Friday, December 2, 2011

Gigi the Original

Todd is sticking to John like glue. Trying to make sure John doesn't find out about Jack starting the fire. I like these two. Not as much as I liked John and TSJ, but this will do.
Blair is defending Tomas left and right. So is Tea. Why is Jack the only one who realizes that Tomas wouldn't be stupid enough to keep the murder weapon or leave prints. He's a spy. I'm sure he can cover his tracks in his sleep.

Shaun is such a sweet guy. It's great how he is still looking over Victor's family.

Shane and Neela. He tells her the story about Gigi's death and how Jack was responsible. Could've been a future triangle with Jack. But stupid ABC axed any future.

I hate that I'm really starting to like Rex and Aubrey. There is obviously no future so not sure why I can't accept that =(

Well what do ya know? We were all right on the money. Gigi-face IS actually Gigi. I guess there will be no Rex and Aubrey anymore =(

**Brian Frons is OUT as the head of ABC!! WooHoo!! Karma baby...Karma!

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My2Cents2 said...

Karma is a bytch, isn't it!!?
Frons is gone! Say what you will, I don't believe it was 'his choice' to leave.
Not for a minute.

Rex & Aubrey would have been HOTT! However, FF would never have allowed it!!!!!

Am I dreaming, wishing or is there a possiblity that with OLTL success this past year, this new part of abc that is being formed could mean a re-birth?? I don't think anything would be disclosed until all the t's and I's were dotted though. Or as I dreaming?