Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Don't Bury Me Yet!

Can little Sam be any cuter? I love his relationship with John. It makes me miss the John/Blair pairing. I liked him as step-dad to the Manning kids. John needs Sam's deputy help to find the "man with the line on his face." The adorableness was interrupted by Jack. Sam reluctantly leaves, telling Jack "I'm on duty!"

This kid is getting on my nerves. I'm talking about Jack, in case you didn't know. James and Starr were boring me to tears (poor Hope has 2 parents in jail). Then James gets on screen with Jack and suddenly James is the more entertaining one in the scene. Ahhh!  I'm starting to feel a little sorry for this guy. Surely he has heard the negative comments about his acting. Oh well, maybe he will get better by the time he gets to PP.

Jessica now feels sorry for Brody. Doesn't want him to flip out like he did when it was revealed that Shane wasn't his son. Don't feel sorry for him Jess! He hasn't cared about your feelings lately. She should feel sorry for John. He needs his son! I wish someone would spill the beans already!

Todd and Blair! This whole blog could be filled with Todd talk. He is hilarious even in the most serious situations. "Are you kidding? Viki's pillows? She's never gonna send you another Christmas card." Blair tells him to take off his shirt so she can tend to his wound and he tells her to take her's off first..LOL! When she rolls him over he asks if she is going to check his temperature.

DORIAN!! Ok, not really, but good enough. How awesome are you when a fake phone call from your character is exciting news =) LOVED the phone call to Dorian. The fighting with Todd via Blair was great! Dorian talks Blair through removing Todd's bullet. Todd asks Blair if she is going to use Viki's melon baller to remove it. Hahaha! He is too much!

So this TnT fan might be jumping ship to TnB. Who knows? I'll probably switch back and forth several times.

Did anyone else think the phone with pretend Dorian has better acting chops that some? Sad =(

No John and Marlena or Carrie and Austin today. Bummer!

Melanie gets on my nerves. I try not to FF her scenes but I can't help it. Same with Gabi. I have zero interest in that character. Will needs a better story.  He is a Brady/Roberts/Horton! This Gabi/Will stuff is not cutting it.

Abby, Jennifer, and Jack together. I need to get used to this Abby with Jack.

Victor/Brady/Kate/Madison YIPPY!!! Victor said "this will be fun!" Boy is he right! Loved Sarah Brown during the banter between the Kiriakis men and Kate. She said "I like it here." I am really liking her. The little smirks that were made while Victor and Kate were airing out some dirty laundry were hilarious. Kate vowed to take Madison down and Madison countered with "bring it on!"

Sami finally lands her job! Guess where?? Mad World Cosmetics of course =) Sarah Brown, Alli Sweeney, and Lauren Koslow clawing each other's eyes out? BRING IT ON!!!


Ocean Park Girl said...

Loved Sam and John - it was adorable and we know it's a lead in to John being Liam's father. Jack is a jerk - and the kid that portrays him needs to learn how to act.
Blair and Todd today - I was wondering what doctor she would call - never thought of Dorian since she left the show - thought of Michael since he is coming back - but I could not remember their relationship (his and Blair's.)
I am not a huge Natalie fan, but I think Jess should tell John the truth - it's just not right. Your sister is your sister, no matter what this guy once went thru (with Shane), or what has happened between she and Natalie.
Thanks again for this site

mindymoe said...

Hmmm...I don't really recall if Blair and Michael were friends or not. Well, Marcie and Michael adopted Sam when he was a baby. Todd (um...Victor) thought he was dead. I don't quite recall Blair's reaction. I'm sure she and Michael get along.

Nat is on my last nerve. I want the truth out for John's sake more than for her. I do like her with John but lately she is intolerable.

Thanks for visiting again =) Tell your soapy friends to stop by and say hi!