Friday, October 21, 2011

Make Starr a Star

Austin, I mean Porn Guy shows up to chat with Starr. He is wearing a t-shirt with Jack's headline from the Sun. LOL! His advice to Starr: Get rid of the boyfriend and the kid. Austin Peck is awesome! He plays sleaze ball so well. He wants to create the image of "Bad Ass Starr."

Cutter sure is desperate for that Buchanan money. He is talking up a storm, to himself, about his plan to use Stacy/Gigi as a pawn. He takes about 2.5 seconds to fly to Llanview and go straight to Buchanan Enterprises.
Aubrey and Rex are kinda cute. I guess I shouldn't let myself like them, because I'm sure the story will end with a Gigi/Rex reunion. Aubrey and Rex are having a Halloween engagement party for Nat and Brody. I'm sure it will have lots of drama!

Blair tries to convince Todd to confess to killing Irene. She is fighting for her man, Tomas. Too bad her man wants to take the fall to punish himself for his past crimes. 20 years?? Tomas is sentenced to 20 years in Statesville.

NO!!! Not fake Irene again! She needs to just be gone already. Quit messing with our Todd!

Todd decides to ignore his ghostly mama. He bursts through the courtroom doors and confesses to killing Irene.

I DO NOT CARE ABOUT MELANIE! ahh...ok I got that out. Maggie is tearing up and insists on telling Melanie about her lost child. She feels like she is lying by not telling her. Puhhleeze! Who cares if Melanie knows or not. Why doesn't Maggie worry about her really family first. I just feel like Mel is being shoved down our throats.

Jack rents out the Brady Pub so he and Jennifer can decorate cookies alone on their first date. Sounds kinda lame but it was cute =) They are for kids in the hospital who can't trick-or-treat.

Are we headed back to this? I hope so!
Rafe and Austin are not friends! R is accusing A of getting him fired. Austin and Sami don't like the fact that Rafe is a little too concerned about Carrie's feelings. Sami does not make her hubby happy when she sides with Austin. Rafe, "he put his job over everything else.." Sami, "At least he still has one!" I like Sami and Rafe, but this is a soap. They need something to shake things up. Sami's history with Austin and Carrie is just the thing to do that.

John and Marlena love scene! Deidre and Drake sure know how to make those love scenes sound real. Jeeze!!


My2Cents2 said...

Halloweenie party will be an event not to be missed!!! Lot's will be doubt.

I LOVE the fast pace of OLTL. I think that is what is keeping my attention. Back in the day, when there writing wasn't wrapping up, it would have taken Cutter 3-4 days to get back to Landview. I like this speed.

Bet Gigi is at the Halloweeenie party!!!!!

Todd! I am not ready to let you go!
You can't confess!!! Any rumors, news anything about the character of Todd yet??

I want Cole back. NOW.

mindymoe said...

I still haven't heard anything about Todd yet. I'm anxious. I want to know if he will be going with PP. I hope we hear something soon.

My2Cents2 said...

Thanks Mindy-I know you will post as soon as you find out...