Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday's Soapy Suggestions

  • Keep showing us the FUNNY! It's nice to have some laughs in the middle of so much drama.
  • Sign Princess David Vickers NOW! She is a big star in the making. Just look at her twitter following ;-)
  • Help Jack. Please help Jack.
  • Hurry up and give John his baby.
  • Stop writing Natalie as an annoying slut. Make us love her again like we did when she and John first got together.
  • Keep Viki in the middle of all the action. 
  • The more Buchanan's in the room, the better. (same can be said for the Manning/Cramer families)

  • Make this Alice Horton mystery a good one. Don't ruin her legacy.
  • Madison/Kate/Sami....more please!
  • Bring back Eric. Hire someone who can act and play him in scenes with Marlena, Sami, Carrie, Nicole.
  • Get rid of Gabi.
  • Give Will a good story.
  • Quit trying to make Melanie the next Maggie Horton. She is NOT! Focus on Abby. She actually IS a Horton.

  • Bring some Quartermaine's back from the dead. In this order: AJ, Jake, Emily, Alan, Justice
  • Give Sam a life of her own.
  • Make Michael shut the hell up!
  • Only have Michael/Sonny/Carly on our screens once a week, at most.
  • Have the mob actually pay for some of their crimes.
  • Let the police solve a few crimes and stop painting them as the bad guys.
  • Get back to the Hospital drama.
  • Admit your mistake and hire Lexi Ainsworth back.
  • Finish the story lines that you start.
  • STOP TRYING TO GET THIS SHOW CANCELLED!!! It is unwatchable right now!

What are some of your suggestion?


Anonymous said...

I can not deal with Natalie being back with douchebag John.

Just say no to Gigi and Stacy Morasco! Let them stay dead!

I sure hope Victor is found to be alive with Mommy dearest.

General Hospital
The only time that I liked Sam is when she was evil back in mid 2007, otherwise she's just a pair of boobs on a stick.

GH needs to write their own Emily vs Emily s/l where Rebecca is really a brainwashed Emily and comes back to town furious at Nik/Liz for their affair.

Jake's death was faked by Helena just like she faked Lucky's death back in 1999. Liz should start having flashbacks to the night that Jake ran out of the house and she will realize that she did indeed lock both locks which means little Jakie could have not gotten out of the house.

Michael needs to be slapped in the face with a dead fish, and then it's his mother and father's turn.

LnL2Toxic need to part ways and never look back.

Lucky needs to stop with the constant crying or go on the rag.

It's time to send Molly off to CA to be with Ric.

Write Alexis a story line where she finds out that Sam is not her child since she gave birth to a boy.

Ethan is a Scorpio and not a Spencer.

mindymoe said...

Thanks for the comment Anon! Great suggestions. I especially love your GH suggestions about Emily, Jake, Michael, and Ethan =)