Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Matthew Buchanan

Love! Love! Love! Matthew narrating today's show brings tears to my eyes. It is starting to seem final =(
Nora begins to feel guilty about hitting the mayor. She worries that she could've put her in the same position that Matthew is in. David calls and talks to a still unconscious Matthew. Sounds like he told his little bro a big secret. I would love to know what that secret is.

Brody checks in to St Ann's.

Beautiful little Bree asks Ford if he is going to be her daddy. Matthew says he wishes he could stick around to see what happens with them. I do too, Matthew!

John and Natalie bring Liam home to Llanfair. The tortured duo have lots to talk about. Matthew said John talks about as much as he does in his coma...LOL. True!

Jessica gets her apology from Natalie. Long overdue! I love that Jessica is concerned about Brody. She goes to St. Ann's to visit her ex. Shane is Brody's next visitor =)

Today's show was SPECTACULAR!! I read spoilers, but I DID NOT see this one! Matthew!! He narrates the show on the last day of his life. OMG! I am shocked!

WOW! What a show! Tears all over the place! Especially after hearing THIS today. I am so sad. This show is what soaps are all about!!


My2Cents2 said...

To have Mathew narrate the episode was genious writing. It even surprised me. What didn't surprise me was Mathew dying. I knew he wasn't back for good, so what else could it have been, but to come back to die. So no surprise there.
To have him narrate his good-byes and then die was heartfelt. Too bad he never learned of his baby.

STFU Roxie!!! Am I the only one who finds Gnat disgusting, that she is ready to marry one guy on Friday, and today she is ready to jump another guys bones. Yea that is what it comes down to. Does she have no compassion for Brody?? Glad Jessica, showed class and went to see him. Always was team Jessie.
Please Jawn, I understand your loyalty to that baby. But think think about Gnat. Why do you want that skank??

Vicki made a beautiful toast. How can one women have such class, then have Gnat for a daughter?
I don't get it.
Vicki has the ability to make everyone feel special and loved.
I will miss her presence more than anyone once this show is done.
Which from the news today is sooner than later.

Ocean Park Girl said...

OMG I cried. Vicki's toast was one thing, but I did not see Matthew's death coming. Man....why couldn't he have woken up and find out he's a daddy?
I loved the narrating though - really tied things up for Matthew.
I still don't believe this show is coming to an end. I watch this and totally never want the hour to end, only to be disappointed by the soap after it. That should be the one going off the air

My2Cents2 said...

OP-the show is going off the air, yet I goo can't quite believe it either. I sent the President of PP an email today. I BLASTED him.
How dare that company pull out after OLTL stopped writing for the show.
I have watched that show since its debut.
I was 'owed' a descent conclusion after all my years of loyalty!

Having Mathew narrate the episode was surprising. I didn't see that happening. I did though know of his death coming.

Let me know if anyone wants the PP email address.