Monday, November 14, 2011

I Was Your Dad for About 5 Minutes

Talking Liam and Talking David Vickers the dog! I know a lot of people find it cheesy, but I LOVE it!

Jessica and Ford are coming up with a plan to get their own DNA test done on Liam. They end up in a lip lock. They are so good together. OLTL did the impossible. They made me start to really really like a Ford brother. I hate that they will not make the move to PP.

Roxy speaks up during the ceremony, but gets stern eyes from Rex. She chickens out and lets the ceremony continue. UGH! So frustrating.

Tina finds the dog and the baby....AND the DNA test!! She bursts in to the church seconds before Natalie says "I do!" AHHHH!! I am loving these scenes. Brody's face as it was all going down. He literally looked green in the face. Then he tries to get Nat to ignore the tests. FINALLY Nat gets a clue and realizes that this is what Victor was holding over Brody's head. She lays into Brody and his eyes go from scared/panic to BUSTED! He has no choice but to spill all. Starting with the Marty tape that was found when Gigi died. After Nat rejects him, I see crazy stirring around in that man. Watch out!

John and Liam!!! He loves that little boy =)
Crazy Brody shows up in the nursery. OMG!! I can't get enough of this show!

Little Johnny is missing. EJ and Sami are losing it! James Scott and Ali Sweeney are bringing it today! Nicole talks EJ down and convinces him to hold it together, work with the police, not against them. Aww...we get an Ejami embrace =)
John is feeling super guilty. I guess he should, because Sami is FURIOUS at John and blames him. She throws out the fact that technically he is not even related to them and expresses anger towards Marlena too. She claims to be able to count on EJ more than her own mother. I hate that her little boy is missing, but I LOVE the old "attack dog" that is Sami!

Roman and the police get a lead and track down a possible shooter.

I hit fast forward with all of the Jennifer/Daniel scenes. I didn't want to hear more of the same 'ol stuff. If I missed anything important feel free to fill me in.

I like how DAYS shot this episode in real time. They showed the digital clock sever times and it matched the exact time the show was airing.


My2Cents2 said...

I know I will be hated for this, however, 'Poor Brody'.
Can I say that? All he wanted was a family to love him.
Gnat has no business EVER dissing anyone about their lies. Not with her history.

YES today OLTL was what good soaps use to be all about!!

Ah..Jawn?? You may want to take a closer look at the baby, and see that this baby who is playing Liam looks just like a 'little Jawn'.
Speaking of Jawn, only 2 suitcases after living in Landview for 8 years? Geez.....

mindymoe said...

I used to love Brody. I felt a little sorry for him too. Especially when I thought back to how hurt he was when he lost Shane. But then I thought about Victor. And that all went away. I still think Brody killed Victor. In no way do I think Todd did it. I love all things Manning (well...maybe not so if I dislike him for getting rid of Tea's husband.

My2Cents2 said...

Honestly I wonder if OLTL writers know yet who killed Victor.
I read somewhere, that Brody was waiting on an invite to PP. That led me to believe he isn't the killer.

There is no way Todd killed VIctor. According to soapnet, there is still some problems to work out with OLTL and PP and the union. I am hoping that OLTL airs as planned in January.

mindymoe said...

I have a feeling Brody is the killer. Who knows...