Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm Ford, I'm Cord

Aubrey is chatting with Rex. She apologizes for turning him in to Bo. Is this a chem test? Possibly trying for a Cutter/Aubrey/Rex/Stacy(or Gigi) love story? Knowing about Gigi will be good leverage for Cutter against Rex.
Stacy/Gigi woke up and she doesn't know who she is. Welcome to the club honey! None of us know who you are..LOL. My money is on Gigi.

Todd is hesitant to turn himself in, because he thinks Nora would set him up for murder. The bad blood between them has lasted forever! Todd looks remorseful for killing Victor, because Tea believes in his innocence. She finally convinces him to turn himself in.

Johnny Boy is really going after Brody. He asks for his other guns to get tested. Brody goes after John claiming he is jealous because he isn't Liam's father and he isn't marrying Natalie. Oh No! Your are really ticking me off Brody! He just made a HUGE mistake. Now John will not stop until he finds out what he is hiding.  I really think Brody is the killer. At least I hope he is. I want him to suffer for keeping John from Liam. I wanted John to punch the CRAP out of Brody today!

Oh....and SHUT THE HECK UP, Natalie! She goes up to John and tells him Brody was right about all of it. Please! You are so dumb and naive.

Who are you? I'm Ford. I'm Cord. LOL! It's the little things that make me laugh =) Big bro is warning Ford not to hurt Jess again. Tina and Cord see some love sparks between Ford and Jess. I must admit, they look kinda cute together with Ryder. Maybe I wouldn't totally hate a Ford/Jess pairing. I'm sure they will get together whether I like them or not.

Tina volunteers to babysit Ryder. She tells Cord that she is better when he is around. They look cute with a baby. Reminds me of the old Cord and Tina.

Sonny is being bashed on his website for being gay. I love this character. He has lots of family ties, therefore great story potential. He's a Kiriakis & Johnson. That ties him to the Black, Deveraux, and Horton families. History History History! I love that!
Will and Chad are growing on my, but I still can't stand Gabi. She is boring.

Madison is being too nice to Sami. I'm beginning to think she didn't hire her by accident. She wants Sami to head an entire project launch. Ok, Sami?? She has zero experience. I'm suspicious.

John is looking more and more guilty. The photographic evidence is NOT a fake. Austin is convinced of his guilt. Rafe thinks it is too easy. Must be a set up.

Mr Black is furious that Marlena went to see Stefano. Carrie shows up with good news. They found one person that might confirm his alibi.


Ocean Park Girl said...

I did not yet watch DOOL but I did see OLTL. I love Bo and Nora - they are great. I have been missing Nora. I too hope Brody is the killer, but I think it's too obvious. Brody lost it once before way back, didn't he, with Shane (isn't that how he met Jess, after being caught?), so John better watch his back. Especially when John finds out about Liam. God, I hope Brody doesn't take Liam too. I also hope that Todd is not the killer, altho he believes he is. I don't think we will know until almost the end if this is Gigi or Stacy.

mindymoe said...

I was thinking the same thing. I hope Brody doesn't kidnap Liam.

I don't think Todd is the killer. At least I'm in denial...lol.

My2Cents2 said...

My bet is on Gigi in the bed as well.
Still not buying the story about her sister showing up in the basement though!!

Brody is going to 'lose it'. Is he going to kidnap Liam, or try to kill John?? Either way, a mental house?? Or did he kill Victor??

Todd...NOT sure if I believe he did it or not. I guess I don't want to believe he is guilty. However I haven't heard he is going to PP. Which would mean they have to write him off.

As far as pairing Rex w/Aubrey, yes it could be a 'test', however, do we have that much time left?? They stop writing next month.
Well they don't stop, but I haven't heard if Rex is staying on with OLTL.