Friday, December 16, 2011

Writing Is So Easy

Blanca Morales is back! OLTL does show-within-a-show so well.

David is bringing all the giggles during his interview. Roxy and her Fraternity Row posse (minus one overworked butler) jump in the middle of the live show to spread the word about their soap. David claims he can't do the show because of nepotism. "Who's asking you to do it with a dead person?" OMG! Roxy doesn't quit! They decide to call Bo and talk to him live on the air about Fraternity Row. Destiny is more than happy to give his phone number out. 

I love bratty Matthew! He is obnoxious, selfish, and annoying. Surprisingly, he makes some good points. What high school boy is ready and eager to be a dad? Destiny calling him out on tv had me in tears from laughing so hard. Bo tries to convince him it isn't so bad. Then Blanca asks for the name of the deadbeat brother of David's. Dest looks directly into the camera and says "Matthew Buchanan!" HAHA!

Buchanan girls are doing a little Christmas decorating without fighting. Good for Jess! She tells Natalie how ridiculous she sounds about John.

Tea and John are at the hospital after her collapse. Luckily her baby is safe. If the show wasn't ending, Tea could give Natalie some stiff competition for Johnny Boy. 

Todd forcing Jack to spend time with him...HA! LOVE it! Sam is way too cute =) Todd and Blair were likable today. Even Jack. Family tension. Old ugly secrets. Christmas decorating. Father/son blackmail. Old flashbacks. And NO murdering, framing, or arson. Sam wishing for his dad to be happy in heaven! YES! These are the Mannings I want to see!

That scene of Roxy and David visiting the abandoned set of Fraternity Row (aka Llanfair) brought tears. That hits too close to home. UGH....Please someone save OLTL! =(


My2Cents2 said...

I was confused with David yesterday. So a big star like David offers to stay but now its too late??

Mathew I had to laugh at. When Destiny told him off on television, I couldn't help but giggle.
Something tells me this baby goes up for adoption. I happen to think adoption is a beautiful thing, so that has my vote.

Todd is priceless. For a murderer. For now we think he is. He would have had to come to PP for us to think otherwise, and that isn't happening.

Aww Johnnie you are a nice man.
Love Tea. Always have.

FF thru Jess/Gnat. I can't stand Gnat and imo she has done more wrong than Jess, and I don't think Jess should be nice to her!

Jack & Todd together...when Todd reminded Jack how good he was of starting fires, I couldn't stop giggling.

mindymoe said...

I agree. Adoption is a beautiful thing =)

I was cracking up at Dastiny and Todd too. THIS is the Todd I love!