Friday, October 7, 2011

The Voice of Princess David Vickers

Jack prints a story about "Scarface" killing Irene. I won't even go there today. I will leave the kid alone.

Tina and Cord interrupted by Clint. Clint to Cord, "Just tell me you're not sleeping with her!" Cord compares the bond he has with Tina to the bond between Clint and Viki.

Finally someone told Viki about Todd being shot. Viki tells Tina she should try being a mother sometime. Points out that someone is ALWAYS blackmailing Tina. Good one Viki! Tina asks why her brothers get a free pass from Viki, but she doesn't. Good one Tina!

Todd wakes up. Todd and Blair flashbacks =) Some people hate them, but I LOVE flashbacks!

Ford hears about David Vickers the dog. "Is that a new breed?"

Princess David Vickers and Liam are talking, a la Look Who's Talking. OLTL has the greatest sense of humor!

"Good afternoon chubby cheeks." "Back at ya, flea bag." ROFL!!

Today's blog could be filled with this conversation. Too cute for words! PDV calls herself a bitch. "That's what my mom keeps calling my aunt!" OMG!! I can't get enough of this! He tells Liam that his dad is John. And the best part...we find out that PDV has a HUGE twitter following. Bwaahahahahaha!

Happy ending. PDV comes back to his mommy.

Brother-in-law bonding between Austin and Rafe.

Apparently, Sami and Madison were bf's in elementary school. Madison falls and Brady catches her. Eyes meet, flirting ensues....told you I sensed a chem test ;-)

John thinks Stefano is setting him up. Wouldn't surprise me. Aren't the Dimeras responsible for everything bad in Salem? Carrie gets John released on bail. Bail paid for by Abe and friends. EJ is going to have a field day with that info now that he is Abe's mayoral opponent. What do ya know? I spoke to soon. John is served with a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of the plaintiffs by EJ Dimera!

EJ and Nicole talking campaign strategy. She questions his "business" dinner. "With champagne?" "Of course with champagne. We are civilized, darling." LOVE IT!!


Ocean Park Girl said...

How awesome Madison and Sami were buddies. OMG - Kate will die. Woo Hoo. And i don't like that guy Hope and Bo went to see. I think he will be tied in with John's storyline somehow.
OLTL - visions of E-Trade commercials. Loved it!! And the dog will be back with the proof - hahaha - and i don't doubt it. I miss the other Todd - I like him better. Why did they have to kill him off. Why couldn't he stay as Victor with Tea, and and he and Todd try to bond or get along at least? Damn - he offered to stay too.
This soap is truly the best on tv and I am so going to miss it.

mindymoe said...

Kat is definitely going to flip out..LOL. Interesting thought about the bank guy. Maybe he is involved in the John story.

E-Trade, I totally forgot about those commercials. I couldn't get enough of the dog/baby scenes. Too cute! I miss TSJ too. Especially w/Tea. Who knows? Maybe he's not dead and can make a comeback when OLTL goes online. I hope =)

My2Cents2 said...

I think OLTL is doing a great job bringing back characters that had a history with the show for so many years.
Adding 'finality' is great to see.
I don't know how, but someone better get Roger over to PP for Blair.
They have the BEST chemistry!!
I want to see Vicki & Clint back together. Like Kimmie, but Clint needs Vicki.
Loved Tina's performance this time around.
btw..what does she do for money??

I giggle at Jack. I adore Sam.
The baby & DV was a cute touch to the show.

I want Jessie and Ford to get together. YES!!
I want Gnat to fall off a cliff.
Never to be heard from again.
Before that happens though, give Jaawwwwnnnn his son back.

This week I give OLTL a B+.
GH gets a D+.

mindymoe said...

Good question, Cents. Not sure what Tina does for money. She is a Lord so maybe she has money stashed away. Maybe she just charms her was into

Someone better get Roger or Trevor to PP! I wish for both =)

My2Cents2 said...

Roger can not leave.
He simply can't.

Tina could be living off some of the Lord & Buchannan money, however, maybe its 'limited'?

Barbara said...

Princess David Vickers is so cute but Brody's talked a lot in front of Liam about not being his father. I guess I'm thinking too much again but they really need to throw that dog a party since she really saved the day.

I really hope Trevor signs on with the show when it goes online. I love that guy. I've only been watching OLTL for about two years but he's one of my favorites.

I was pissed by the horrible news this week so I've debating on whether or not I even want to watch but damn it I really am enjoying Sarah as Madison. I was wondering how they would tie her character with Sami. Of course let's put them in the first grade in CO together. Kate is going to be thrilled when she finds out.

I figured that John's evil side of the family would screw over John. Shouldn't there be a law against a Scumera running for office? I'm pretty sure the guy's broken quite a few laws along with the disappointment of him being on my screen.

mindymoe said...

Barbara, a party for Princess DV would be hilarious!

I am enjoying Sarah Brown's character on Days too. There isn't much she does that I don't like. I TOTALLY forgot about John being a OOPS! Thanks for the reminder. That makes this story even jucier.