Thursday, October 27, 2011

Retro Britney

John's last MyFace status update says "Getting Married in the morning." I love the talk between the McBain family. Marcie reminds her brother-in-law the Brody once got violent with her.

ROFL!! Roxy is dressed as Britney Spears. Natalie to Rox, "Where's your costume?" LOVE IT!! "You have been biting your nails...might it be because you are making the biggest mistake of your life?" Tell it Roxy! "John-Mc-Bain! Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining." OMG! I can fill this blog up with lines from Roxy. She is about to spill to Natty about John still loving her when Brody walks in. DARN IT!! He kisses a little butt, calls her "mom" and Mrs. Balsom turns to jello.
Cutter is such a sleaze ball! Aubrey gives him a huge smack across the face.

Rex gets a visit from his old pal Marcie. A soap that does not forget it's history and past relationships...YES please! What a concept (hear that General Hospital??)! Rex introduces her as his long time enemy-turned-friend =) She is pissed to meet Aubrey. She heard about how she hurt Joey.

Hope is the cutest little Planters Peanut ever!

Austin Reed....AKA Porno Guy wants all 3 Ford brothers in Starr's music video. Talking about Fraternity Row and Vickers Reality show not being picked up, Rick says "show's you what the suits know." Subtle dig at Mr. Brian Frons maybe?? I think so! HEHEHE!

We get to see Mad World offices today. Brady gets forced into being a model for the new line. AND...there goes his shirt. Ms Madison likes it =) Sami looks a tad bit uncomfortable being in the same room while Madison rubs her hands all over Brady..LOL. WOW! What a sexy shave and lotion rub.
There is my favorite (ha) character, Melanie. She is doing her best to keep Maggie's mind off her long lost child. The elder is giving the younger some love and life advice. Lots of bonding between the two. Oh no! I don't like where I see this going.  Boo!

Bo and Hope break in to the lab to find out who Maggie's child is. They are at their best when they are working together on a mystery. They get the name of the woman who took the eggs and head straight for Maggie. Lillian Parker. That's the woman's name. Ringing any bells? NO! NO! NO! Lillian is Daniel's mom. Maggie is Melanie's grandma. UGH!!


My2Cents2 said...


( — Casting changes for “One Life to Live” for the month of November.

As we previously reported, Tonja Walker is returning to “OLTL” as Alex Olanov. Yesterday the actress posted her upcoming airdates on her Twitter page. Fans can be expect to see her on November 17, 18, 21, and 22, and for Alex to have a surprising connection to Cutter (Josh Kelly).

Kathy Brier has posted a few of her upcoming airdates as Marcie McBain on Facebook. Look for her again on November 1, 3, and 8.

Looks like he’s not dead after all. On Friday, November 4, homeless man Louie (Helmar Augustus Cooper) has an encounter with Todd (Roger Howarth) after having escaped from Irene’s hired goons, who have been holding him prisoner.

Speaking of Irene (Barbara Rhoades), look for Todd to have another vision of his dead mother on Thursday, November 10 when she pushes him to do something drastic.

Matthew Conlon is back as Tomas’ (Ted King) friend art dealer M. Claude Calmar on Tuesday, November 8 when the two have a visit.

Patrick Gibbons, Jr. and Stephanie Schmahl next appear as Sam Manning and Bree Brennan on Monday, October 31.

Although she has been MIA recently, Destiny (Shenell Edmonds) returns next week.

Kearran Giovanni appears again as Dr. Vivian Wright on Friday, November 11 when she and Sean (Shaun Ringgold) have a difference of opinion regarding their future together.

Peter Barlett will be making at least a couple of appearances as Nigel next month, including Tuesday, November 1, when he relays an important message to Clint (Jerry verDorn). On a related note, verDorn talks about Prospect Park’s takeover of “One Life” in a recent interview with Soap Opera Weekly.

Kristen Alderson (Starr) and David A. Gregory (Ford) are reportedly in negotiations with Prospect Park about continuing with the show after it leaves ABC.

Doggie David Vickers (Tallulah Bean) will continue to play a role in an important storyline in the coming weeks.

And check out this cute picture of Andrew Trischitta (Jack) helping Patrick Gibbons, Jr. (Sam) out with his math homework during a break on set, and this one of Roger Howarth (Todd) posing with “OLTL’s” Make-Up Artist Julia Davis.
If Ford signs, him and Jess break up? I know she isn't going to PP.
Did I hear anything about a Todd going to PP??

My2Cents2 said...

Continued SPOILERS

Tuc Watkins returns to “One Life to Live” once again as David Vickers Buchanan, becoming the latest in a series of former cast members returning to the show before it leaves ABC Daytime.

Ocean Park Girl said...

Hope was absolutely adorable today - as the peanut and her acting. OMG - she made my day!!
All of a sudden, I am not liking Madison on DOOL. Sami of course is worried about Madison and Brady but i think there are bigger things for her to worry about.
Back to OLTL - how the hell can the network justify cancelling this soap - it's always been the best on the network, it's not just out-doing itself because it's the end, it ALWAYS does!!

My2Cents2 said...

Just read an excellent article that Trevor gave. He is appearing in a movie where he plays a gay man.

He was NOT fired! He told OLTL a year before the show was cancelled that he was not going to renew.
He wanted to do something else for awhile.

Great Great article.
Michael Fairbanks website!

My2Cents2 said...

Sorry....Michael Fairman

My2Cents2 said...

Sorry....Michael Fairman