Monday, November 21, 2011

Do You Forgive Me?

Brody is owning up to wanting Victor dead, but says that he did not kill him. Damn! I didn't necessarily want it to be Brody, but I don't want the killer to be Todd. Brody is making me feel really bad for him. He even asks how Nigel is doing. Then he asks John to forgive him. Ok...when Brody started talking and crying about losing Shane, Ryder, and Liam, I teared up too =( Poor guy. But I like John better so I'm over it =)

This Todd and Tomas stuff is boring me. Blah Blah Blah...Todd claims Tomas shot Victor. I smell a set up....
Starr isn't too happy to hear about mommy choosing to be with Tomas over Todd.

Beautiful scenes between Tea and Dani. Tea lets her know that she will have another brother or sister.

After Gigi-face stops Cutter from killing his momma, Alex wants to make up for running out on him and Kim. She starts by helping them sneak by Aubrey and Rex.

More EJami greatness. Those were some intense scenes! More brilliance from Ali Sweeney and James Scott.

Will walks in on his mom and EJ! OMG! This is not going to lead anywhere good. I'm having flashbacks to a young Sami walking in on John & Marlena's affair. That created the scheming Sami that we know. Should we expect Will to go down that same path? I hope so ;-)
Sami FINALLY listens to her messages. She and EJ find out Johnny isn't dead. The look they give each other before rushing out the door gave me chills. They know that they made a HUGE mistake.


My2Cents2 said...

Isn't it funny how fast Rex & Aubrey found Gigi & Cutter??

I hope Jawn doesn't bring charges against Brody. NOT a Jawn & Gnat fan.

FF thru Tomas/Todd stuff. If I knew for sure PP wasn't happening, I would say Tomas killed Victor.
However, Tomas was hired for PP so it can't be him. Right??

Wheres my Victoria & Clint?

mindymoe said...

I want some Viki and Clint too!