Thursday, November 10, 2011

You Kept Your Clothes On This Time

Natalie! You are taking time out from your wedding day to see John. Get! A! Clue! You are marrying the wrong guy. Ugh...John is breaking my heart. I haven't liked Natalie much lately, but this scene is taking me back to the early days of Jolie. The way he looks at her gives me goosebumps.

Brody is an such a jerk! He is being horrible to Jessica. Talking about her being crazy! Umm...Pot, Kettle anyone? It sounds like he wants her DID to come back. Be careful what you wish for Brody. Tess will kill your lying self!

Eww....ghostly Irene is back. I hate her. She taunts Todd in to telling Blair he loves her. Too late! She is upstairs getting busy with Tomas. Ghost mama does her best to convince Todd to eliminate Tomas.
Jack's fire is in full blaze. He finds out about Vimal and Rama being in the building and rushes over to save them. I have to admit that I'm feeling a little sorry for Jack. He's just a stupid idiot kid. I thought the writers would try to make him likable, but this arson thing isn't doing him any good.

There is Starr and Nate's music video. I must agree with porn guy....that video was lame. I love the song! Rick wants her next song to be "Jailbait"...ROFL! "I'm your Jailbait, and you are my Cellmate." This porn guy is hilarious! He delivered this "You put out a sexy steamy video or One Life to Live is CANCELLED!" OMG! OLTL kills me! "Then it is the end of One Life to Live. Which is not what I want. I love One Life to Live!" They do NOT lack in the humor department.

Nicole has divorce papers for EJ. I totally forgot that they were still married. She wants his signature but will hold off on filing until the election is over. We will see if that ever happens ;-)
Austin and Carrie finally find a place to stay. Rafe is more than excited to have the place back.

Madison convinces Brady to visit John. I'm happy to finally see the father/son bonding. Daddy gives son advice about Madison. He wants Brady to "go for it!"

BTW...isn't Brady an alcoholic? I sure hope that was non-alcoholic beer he was having with his dad.


My2Cents2 said...

I hope to never see Jawn & Gnat in the same scene again. However, I doubt I will get my wish.
There done filming?? Why is there word out that TSJ is coming back at the end?? Something tells me this Todd's days are coming to an end. Soon.

Blair is in the bed, Jack is starting fires trying to kill people. So what else is new??

And Brody, really, who is the crazy one??

FF thru all the teen junk.

mindymoe said...

I heard it was the last day filming but I don't know if that is true for everyone or not. Either way, maybe he already filmed something and it wasn't supposed to leak to the public. much info out there so it's hard to know what to believe.

I just read on Soap Opera Network that PP is now renting OLTL's TV studio. That's a good sign =)

My2Cents2 said...

OLTL is going by OLTL2 now?