Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fraternity Row Cancelled!

I can't get enough of this show. Fraternity Row is on and Llanview residents are glued to the television set. My favorite fan? Closeted fan, Clint! I am literally LOL! He tells Viki that it was criminal that FR didn't win an award last year. Ya think? Art imitating life...LOVE it!

Clint and Viki kiss! Yes!! Then he has to go and mess things up by bringing up Kim's name.

Noelle is back on. Everyone in the Buenos Dias is watching FR too. She talks to Shane about heading to Paris, Tx soon to enter the pie contest. Her pie is named after Gigi. I guess she will be running in to Gigi and Cutter, because they just walked in to the BonJour cafe.

Cutter covers his ears when the Bon Jour waitress speaks about Fraternity Row. "Shhh Shhh! Don't tell me. I'm going to watch it tonight on SoapNet." HAHA! 

Rex and Aubrey find their way to the prison to talk to Kim. FR is even on in the visiting room...lol. Kimmie still looks good in her inmate jumpsuit. They must allow hair products and make up in her cell. She agrees to tell him everything about Stacy and Gigi if he helps to prove her innocence.

Starr is enamored with Fraternity Row. Jack says it was better when Ruby Bright was on, because their cousin Megan played her. You know how I love history ;-)
Roxy, Shaun, Destiny, and Rama are freaking out over the lovers on FR possibly being related. Roxy defends the plot and points out how the story of Eternity, the underground city, was hated. But it is now considered a great story. Ahhh! Did I mention that I'm loving this?

I remember rushing home and being glued to the screen to watch my soaps. I am getting a kick out of Llanview residents being as eager to watch their favorite.

To Roxy's horror, she gets her issue of Soap Opera Weekly with the headline "Fraternity Row Canceled!" Did anyone else catch the smaller headline? New Prospects In the Park for Soaps. Ahhh....that one stings a bit =(

Christmas prep on the show today! I love tradition =)

Victor Kiriakis gets an ornament on the Horton Christmas tree! Julie said she never thought she would see the day. Neither did I, but I'm glad it's here.

Tom/Alice flashback! Jack/Jen flashback! Alice giving him his own ornament. I remember that ;-)

Please stop forcing Daniel and Melanie on me! They should not be part of the Horton Christmas traditions! They are surprised to see Jack there? Jack deserves to be there more than the Jonas two. 

Even EJ managed to Christmas-tize the Dimera mansion. Much to Nicole's delight.

Ok, I am glued to the television with this "new" Will! Witnessing his mom getting it on with EJ has transformed him in to the old Sami. Only more likable. His outburst in Maggie's kitchen last week shocked me. I also gasped when he poured liquor in his drink today. Hold on to your seats, because this is going to be good!
Will is NOT holding back his anger towards Sami. The smirk on his face when Carrie surprised her with Marlena was great! The tree trimming party at Sami's place is getting a little dramatic. Will is in her face when she yells at Marlena. He calls her out on her hypocrisy and everyone is in shock to hear him speak that way. He toasts to Rafe and Marlena for being "Saints." "You have to be a Saint to put up with all of her crap." He calls her a bitch and says that make him a son-of-a-bitch. OMG! I am giddy! I love this drama!

ARRGGGGHHHH!!!! DAMNIT! Daniel and Melanie get an ornament on the Horton tree?? That sucks! I can't stand this. Melanie is too holier than thou and I can't stand her clinging to Maggie. UGH....what an ugly part of a great episode.


CareyN said...

Just posted this on the Wubs.net

Feeling nostalgic now. :(

"Here’s to the shows, those daytime shows,
To each and every one of them that everyone knows…
Here’s to the dreams, the laughs and the screams,
When you find out that everything is not as it seems…

Where your sister’s your wife,
Or your brother’s your dad.
The baby you brought home was someone else’s,
Too bad!

Five days a week you know that that’s how it goes,
On those fabulous daytime shows
(we love it)"


OLTL always had awesome writers....

My2Cents2 said...

I thought the show was cleverly written. Were there enough hints of going on line?? Ya can't say OLTL didn't try to promote PP.

Clint & Vicki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mindymoe said...

The writers are awesome! I can't wait to see what Roxy does about the cancellation today.

The PP hints were put in there to make us happy, I'm sure. Now, they just make me sad =(

My2Cents2 said...

Much sadness as time gets closer.
They better end with Clint & Vicki together. NO cliffhanger with Kimmie! That is all I care about!

Why don't you start a blog on REVENGE? Or are you completely anti abc?