Thursday, October 6, 2011

Vintage OLTL--You Look Young and Full of Life

The Quote in the title of this entry is courtesy of Mr. Vickers to Miss Starr Manning.

Soapnet is airing old OLTL episodes at 3am. I finally remembered to set my DVR and I was excited to spend my morning with the One Life of Old (not too old).

David and Dorian going at it on the kitchen counter. They are covered in flour...hehehe. Kelly (Heather Tom) walks in and catches them in the middle of their passionate "baking." They claim to have been rehearsing a movie scene. David is playing Jack Nicholson and Dorian is the apple strudel...LMAO! David realizes Dorian is using him to get Clint and Adriana back. This was after the whole hiring a stalker to break up Adriana and Rex. Oh Dorian...I miss you so much.

Starr meets Cole! He is rescuing her from some mean girls spilling beer on her. Starr says her family prefers she be a slut than a drunk, just ask her mom. OUCH!! Cut to slutty Blair trying to get Todd back with her body.

Todd (eh...Victor Jr) admits he loves Blair. He is still angry at her over the Spencer Truman stuff. I will call him Todd for this post because that's who they all think he is (and much as I love RH, I miss TSJ).

EVANGELINE!! Oh how I've missed her =( She is with Cristian (who is a boxer at the moment). He is beating the crap out of some guy who knew about a fight set up by Vincent (Layla's bf). THIS is why I never could accept a Layla/Cris romance. I liked Vangie with Cris. However I totally loved her with Todd. In case you haven't noticed, I love all things Todd. RH or TSJ, it doesn't matter. Love them both.

As I'm typing my love for the Todds, he walks in to Roadies and sits with Evangeline =) YAY! I really think OLTL missed the boat with this couple. Actually, they missed the boat by killing off Vangie and TSJ's character. Who knows. Maybe they are alive somewhere in Soap heaven. The place where they can hang for a few years and be resurrected when the time is right.

Rex and Adriana going at it. Layla and Vincent walk in on them. Rex always seemed happier and more fun with Adriana. Kinda a snooze-fest with Gigi. In comes fighter Cristian. Looks like Todd knew about the Cris set up too (don't remember if anyone ever figured that out). Cris confronts Vincent in front of Layla. SLAP! Looks like the end of Layla/Vincent.

As I'm enjoying my trip down OLTL lane, the moment gets ruined by the Stupid Chew!! UGH!!! Can't they go away?


Anonymous said...

Anon 5:15 from the Wub tub here. Glad you were able to catch it. I've only been watching OLTL about 2 1/2 years now. Caught part of an episode last week. Couldn't get over how young Matthew was. Would like to see the Marcy/Tommy storyline and Vicki meeting Charlie. Do you know if those storylines are coming up soon, not for quite a while, or are already over? Thanks.

mindymoe said...

Glad you came by to visit =) This was the first SoapNet episode I've seen. So not 100% sure where we are on the OLTL timeline. Sounds like Todd just got off of death row. So that means he thinks Sam is dead. So Marcy and Michael should have Sam/Tommy by now. Once that secret was exposed, Marcy takes off with Sam to Texas. That is where Viki meets Charlie. So hopefully all that excitement should kick off soon =)