Thursday, December 15, 2011

Only You Can Save Our Soap

I could fill this whole entry with funny lines delivered by David Vickers. Throw him in a room with Roxy and I am rolling over laughing! Roxy wants him to join the cast of Fraternity Row. She mentions movie star "Franco James" who stars on Southwest General. UGH....makes me sick to even hear that comparison. Especially since I think James Franco (among several other things) ruined General Hospital. But....enough about that.

Back to Vickers. He is bitter about Fraternity Row not hiring him. They said he was too old to play Brandon, the fraternity

Florencia Lozano is bringing it! When doesn't she? It's just on overdrive today. She puts on a show for Baker and it works. He spills everything to John and Tea. Now they know Todd is the killer. John and Tea...I see a little chemistry there. Anyone else?
Ok, Blair and Starr are getting on my last nerve. Their blind faith in Todd is so stupid. Yes they love him, but they also know him. They should know what he is capable of. I wish they would shut up!

Todd blackmails Jack...LMBO! He blackmails himself into a father/son relationship. THAT is the Todd I want to see. The Todd that will scheme and blackmail to get his way. The Todd that will act like a 7th grader around his sister. NOT the brother-murdering clown that I've been seeing lately.

Matthew and Destiny are finally having a talk about the baby. Matt is kinda being a jerk about it, but I guess that is realistic for a teenage boy. He does bring up a valid point. Allowing their parents to raise the child is the exact same thing Greg did to Destiny.

The Evans family have different plans for Destiny's baby than Bo and Nora. They each believe the baby will live with them. They head to the Buchanan home to talk to Matt and interrupt a heated argument between their teens.

UGH....I'm so sad. This Evans/Buchanan baby could cause conflict for years and years and years. If only they could =( STUPID STUPID STUPID ABC!


My2Cents2 said...

I haven't watched yet today. (Friday) However Thursday was mind boggling. What a brilliant show.
LOVED LOVED Roxies reference to 'Franco James' at Southwest General! Or the history of Marco Dane & Karen Wolek. BRILLIANT writing.

On fb there is a petition going around that should be signed. It is in regards to getting enough signatures and they will start taking the petitions to the networks.
Check it out. Let me know if you find the link.

mindymoe said...

I found the petition cents! Thanks! I commented on NBC's FB page. Now that DAYS is rockin it everyday, they would be GOLDEN if they added OLTL to the daytime lineup.

Fingers crossed!

My2Cents2 said...

I want that petition on everyone's website!!!! I hope Karen posts it or people from there sign.

Haven't watched yet today, been running, but I will be back with my 2 cents!