Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Case of the Stupids

OMG! Jack finds a not-dead Gigi/Stacy in the cemetery. He freaks out and runs off to Victor's grave. Ummm....If I saw a "ghost" at a cemetery, I would run away from the place. I would not run to another grave in the same cemetery. But....that's just

Cutter finds Stacy/Gigi and explains the twisted story to her. Why wouldn't he just let her believe she is Gigi? That would make it easier to trick Rex.

Blair is still pissed about Tomas almost getting himself sent to prison for a crime he didn't do. He compares her to Tea and she says "that's not a way to win any points with me." HA! Good to see a little dig at her former enemy.
Todd and Viki! I love them =) RH is awesome! He eats the halloween candy, then spits some back in the treat bags...LOL. It's the little things that I love about RH. Talking with his mouth full. I remember a scene w/TSJ where Todd was taking huge bites from a sandwich during their conversation. Eating messy, talking with his mouth full, and having zero manners. He's a riot! I will point out that TSJ did little things like that too. I want them BOTH on my screen damn it! =(

Tina walks in and now we have a fight between the brother and sister. Viki of course stays neutral. More funny...Todd slaps Tina's hand away from the candy bowl. He told Tina she has a "case of the stupids." ROFL!! Tina! Viki! Todd! I could go on and on. It does not get much better than this!! I can tell ES is enjoying these scenes. I am too!

Marlena is doing her grandma duties and getting in to the Halloween spirit with Will and his friends. Will seems too "goody-goody" for my liking. He needs more of an edge, or something interesting. He needs a non-Gabi story! I wonder if they are planning on going back to the story they had planned for him (don't want to be specific and risk spoiling it for someone). I hope they do. He and Gabi bore me to tears.

Shut up about Abby's boyfriend, Melanie!! She annoys me. Abby seems annoyed too.
EJ defends Nicole to his daddy. Stefano may not like it, but I do believe EJ is in love with her.

Poor Austin. He has been catching hell from Carrie, Rafe, and now Marlena snubs him. He still has mama Kate on his side. Austin makes the most sense out of everyone else concerning the John situation. What if his mind is still messed up after all he has been through? He could be guilty and not even know it.

Kate, predictably, is HORRIFIED when she finds out Austin is staying with Sami. She warns him, the same way she has warned him for years. And she doesn't shy away from throwing out some insults about her nemesis. Is it the 90's? It's starting to look that way (and that's a good thing)!


Blanca said...

Eeeeee!! Stacey / Gigi is driving me crazy...! I think she is Gigi. Especially after seeing Farrah Fath on Dirty Soap this past weekend.

My2Cents2 said...

I could care less about this Gigi & Stacey storyline. It is all about CRAZY.

Scenes worth talking about..Jack in the cemetary. You are right, who would run to another grave?? Good thinking. However, the poor kid must be so spooked and troubled.

Blair isn't mad at Tomas. She can't shake her feelings for Todd, and is using anger as an excuse.
OLTL can't live on without Todd.
Love his behavior, always did.
The 3 siblings in the kitchen was nothing short of PRICELESS.

Whoever is behing the concept of this show right now, is a mastermind.
At this rate, who wouldn't want to follow the show to the internet?

My2Cents2 said...

Daytime Emmy winner, Robin Strasser (Dorian) took to twitter last night and revealed that she is headed to Los Angeles to work on her next career moves, and will not be joining One Life to Live when it moves to Prospect Park.

Robin tweeted: “It’s DEF! moving to LA soon. NO “prospect” in NY, so I’m heading West:) where I have a real pretty house. NO pity pot- it’s pool party time!”

My2Cents2 said...
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My2Cents2 said...

All the best to one of the finest actors to grace television. OLTL’s loss will definitely be someone else’s gain. They just don’t make them like the divine Ms. Strasser anymore.

What a shame that Frank Valentini and his headwriter do not value this actress and the character she played with such delight. The fans certainly value her.

mindymoe said...

Hi Blanca!! I am sure it's Gigi too. So fun guessing =)

mindymoe said...

=( I miss Dorian! I'm sure she will be great in whatever she does.