Thursday, December 29, 2011

Have a Heart

That was funny how Clint thinks he and Todd are so different. Viki points out that Clint would do anything to protect his kids from jail. "My kids are not killers!" Viki: "Just their Alters?" Good one! You will not convince Viki to give up on her brother or her nephew.

Todd doesn't get how Blair and Tea are now friends. Funny that he hasn't mentioned that since he's been back. The two were at each other's throats before TSJ took over. He can't figure out why Tea is so angry towards him. Todd finally puts it all together and realizes that she knows he killed Victor.
Natalie and John see Gigi. She quickly tells her about John being Liam's father. She is surprised to find out that the secret is out and the couple is still not together. Natalie is just being a total idiot at this point. Life is short, tell  your man that you love him!

Jack finally apologizes to Shane and Gigi. "Tell that to my sister!" Really Gigi? Yes, Jack is a jerk, but don't play the sister card. She was going to KILL you! Jack was being a mean, obnoxious, stupid, reckless bully. Stacy was trying to kill you and take over your life. Hmmm....seems like you should be more mad about one than the other. Maybe it's just me...

Shane seemed more pissed off at Stacy than Gigi. When Clint realized he had Stacy's heart, the smarter Morasco said "it's not like she was using it!" ROFL! Rex gets to Llanfair and proposes in front of Clint, Viki, and Shane =)

Aubrey and Kimmie are getting their hearts broken now that Gigi is alive. I wish mommy Alex was there to comfort (or annoy) her daughter. Understatement of the year from Cutter: "I realize I haven't been a very good brother." LOL...ya think? The scamming-siblings's next score......Mommy Alex!

OMG ABC! I hate you so much for taking away the opportunity to play out that story!

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