Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Am I Dreaming?

Ok OLTL, you had me there for a second. I thought Rex was dreaming the whole Gigi reunion thing. Just about pulled all my hair out before I realized it WASN'T a dream. 

Rex fills Gigi in on the things she missed. Good for the show for not leaving anything out. Rex tells her about the Jack/Victor cover-up. "Who's Victor Lord JR?" Oh yeah Gigi, you missed the whole tale of 2 Todd Mannings....LOL.
Clint looks really proud of Shane for acting like a Buchanan in the way he got evidence against Jack. Aww...he called Clint "Grandpa!" Nice bonding with he aunt Natalie. 

The tears were flowing for me when Shane realized his "mommy" was right in front of him.

Jack goes off on Blair. "Face it mom, I was always one kid too many for you." OUCH! Blair gives it right back. Great scene!

Glad to see Tea fighting for Jack. That is what Victor would've wanted. She and Blair are my favorite couple..lol. They remind me of a newer version of Viki/Dorian. Not quite as fabulous, but it will do.

Neela better be ready to face the wrath of Todd. Could you imagine if Victor was still alive? Both of Jack's dads fighting to protect (or cover up for) him? THAT would be awesome!


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