Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's Not Just A Show, It's Family

Poor Roxy. Fraternity Row is "family" to her. I feel ya Rox! Those damn "Empty Suits!" She talks about how watching the soap has been passed down from generation to generation. Those words couldn't be any more accurate.

Nigel's heart is broken when he finds out about the cancellation. Clint thinks it is a PR move. Roxy begs Clint to save FR. 43 years of FR =( The show and it's fans have been through "Thin and Thinner." LOL!

Clint and Viki! Like teenagers, they are talking about their kiss with their friends. OLTL is one of the few soaps (well, DAYS does it too) that can get us so excited about an older veteran couple. They are grandparents....the kind of grandparents that act like grandparents (not like Erica Kane, Luke Spencer, Brooke Logan). And I am more interested in their love story than ALL of the "younger" love on the other soaps. 
The BonJour waitress recognizes Gigi from a reality show. HA! Dirty Soap maybe? Predictably, Gigi and Cutter get jobs at the Cafe. Now Noelle and Viki are headed that way for the pie contest. Wonder who will see Gigi first?


My2Cents2 said...

What can I say that you haven't already brilliantly said about this show?

Genious with the writing and the description of how people feel about their soap. Curious how it ends. I am only going to 'imagine' that it ends with someone leasing or buying the rights to the show, and it going on line. When OLTL closed down, that is what the intent was going to be.
Until the rug got pulled not only under us, but under the actors we have come to love on this show.
PP backed out because they couldn't reach an agreement with the union. It wasn't that the union wasn't trying. They were.

Now we hear that the PP wants to resume the show. Bring in a '3rd'
party from another country to help negotiate.
Not sure how much of this is true.
But I will say, if asking our actors or any of us to work under laws that aren't ''kosher' is a shame.
I would never support PP if that were the case. That is what Americans are now fighting about.
Their jobs, loosing their jobs and fighting for what they deserve.
I believe in 'Unions' and good work ethics, so NO, for me I could care less about PP if this is what they have planned now.

My2Cents2 said...

Sorry didn't mean to ramble!

mindymoe said...

I hadn't heard the new PP news. That is crazy!

I totally agree with you about the unions. I guess we have to wait and see if any of this happens.