Monday, October 10, 2011

Cute and Southern


Starr and Tomas are still in co-ed jail. Jack is so mean to Starr. He smiled when that guard called her a bitch. BTW-It was clever the 1st time Jack referred to Todd as Scarface. Maybe even funny the 2nd time. But now it's just annoying and dumb. The Jack monologues were not pretty.

Delphina is such a fun character.   

Tea interrupts an almost kiss between Todd and Blair. The women immediately teamed up and gave Todd hell. But that didn't stop him from bringing the funny. Todd to Tea: "You didn't look so good when she pushed you out of a window." Tea: "Neither did she." HA! OLTL knows their history and reminds us on a daily basis.  Todd makes fun of Blair, because her Southern accent comes out when she is mad at him...LOL.

OK, so now I'm back on the TnT bandwagon. Yes! I am totally inconsistent and a sucker for a few good scenes. I told you here that I would probably jump from side to side SEVERAL times..LOL. Oh well. That just means it's a good story. I love (and prefer) Tea with Victor. However, I fell in love with TnT years ago when they first got together. If she can't be with TSJ then I will settle for RH. That is until next week when I want Todd with Blair again...hehehe.

Roxy and Echo fool Kimmie into thinking Rex gave back all the Buchanan fortune to Clint. Kimmie goes back to the hospital to be with Stacy. AHHHHHH!!!! Stacy has a different face! She is a dead ringer for Gigi! 

"Gigi" on her death bed.
So what do you all think? Is it really Stacy with a facelift? Did Stacy get plastic surgery and jump in to Gigi's place at some point? Is the dead Gigi actually a dead Stacy and the real Gigi is with Kim?

Jack and Daniel fight over Jennifer. She kicks them both out. I love that she is such a strong woman!

Austin and Carrie get heated over the John situation. Sami, Rafe, Marlena, and John are witness to it. The sisters are still getting along, but I see Sami's jealousy towards Carrie peeking through. Maybe we will get some Old Sami soon! I hope =)

John tells Marlena he wants a Divorce. No! No! Sorry John Black. But Marlena (and soap fans) will NOT let that happen!


Ocean Park Girl said...

DVR'd these today - it was way too nice here, I had to sit in the sun - not many more of these days left!! Watching now (bedtime)

My2Cents2 said...

haha..we caught Roxie drinking the 'kool-aid' yesterday.
Anyone else see that??
LOVE those scenes with Echo & Roxie.
Really, Echo is smart enough to draw up papers turning everything over to Kimmie?? OY Soaps!!!

I LOVE Todd. I LOVED Victor. Either way, OLTL will never be OLTL without one or both of these men. (did you hear that PP?)
OK..Jack. I get it. You consider Victor your father. That is cool.
But don't lie about Todd's involvement in a murder. Not cool.

WOW, who was shocked that Gigi was in that bed?? Really, haven't we known that outcome all along? Silly. Since I am no fan of Farah, I can't get excited about her return. Sorry..Gigi fans.....

I will tell you who I think killed Victor. And NOBODY anywhere thought of this.
The kid who is sitting in jail. His father. HIs father killed Todd.

LOVE this show. I am even buying a laptop before January because I amd determine to follow in on line.

JWTEDDY said...

i love todd and blair together always have their love story is the best on tv. i dont and never have cared (sorry) for todd and tea. i did like her with victor. oltl messed up by not keeping TSJ and having him with tea. what endless story lines there would be with the brothers manning/lord and these two women and add tomas to the mix and you would have had one GREAT story. i only kept up with oltl once in a while but started in again when RH came back. I am hooked and sure do hope that when online it continues to be teriffic but in my opinion to do so you need either RH or TSJ to sign on. Lets hope!!!

mindymoe said...

I love Roxie! I agree that OLTL MUST get RH or TSJ (preferably both) signed immediately! It is possible that Brad's dad killed Victor. He knew him so he wouldn't have been surprised when he walked in the door.

I just got my laptop about a month ago. I'm good to go once January comes =)

Welcome JW! You are correct. The storyline possibilities with the Manning/Lord brothers would be ENDLESS!