance to knock him out! Tomas makes his way to John's and reunites with his sister.

Destiny's water breaks while she is at the Buchanan Mansion!

NICE! Zoom in to a classic picture of Asa Buchanan!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bring Those Lips Here

We get to see Roxy today =) She wants to throw a Fraternity Row party at the Buchanan Mansion. 

Shane gets accepted in to an art school in England. Gigi and Rex decide to move to England with him! At least they will have family there. Rex can work at BE.

James breaks up with Starr. These actors are bringing it! I was in tears as they said their goodbyes. I really liked this couple. I think James matured Starr.

Rick shows up at LaBoule with a career opportunity. He calls Starr, I know most of you hate him, but he makes me laugh. He is so sleazy but I can't help it. It doesn't hurt that I love Austin Peck. Is this career opportunity going to be what takes Starr away from Llanview? If it is, then they should have let Cole die and not Ford. Why save Cole if we get no Starr/Cole reunion or no Thornhart reunion. We shall see...

Matthew is back! He rushed home after hearing what Troy did to Bo and Nora. Desitny drops by to visit Bo. Finally she tells off Matthew. Too bad if you don't want the baby, Matty! Like Destiny said "everyone has stepped up BUT you!"
Nat and John are finally ready for their "talk." John makes a smart move and insists they both turn off their phone. John..."I didn't realize you were going to yell at me." She's putting a little too much blame on him in my opinion. Yes, he should've fought for her and not let her marry Brody. But she shouldn't have not accepted his marriage proposal if she was still in love with John. She eventually owns up to her part and asks for forgiveness. He does the same. 

John to Natty...."bring those lips here!" YIPPPYYYY!!!! They waste no time in ripping each other's clothes off. After he struggles with his words (typical John), lets a tear fall, and tells her that he loves her. Not before telling her that she's gonna have to shut up every once in a while...HAHA!!



Michael Easton (John McBain), Kassie DePaiva (Blair), Roger Howarth (Todd), and Kristen Alderson (Starr) will join the cast of General Hospital as their One Life to Live characters!!! I am so excited to see them.
Soap Opera Digest is reporting that the OLTL characters will be in a story with Sonny Corinthos at the center.

While I am extremely excited about this news, I'm a little concerned about my OLTL characters. I don't want them to be sacrificed to prop up Sonny, Carly, Jason, and Michael as even bigger "saints" than what they are already portrayed. I was a GH fan until they screwed it all up for those 4 characters.

I am also unsettled about the John/Natalie/Liam reunion on OLTL right now. It makes it difficult to watch, knowing he will be in Port Charles without his family. I'm sure they will test the waters with Sam since Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco were a Super couple on Port Charles years ago.

I guess I should take a comfort in the fact that Ron Carlivati is in charge =)  We shall see!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

You Carry A Checkbook In Your Robe?

Cole or Ford. Who died? The answer is.....

Not clear at first. RIP Cole on the cover of the newspaper. Wait....Starr tells Dani that he is NOT dead! Now Jessica is sitting on the floor with Ryder talking about how his daddy is gone.

Flashbacks to the doctors telling Jess and James that Bobby died. UGH....I know I said I wasn't sure who I wanted to survive, but I hate that Jessica has to lose another love and raise another father-less child. Natalie shows up to comfort her sister.
As Starr explains all to her sis, we get a flashback to the hospital. Cole survived and will soon be transferred back to Statesville. Starr wants to help him escape. Blair is having none of it, because he killed someone. In front of Todd, Starr says, "Dad killed someone and he's still walking around."LMBO!! You Go Starr!! Even with that insult, Todd helps Starr by helping to find Patrick and Marty.

I really don't like that Starr is fake mourning Cole while James is really mourning his brother. She should be there comforting him! It's really making me sick to tell you the truth. Even if she doesn't love him, she should still care that he lost his brother. Kristin Alderson has been awesome lately, but I don't like how her character is acting today. The fans on twitter were FURIOUS at her today. Then when she finally showed up to see James....she look uninterested in comforting him. He immediately dumps her!

Todd's scar looks extra "scar-ish" today. Right? Or is it just me? John and Tea get his phone and are feel like they are close to busting him for murdering Victor.

Clint said Allison got her special powers from Oprah...Bwahahahaha! He and Viki keep the secret about the twins from John and Natalie. They want to make sure it is true first. Who do they call for help? He agrees after Viki asks him to do it. Clint pays him LOTS of money to make up for the past. Vimal jokes about testing Natalie's DNA instead of Jessica's...."Too Soon?" HAHA!

Monday, January 9, 2012

I Want My Damn Heart Back

Gabrielle! Luna! Megan! They narrate the first part of the show. Gabrielle and Luna don't like Blair because of Max. They even bicker a little over him...LOL!
Good call Natalie! Make John double check that Mitch is dead. And of course he is NOT! At least not until Natty puts a few bullets in him. "Burn in Hell!" Go Nat!! She said she is glad it was her that killed him. She did it for Jared! Oh...I miss Jared =(

Natalie immediately calls Jessica to let her know Mitch is dead. Jessie urges her twin to go home and check on Clint and Viki. Good thing she listened! John and Nat find them near death.

Ford is in bad shape. Looks like the Grim Reaper is carrying him away. Is he going to hell?'s his daddy! The Ford's argue over who is worse. Daddy rubs it in his face that Ford is a rapist for what he did to Jessica. Bobby says he is a better person now that he has Ryder and Jessica. He stands up to his dad and shoves him in the fire pit of hell. He escapes looking for help.

Luna comes in to the hospital and takes Cole to Heaven as Starr watches over him. Cole recognizes her as the Angel in Angel Square. Cristian mention =) Marty mention =) Cole is ready to give up because Starr doesn't love him and Hope will grow to be ashamed of him. He throws open the doors to heaven. Then his body begins to flatline. I love Cole, but he was always impulsive and stupid. That's why he ended up in jail.

Kristen Alderson is doing a PHENOMENAL job! Starr begs Cole to live. She confesses her love for him just as James walks by to hear it! AHHH.....I have goose bumps!

Troy and Nora are trying to save Bo when he says "Gabrielle." Gabby reaches out and he goes with her to Heaven. I adored Bo and Gabrielle's relationship. He tells her that he tried to save her. She mentions spending time with Matthew when he "died" on Thanksgiving.

Gabrielle is cracking me up! she is dancing around Bo and trying to seduce him into staying with her. HAHA! Love it! It almost works, but he hears Nora begging him not to leave her. He lets Gabby down easy and goes back to Nora!

Megan takes her mother. OMG the look on Viki's face when she saw Megan did it for me! Bring on the tissues. Viki is ready to give up. But then she suddenly remembers the secret Alison told her about Jessica. Megan still tries to convince her to stay in Heaven. She mentions having to leave Jake =( Ah, Jake & Megan. That was a hell of a couple (no pun intended) =)

Where is Clint? It's's HELL! Stacy is there. "Stacy Morasco...and I want my damn heart back!" ROFL! She is on a stripper pole. Wearing some devil red stilettos. abs hurt from laughing. Stacy reminds Clint why he is not going to Heaven. Our stubborn Buchanan puts his foot down and refuses to go to Hell! He is determined to give Jessica the "best gift ever" by telling her she is not the child of a monster like Mitch. Love this Stacy line..."Well, Christmas is over Santa Clause!"

Clint pushes Stacy aside and finds his way to Viki just as she is about to follow Megan to Heaven. He asks her to stay with him now that they have found each other again. She tells Megan she isn't ready and (I begin to cry runs into Clint's arms. They both wake up in Llanfair and look at one another =)

Mitch knows he is dead and is prepared to serve the Lord. if he would get anywhere NEAR Heaven! Instead he is met with Stacy and Daddy Ford. The final blow to the "messenger" was given by Stacey as she informs Mitch..."Alison fooled you. Jessica's not your daughter!" WOOHOO!!

Ford finds his way to Cole and Luna. He begs for her help just as Cole hears Starr confess her love for him. Starr, James, Jessica, Todd, and Blair eagerly await news on the men. The doctors come out and we hear Luna's voice say she could only save one.

WOW! I am loving every minute of this show! I have no clue who will dies. It's a toss up for me. On one hand I don't want Cole, a character with legendary parents, to die now that Starr has confessed her love for him. Poor Hope needs her daddy. On the other hand I don't want Jessica to lose another love. Bobby has grown on me lately and I love him with Jess, Bree, and Ryder. Also I'm thinking about James. He is obviously going to lose Starr. That would kill him to lose his brother too. I guess we will find it all out tomorrow!

One Life to Live fans on Facebook and Twitter are asking us to change our profile pics to honor our show this week. Kassie DePaiva wants us to use a different pic every day. This is the one I'm using =)

Friday, January 6, 2012

No Ice For You Psychopath!

YAY! Bo is ok! He shoots Troy's hand. Viki and Clint are ok. Allison shot an expensive vase instead.

Oh hell! Cole is shot. A chandelier smashes Ford.

Lindsay and Nora are both holding guns on Troy. Nora is surprised to learn that Lindsay could've run but chose to warn Bo instead. They decide to forgive each other. B&N volunteer to testify on her behalf. Aww....I love them!

Bo sends Lindsay (with his car) for an ambulance. Why would he need an ambulance?? AHHHH....Bo was shot! No!! Lindsay probably ran. BUT....Troy is still there...and he is a doctor ;-) The Troy/Nora scene with her begging for his help was.....WOW!! Hillary Smith rocked that!

Starr punches the heck out of Hannah for shooting Cole. Was that a "proud daddy" smirk I saw on Todd's face? Todd helps Cole then stays with Hannah. He tells Starr not to worry, he'll be ok, and "maybe I'll shoot her." HA! Instead they have a semi-heart-to-heart where Todd almost confesses to killing Victor.

Starr..."A world without Cole just doesn't make sense." Tears, Tears, and more Tears!

Ford looks awful! Poor Jessica =( She can't lose another love. Mitch lets Jessica take for to the hospital. John watches as Mitch vows to take Natalie and maker her his wife. Jolie lock eyes and John takes the difficult shot. He shoots Mitch! He and Natalie embrace and KISS!!
UGH!!  I am on the edge of my seat with this Allison stuff. Just spit it out! What is the secret about the Buchanan twins? OOhhh she finally spilled! Jessica AND Natalie are both Clint's daughters!!!!! YES!! Allison made it up to satisfy Mitch all those years ago. "Remember when you were pregnant?....this would be Viki." ROFL!

NOOOO!!  Allison shoots Viki and then does a happy dance! Clint reaches for the phone. Before he can dial, he falls over next to Viki holding his chest. They can't die without telling Jessica that she is Clint's daughter!

I was literally in tears as Starr sang. John/Natalie, Cole, Ford brothers, Jessica, Viki/Clint, Bo/Nora, Troy, Todd/Blair. OMG! I love this show!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Slutty McSlutSlut

Nora and Lindsay flashback! Back to when she was going to inject her with the mind-erasing drug. Troy is about to inject her with the same. "Nora.....I'm still a doctor." HA! Lindsay walks in just before he tries to inject her and claims to have killed Bo. Troy is smiling from ear to ear as Bo comes behind him.  He takes Dr MacIver down.

Nora thanks Lindsay! Never thought that would happen. Of course Ms Lindsay responds with "you really wanna thank me? How bout a pardon?" Oh I love that blonde =)

Troy wakes up and attacks Bo. Both are armed and a shot is fired!

Sam is beyond adorable! But why did he have to tell James about Cole? After James leaves to Find Starr and Cole, fugitive Hannah shows up at LaBoule. Sam tells her to "take a hike" and then he bites her! LOL! In comes Todd! She wants Sole or she will "start blowing holes in this one (Sam) till there is nothing left but the glasses." OMG! That was an awesome line. But I love my little Sam and I know nothing will happen to the cutie.

James interrupts Starr and Cole just in time to hear him declare his love for her. James guilts Cole into leaving so Starr will stay out of trouble. The 3 go to the house to say bye to Hope and they walk in on Hannah/Todd/Sam drama. Cole tries to get Hannah to release Sam by pretending to want to run away with her. She decides to shoot star but the little deputy kicks her and causes her to fall. Todd saves Sam and Hannah fires!

Ford comes to Llanfair looking for Jessica. Clint and Viki fill him in on Jessie wanting to exchange herself for Nat. He is FURIOUS and goes after his love =)

Psycho Mitch wants Natalie to give him a child. Eww! John shows up as Mitch is about to rape Nat. In walks Jessica soon after. She convinces him to release Natalie as she goes towards him. Her greeting to her daddy? Spit in the face! He's going to kill his deceiving daughter when Ford busts in and attacks Mitch. They struggle for a gun, John aims his gun....a shot is fired!
Allison Perkins! She quotes Oprah to Clint and Viki...LOL! She is angry at Mitch and claims to be the person behind the breakout. She has some "revelations." Allison has me cracking up! She called Natalie Slutty McSlutSlut and Jessica Coo Coo. "Twin sisters by different Misters!" Oh Hell! She is hinting about  Jess and Nat's paternity. PLEASE PLEASE let Clint be the their dad! EEEE.....I can't wait to find out! Of course it's not that easy. Allison decides not to tell her secret and aims to shoot Viki and Clint. They hold hands and declare their love before she shoots. "Goodbye Viki! It's been real!"

4 Shots fired! Who dies? Who lives? OMG!! I'm dying to see the next episode!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Heed The Messenger

Bo is too late to help Nora. He alerts officers of her kidnapping. When he goes to look out the window he sees LINDSAY!! Oh I love Catherine Hickland =) The "Bo&Nora4EVR" license plate in Bo's living room was a wedding gift from Lindsay! HAHA!!
Nora is still playing along and pretending to want Troy. He catches on and she tries to let him down easy. Troy thinks she only married Bo because he wasn't available. Troy has a bag. A bag with a syringe! He's going to make Nora "forget" about her love for Bo.

Little Sam catches Cole and wants to arrest him..LOL. The little deputy ends up covering Cole. It was kind of weird hearing NuCole tell Star he loves her. But that Kiss! That kiss had sparks!

Mitch spares Clint when Natalie agrees to leave with him. He calls Viki and wants to trade Natalie for Jessica. Jessie overhears and volunteers to be used as bait.

Dang! Mitch slapped Natalie in the face with the Bible. ROFL!

Someone on Twitter suggested getting Mitch Lawrence's voice saying "Hello Victoria" as their ringtone. LOL....that would creep me out!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

That's One Paternity Test You Couldn't Change

It's Troy! "I've missed you, Nora!" I've miss YOU, Ty Treadway! Where's Lindsay? I want to see Lindsay! She better have busted out of that prison. Troy is still in love with Nora after all this time. Nora uses the oldest trick in the book to buy time with him while Bo comes to her rescue. She pretends to be interested in sleeping with him. HA!
There is NuCole. He really looks like Brandon Buddy from behind. He not too bad. I like this nuCole. Not as much as BB, but it's better than no Cole at all. Aww...little Hope walks in. "Daddy!" Cole knows about Patrick being alive!

Who's is the captured prison break ring-leader? Mitch Lawrence.....not really. Did we really think he would get caught that easy? The captured prisoner has a pretty messed up face. An unrecognizable, bandaged face. Mr. Evans thinks it is Mitch, but instead Mitch is paying a visit to Natalie.

It slipped my mind that Nat and Mitch were married. He mentions Jared and she goes for his throat. She's no match for Mr. Evil who is looking for his Jessie. Clint shows up. Mitch wants Jessica in exchange for Natalie. There's a struggle that leaves Clint on the ground =(

I really could have done without the Todd and Blair stuff today. Oh well....everything else ROCKED today!