Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Anybody Still Up For A Wedding?

Jessica and Ford almost made it to the bedroom. Darn that baby toy..lol! After a super sweet talk, she leads him in to the bed. They are really falling for each other =)

Clint is furious about Brody. Tina feels sorry for him because she knows all too well about messing up. Then she goes into old Tina mode by complaining about all the work she did for the reception that is no longer. It's interesting watching all the wedding guests react to the events. Bo put it best when he said "Will this family ever have a calm, normal wedding? At least no one has pulled a gun." ROFL!

Come on Natalie! You should be running out that door! Roxy really needs to convince you to go stop John before he leaves? After a mini-breakdown, she and Rex rush to the airport. Ugh oh Rex, Gigi face is at that airport! And of course he gets a glimpse of the face.

Did no one wonder where Brody disappeared to? Please leave poor Nigel alone.

Tears in my eyes for John. I love that character =) So happy he knows he is a daddy now! The happiness doesn't last too long. As soon as John gets to the nursery to hold his son, they discover an unconscious Nigel and a missing Liam =(
Cord!!! Tina!!! Cord drops down to one knee in the church and asks Tina to marry him....right then!! I LOVE Clint's face. Shaun and Nora are placing bets on whether or not the wedding will happen. A quick phone call to Dorian gets the Roberts' an instant marriage license. BRILLIANT!  Roxy is such a hoot hiding her flask in the church flowers..LOL!

Cord and Tina use Brody and Natalie's rings. She says he can get her a "nice BIG diamond" later. They are pronounced husband and wife!!

Kate asks EJ the obvious. Did the Dimeras put out a hit on John? The answer is no. The shooter is a disgruntled police officer. The same officer who beat up John in his cell.
I know I said it yesterday, but I will say it again. Allison Sweeney and James Scott are bringing it! They are on point in their outbursts, gestures, facial expressions, and anguish.

Madison is panicking about a super important business meeting. She can't get Brady or Sami to return her calls. When Brady tells her about his nephews disappearance, Madison cancels the meeting to be with him.

Kate extends an olive branch to Sami. She brings her food to keep up her strength. They talk about raising     boys. Kate even attempts to distract Sami with a "good 'ol cat fight." LOL! They both had a little chuckle over it before Kate encouraged her to not lose hope.

Roman, Rafe, and EJ start to believe that Johnny was kidnapped.

I love how DAYS is taking the disappearance of Johnny Dimera and making the story hit almost every character on the show. THAT is good writing!

Throw in a little bickering between Kate and Madison! Today's show is rocking the house!!

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