Tuesday, December 20, 2011

You Look Familiar

Is it me or does Tea wear that black and white outfit A LOT? Reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where he is dating the girl who always wears the same black and white dress..lol.

Anyway...on to the show.

Todd seems a bit proud of Jack for his Todd-like traits. Now that I see some remorse for Jack, I'm starting to not hate him....a little. Neela sure was easy to convince to get the goods on Jack.

I say it almost everyday and I'll say it again. I'm loving this Tea/John friendship. If the dumb-asses hadn't canceled the show, we could have a triangle with Natalie.
Darn it, Kimmie! Why did you have to go and kiss Clint? That is Viki's man! What do you know....Viki walks in right as they are smooching.

Professor Delbert Fina Jr! Remember his daddy? He was in the time travel storyline and helped get Gigi to Rex. He is the pie contest judge. And of course Noelle's "Gigi Morasco Special" wins. After, Rex finally sees Gigi.


My2Cents2 said...

How does all of this end for Todd?

Yes you can't help but chuckle, but is this the end of him? I mean, really the end of him as the truth will prevail?? And he will be written off to jail? Remember, once he is written off, there is no going back. The show is over!

CareyN said...

Ok, I just watched the "Fraternity Row" episode last night before bed and OMG I could not stop laughing!!! The way they made fun of themselves! Shawn's scar! Everyone seemed to be having such a great time! And Viki's accent! And her alter! And a Ruby Bright reference! And all the men taking off their shirts for NO REASON!! (I know RH doesn't like doing that, so I'm glad he did, because, WOWZERS!) Heaven. Pure hysterical heaven.

So then, I fell asleep and -I kid you not- had a dream with the Mazda brothers. LOL. Not the Fords. But the Mazdas...and they all had their shirts off.

FYI--b/c there was some chat about this yesterday on Wubs...my first epi was when I was 8 (which was 27 yrs ago!) and I'm pretty sure it was the epi where Samantha Vernon died. I missed a few years in the mid-2000s while I was married and living overseas, but I remember the old days very well....

My2Cents2 said...

Carey....I didn't think it was funny except for the end when Tuc and Irene walked off hand in hand.

Thats me I guess, no sense of humor

mindymoe said...

The actors looked like they had a blast, CareyN! I bet they really needed that.

I woke my 18month old from his nap because I was laughing so loud..lol.

I don't remember when My first episode was. I was a casual fan since I was a kid. It was probably around the same time as you. Looks like we are close in age. Back then I was all about DAYS.

mindymoe said...

Sorry I didn't post today. I was busy trying to wrap while my kids were out of the house.