Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More McBains!!

Michael!!! Pregnant Marcie!!! I love these 2! Marcie talks to John about her hurt over losing Tommy/Sam. She wanted to jump on a plane and be with Sam after hearing of Victor's death. NICE! OLTL does NOT forget it's history. I love it!
Brody is sounding a little jealous over Jessica and Ford. I see glimpses of the Brody I grew to love. The Brody that loved Jessica.

Tina is in full-on wedding planning mode. She is not sure about sticking Nigel and Roxy at the same table. I want to be at that table! That would be a riot..LOL!

Rex and Aubrey continue to bond. She cleans up his bloody face and manages a little flirting at the same time. They are pretty cute together. I was never a huge fan of Rex/Gigi. I liked him with Jen and Adrianna. Aubrey seems likable with him. They are in party planning mode too. Tequila floats and naked twister....too funny!

Cutter is going crazy looking for Gigi. He figures out she went to Llanfair and heads her way.

Stacy/Gigi is lurking around Llanfair. Tina answers the door and come's face-to-face with her. She heads over to her grave before Jessica can come to the door.

Rama scares the bajeezus out of Vimal when she sneaks up and interrupts his conversation with Victor's headstone. Rama tracked him down because he "checked-in" to the cemetery on his MyFace page. BTW...Madame Delphina "Likes" that post. ROFL!! OLTL never disappoints on the funny =)

Marlena corners Brady and forces him to have a sit-down about his attitude towards John. The step-mama wants a father/son reunion. She wants answers from Brady. "My daddy tells me when I am doing something wrong." "My daddy tries to tell me how to live my life." "My daddy doesn't help me." Blah Blah Blah! Brady is sounding like a cry-baby right now. Either he's a spoiled brat or there is a bigger reason why he won't speak to his father.

Belle mention! Apparently she is in touch with her parents daily. She would drop everything to be there for John during this crisis, but daddy insists that she not come home. He doesn't want her to become a target.

Here come the mysterious phone calls. Madison gets a call and warns the person on the other end NOT to come to Salem. She doesn't want her plans ruined. Who might that be?
Maggie finds out what happened to her eggs. But the clinic won't release the name of the woman that had her baby. The mystery woman claimed that those were her own eggs.

Rafe is still furious about the Sami/Austin accidental naked fall he walked in on. As he is raking them over the coals, Carrie calls his phone. OOPS! Their spouses don't look happy. Carrie is not happy to hear about Austin's living arrangements. She is annoyed with her sister. Hang on!! Here we go!!


My2Cents2 said...

OK I just caught up on OLTL.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Vicki & Clint.
(haven't we had this discussion, lol)

Michael looks great. I can't help but wonder if the actress who plays Marcie really is pregnant in life. ???

What about Gigi? She has no clue who she is, but she knows how to use a laptap (where did it come from?) and hop a plane to Landview. Who paid for the airline ticket? How did she get cash, clothes, and make up??
What did I miss??

mindymoe said...

I can't say enough about my love for Clint and Viki!

I was wondering the same thing about Marcie. Not sure if she is preggo or not in real life.

That is pretty silly that Gigi just jumped right in to cyber space..LOL. Cutter saw the credit card she used to book her ticket. I assumed it was his or Kim's. I guess maybe Kim left clothes and makeup in the room. You know she probably made sure her bff was dolled up at all times =)

My2Cents2 said...

Yes I did see the credit card. I just find it hard to believe someone with no memory found her way to Vickis compound!
OLTL has pulled craziness before and often so nothing should surprise me.
Do you know Marcie's real name? I will google her and see if she really is pregnant.

Glad Rex didn't fall for Cutters crap. However, did you see how fast Bo got over there to break up the fight? Geez!

Every 2 weeks someone new shows up. I say Lindsay is next??

My2Cents2 said...

Kathy Brier (Marcie) got married last year and yes she is pregnant in real life!!

mindymoe said...

Aww...YAY for Kathy! I love her =)

I say either Lindsay or Matthew will be next. Followed by Gabrielle. Alex is supposed to be back on Nov 17th.