Friday, November 18, 2011

Why You Should Be Watching Days of Our Lives

So I totally HAD to post a blog about Days Of Our Lives on it's own. This show is KILLING it! Days was the first soap I ever watched. It was the soap that made me love all soaps. It used to be "can't miss" television. However, sometime after the 90's it became a chore to watch. In fact, I had removed the show off my DVR  in recent years.

After the devastating news about my new favorite soap, One Life to Live, I decided to give it a try. I added it back to my DVR list, but I still pressed fast-forward for a good chunk of the show. Not anymore! This new "revamp" of my once favorite show has been nothing less than SPECTACULAR!

John, Marlena, Bo, Hope, Austin, Carrie, Jack, Jennifer, Sami, Stefano, Roman, Kate, Brady, Maggie, Victor, Abe, Lexi, Justin, Adrian! Sound familiar? Sound like the DAYS of old? Well it's the DAYS of new! All these veterans (all original....or semi-original....actors) are involved in front-burner stories. Super Couples are still Super Couples. The "evil" families are still "evil," but you can't stop yourself from rooting for them (yes it is possible). Days got rid of most of the boring, non-acting teens. They kept the offspring of the Dimera, Brady, Kiriakis, Deveraux, Horton, and Carver families. YES! YES! YES!
They have put family vs family in the John storyline (ala Bernie Madoff)  as well as the Mayoral race. Abe Carver vs EJ Dimera? GENIUS!! EJ's plan to make a better name for the Dimera family puts him against his sister Lexi, Abe's wife.
There are not many new characters on canvas (which is a good thing). One new character, Madison James (played by the fabulous Sarah Brown) is promising. Probably because A) She is NOT being shoved down our throats and B) She is working with established characters like Sami, Brady, Victor, and Kate. I hear Madison will be getting a visit from someone in her life. And that someone will be played by another fabulous actor, Ian Buchanan.
I can go on...and on....and on.... I didn't even touch on Nicole, Will, Daniel, Sonny. I'm intrigued by a gay storyline that I am hearing about. Another story that will encompass multiple established families.

With the loss of so many soaps, we need to support the ones we have left. Some are harder to support, because! But I'm not naming any names...LOL!

Some soaps are a joy to watch. Some are MUST SEE TV! Right now I only see 2 soaps that fit that category. DAYS and OLTL.

I am holding out hope for OLTL to live on. Either way....whether it's to ease the pain of losing OLTL or to just add another show that is up to their standards...Give DAYS a shot! Try it! You will not be disappointed.


I see plenty of Happy DAYS ahead.

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