Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday's Soapy Suggestions

  • More Todd and Viki
  • Wake up Matthew!
  • Give John his baby!
  • Sign more actors to the PP deal! We need Bo, Clint, Todd, Dorian, David, Tina, Jess, Victor......

  • Show us Sami's jealous, bratty side
  • Give Kate some employees that will help her battle Madison/Brady/Sami
  • Make EJ mayor of Salem!

  • Quit firing actors and actresses we love
  • Quit bringing on new characters we don't care about
  • Use your history!!
  • Listen to your fans
  • STOP TRYING TO GET THIS SHOW CANCELLED!!! It is unwatchable right now!

What are some of your suggestion?


Anonymous said...

I want to see Dorian, Jess, Todd, Victor, Matthew, Destiny, RJ and Rachel Gannon along with Mel Hayes instead of David Vickers. Yes, I like David, but enough with Dorian and David's kookiness. There was a time that Dorian rocked with Mel Hayes and Herb Callison.

General Hospital
Ugh. Where to start. Frons and JFP need to go. GW needs to take a page out of AMC "rise of the dead" story and bring back Alan, Emily, Jake, and Georgie Jones. I would start with the toxic ball story (2009) where everyone has been infected with bizarre dreams that are not real until Robin discovers an antidote after two years. Everyone in Port Charles is now back to normal. Everything that occurred between January 2009up to November sweeps 2011 was nothing but Port Charles dreams, nightmares and fantasies coming to life. Liz was never in another lame WTD s/l, JaSam never reunited, no Lisa, no Franco, no Balkin, no Niz and Jake being ran over by his drug bum of a grandfather and no LnL2!

mindymoe said...

I would love to see the Gannon family back on OLTL!

Erasing the last 3 years of GH would be a great start!

My2Cents2 said...

Erasing the past 3 years of GH is the best idea yet.
Good thoughts!