Friday, November 18, 2011

Emmy-Worthy Performances on DAYS Today!

Tea finally lets her brother know that she is pregnant. Tomas is overjoyed for her =)
Todd sets up Tomas. I must admit that I am not liking this story right now. I'm tired of focusing on those Federal Agents gone rogue.

Brody's sister, Nadine sneaks up on him and Liam. He decided to use his childhood home as his hideout for now. John is on to him. He sends the local police over to the home, but Brody and Liam hide. I was keeping my fingers crossed that little Liam would cry. I guess it can't end that easily. Brody decides to take off somewhere else with Liam. He opens the door and there is John and Natalie!

Cutter calls out Alex as his mother in the Brazilian office. With a guilty-as-sin face, Alex denies that she is that person at first. Then she owns up to it. Aubrey mention. Gigi face is confused since she doesn't know Kimmy is the real Aubrey.. Wasn't Aubrey your lover? Alex freaks because she thinks she left a trail of incest behind...LOL! OMG! Too funny! In typical Alex fashion, she puts the blame on Cutter for being a difficult child. She said he lived up to his name because he would get scissors and cut up her Cutter flips and begins to choke the life out of mommy dearest.

So if Kim is Alex's daughter, then she and Clint were once step-siblings...LOL. Only on soaps ;-)

I'm so sad that today is the last day of taping for OLTL. I really really really hate Frons and those jerks at ABC!

5 minutes in and I have goose bumps! Allison Sweeney, James Scott, and even Chandler Massey! They are kicking some major butt as Sami, EJ, and Will. Massey came out of left field for me. Only weeks ago I was bored to tears with him on my screen. Look what a good story can do!

Bo and Hope are so emotional about the possibility that Johnny is dead. They are taken back to when they lost Zack.

The news mistakenly reports that the body IS Johnny. Marlena, John, Carrie, and Austin are devastated. Luckily Bo and Hope show up and let them know the truth. John decides to call the Judge and enter a plea of guilty to keep his family safe. He and Austin make amends and Austin agrees to look after John's family while he is in jail.

Rafe and Will think Johnny went back to the pub. With a little help from Ali, they find him hiding inside. That kid needs to be grounded for life! LOL.
Mom and Dad still don't know the boy is safe and sound.

The reaction from EJ when he heard the false! JS really looked like he was going to pass out. His shock turns to rage. He is literally foaming at the mouth as he berates Sami. JS and AS are physically attacking one another! OMG! This is so intense. In the middle of all this rage Sami begins to think...more like hope...that EJ took his son. But EJ isn't guilty of kidnapping...this time. This leads to more anger, more hate spewing, and more slapping, and pushing. Which, if you know EJami, leads to hate sex! (well, I think the sex part will be on monday).

Give James Scott and Ali Sweeney an Emmy NOW!!!


My2Cents2 said...

Oh yea...Kimmie is the daughter. I thought it was Aubrey as wait..what is Aubrey's real name??

I am SICK that it was the last day of taping, and no committment from PP that they are picking up in January! Its over!!!!

mindymoe said...

I believe Aubrey's real name is Christine.

I am dying to hear something from PP. I just want to know!

My2Cents2 said...

I want to know as well.
I guess clearly I don't believe it yet.....