Tuesday, December 13, 2011

You Could Never Make Up Your Mind

Charlie and Viki are playing nice. Why did he have to mess it all up by having an affair with Echo? Viki confides in Charlie about the Clint situation. Surprisingly, he urges her to give Clint a chance.
Clint confides in Kim about his feelings for Viki. She thinks Viki is a consolation prize. Clint snaps back "Viki is no one's consolation prize!" YES! He admits to having feelings for both ex-wives and Kim leaves him to figure out who he wants.

Wish Gigi would hurry up and get her memory back. There's not much time left and all this is doing is making me love Rex/Aubrey more. Heck, Cutter and Gigi are even starting to look a little cute together. Inevitably Rex and Gigi will end up together so I wish they would keep teasing me with potential new couples.

Shaun and Ford are fighting over a Christmas tree...LOL! Viv says that Shaun has been cranky since they cancelled Fraternity Row. Ugh oh....Looks like Shaun is going to pop the question to anti-marriage Vivian. Not sure how that will turn out.

Kim runs in to Aubrey and Rama. Earrings, hats, and rings quickly come off and we have a cat fight!

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My2Cents2 said...

Gigi crap will drag out until x-mas eve day. Writing is everywhere.

Haha. Clint loves Vicki nasty Kimmie!