Monday, December 12, 2011

Save Our Stories!

Save Our Stories! YES Roxy! I love this Fraternity Row stuff. It is so fun. A little sad that it hits close to home. The SOS campaign has gathered in John's "Oh, Johnny won't mind." Rox gives Destiny, Nigel, and Shaun the 411 on Natalie and John's relationship. Love Destiny's protest sign. "Reality Shows Are Cheap And Boring!" HAHA!!
It is obvious that Tea wants to rip Todd's head off. Flo is spectacular. The look on her face when she saw Todd grab Blair's hand and when she looked into Todd's eyes...WOW!

Viki is back in the waitress uniform. Her first customer....CHARLIE!!

Kim and Clint figure out the letters they received were forged. Nat comes in sticking her nose in daddy's business. Worry about your own life, Natalie! Clint puts her in her place when she tries to kick Kim out of Llanfair.

I like Kim and Clint together. However, I LOVE Viki and Clint. If there were time, this could be an interesting love triangle. For once the older, classy, beautiful woman would come out on top over the young, slutty, stripper. Wouldn't that be nice? Too bad ABC SUCKS!!

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