Friday, November 11, 2011

What Jessica Said Is True, You Nitwits!

Nice family moment between Rex and Clint. Clint asks his son to walk Natalie down the aisle. Great gesture, but not needed. Dorian emails Viki with good news. Even though she hates Clint, she pulls strings to get him permission to attend the wedding.

Jessica and Ford are really really growing on me. I say that a lot, but every time I see them together I like them even more. Sucks that Bree Williamson is leaving =(

Brody is searching for doggie David Vickers. What the heck is he planning on doing? Killing the dog so he won't reveal the secret?

Roxy wants John to be her date to the Someone on Twitter said she would be an awesome drunk tweeter...LOL. Ain't that the truth!
Poor Princess David Vickers. She is trying to tell the "clueless humans" about the paternity test! ROFL! I swear this show has me literally laughing out loud daily =) After she goes missing Cord tells tina something we are all wondering. "Haven't you heard of a leash, Tina?"

The wedding begins. John starts to leave. Jessica decides to tell John about the paternity test. And DV the dog goes in search of the test. OLTL knows how to do cliffhanger Fridays!

Jen and Hope are still trying to find out who Alice was making payments to over the years. They find a clock that is engraved to Alice mentioning the bond she shares with whoever gave it to her. Underneath is the Dimera crest. This could get interesting.

Who is that lurking around spying on Marlena and John? If I didn't know any better, I would SWEAR that the eyes looked like James Franco. But we all know he is GH's pride and joy. However, DAYS would do a much better job with James Franco in my opinion!
Everyone is gathered at the Pub in support of John before the trial begins. Even Sami shows up. John is being a good grandpa, running around and goofing off with the kids. The mystery guy shoots up the pub. Multiple shots and lots of screaming. After all the chaos, suddenly little Johnny is missing.

Big reveal....EJ set up John. No surprise that it was a Dimera. But I'm surprised that it wasn't Stefano. Stefano didn't even know how he did it. I have a feeling that someone else is responsible for the shooting. At least I hope EJ wouldn't do that now.


My2Cents2 said...

Very nice family moment with Rex, Clint & Victoria!!

I LOVE Ford & Jess. Is that the reason he is no longer on PP?? They decided to write him off with her?? He had planned on going to PP.

OK I am an OLD FART and will be hated by most for saying this, but where is Gnat such a PRIZE?? Is she loved Jawn truly she would have stayed out of another mans bed & life. It took her 2 minutes to move on from Jawn. He wants that? I thought better of him!
Something tells me the wedding happens. The wedding of Brody & Natalie, or Cord & Tina?? lol

When did Shawn and his galpal start living together???

My2Cents2 said...

Where's Gigi & Cutter & Kimmie & Aubrey?? Long time no see!!!!

I wonder if Kimmie is gone for good?

My2Cents2 said...

Good TVGuide article on Jawn.

mindymoe said...

No hate from me Cents! Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. That's what makes these shows so great.

I slightly disagree with you. Nat gets on my damn nerves right I only liked her with John (early in their relationship) and Jared (late in their relationship). I hate that she slept with Brody. I agree that if she loved him so much she would've stayed out of his bed. I just want the Jolie from years ago. I see a flicker of that (mostly through John's eyes) sometimes and that's what makes me want them together.

Tina and Cord saying "I Do" would be perfect!

My2Cents2 said...

NEVER liked Gnat.
That subject is a no-win for me!
Though reading the interview, for awhile at least they won't be does she marry Brody?

Did you watch Dirty last night??

mindymoe said...

Check out the Spoilers at the top of my page. I added some stuff about Brody.

I didn't watch Dirty last night. I have 3 or 4 episodes on my DVR. I haven't gotten around to them yet. Honestly, the show was boring me to tears and I was forcing myself to watch. I will eventually get to them.

My2Cents2 said...

I will head over to your spoilers.
I didn't care for DIRTY in the beginning, but it grew on me.
Oyyyyy Farah!!!!

My2Cents2 said...

I read an article about Mathew....still confused about what is to be with him. Didn't sound to promising.

Of course Cord & Tina get married!

You already know how I feel about Roxie and her pushing Gnat & Jawn at Gnat's wedding.....however, it seems like there will be no wedding with Brody.
Does sound like a good week. Or rather the next 6 weeks should be awesome!