Friday, October 7, 2011

Vintage OLTL--Asa IM-ing?

I just saw last night's SoapNet OLTL.

I saw some characters that I miss. Nash, Antonio, and Baby Bree are on my screen. Looks like Nash had a drunken night (and a kiss with Miss Jessica).

David is running around in his underwear and a ruffle apron...LOL.

Natalie is mourning John. THIS was the time when I really liked "Jolie." Marcy and Michael ask Nat to be Tommy's (aka Sam's) godmother. They head over to Rex's to ask him to be godfather. Nathaniel Marston is Michael (there was also an Al mention).

ASA! ASA! ASA!!!! He is learning how to use his computer. Jess wants him to start IM-ing her...LOL. Asa tells Jess she is a sight for sore eyes. UMMM....No Mr. Buchanan!! YOU are a sight for sore eyes ;-) Multiple personality talk. Asa fires Nigel (again...LOL) for spilling that he has a secret. David comes to the mansion asking Asa if he is his father. That's your Gramps, David!!

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