Thursday, December 8, 2011

Consider Yourself Crossed

Natalie is being an idiot. I wish I could slap her. Roxy should slap her. Instead she throws what looks like a Caboodle (remember at Nat and runs to find John.
Bo and John. Easily figuring out Todd's stupid plan to frame Tomas for murder. They are hilariously interrupted by Roxy. "It's a matter if Love and Death." Stupid Nat threatens to keep Liam away from Roxy if she tells John that she loves him. Rox gives in but later lays into Nat. Roxy has never made such perfect sense. "Grow up Natalie!"

Some of this Todd and Blair stuff is great. I love them throwing each other's mistakes as weapons. Eli.....kidnapping baby Jack. Todd and Blair are great when they fight.

Oh my goodness! Cutter actually told the truth on his own. He tells her that she is really Gigi. AHHH!!! I was fooled! He really didn't tell her. It was only a daydream. Dang it! You had me for a minute OLTL.

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My2Cents2 said...

I have been saying since the beginning Gnat is an idiot.
So is Roxie at this point.