Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Amateur Spy

One of the first things Gigi says to Shane, "Look at your hair! Can you see?" ROFL....weren't we just talking about that mop on his head?

Rex explains the Aubrey situation to Gigi. He tells her that any feelings he had for Aubrey disappeared the minute he know she was alive. Gigi sends him to go break Aubrey's heart in person. Poor girl =(
Jack finds out about Neela's betrayal. He is not too happy. What did she expect? Of course he hates you now.

Tea and Todd are having their Lawyer/Client meeting when in walks Shane and Gigi!

Tea lets Todd and Blair know that it was Neela who got Jack arrested. I am just waiting for Todd to go after her. We all know it is coming. And just like that....Todd and Blair run into "Llanview PD's newest little helper" in Angel's Square.

Porno Rick is trying to convince Starr that she has the "it" factor to sell albums. "You have evil twin daddies! Who are the Kardashians?" That Jailbait video was hilarious!

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